First Electric Newspaper Reports Ten RTA Applicants

Al Jourdan

Al Jourdan

The First Electric Newspaper is the first to report the names of the ten people who have applied to replace Al Jourdan on the Regional Transportation Board.

You can find their names here.

McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill will make the appointment.

Take a look at the list and make your prediction of whom Hill will select.


First Electric Newspaper Reports Ten RTA Applicants — 7 Comments

  1. This is easy — John J. Smith, owner of Smith Engineering in McHenry. Smith himself, as well as Smith Engineering has contributed $244,455.37 from the mid 1990s to various candidates and Republican organizations.

    Some of the highlights include:

    Jourdan Committee to Preserve & Project Good Government $5,000;

    Citizens for Mikan $5,000;

    Rosemary Kurtz $1,000;

    Rod Blagojevich $1,000;

    Jack Franks $500;

    George Ryan $2,000;

    Karen McConnaughay $1,500;

    Tom Cross/House Republicans $5,391

  2. It will surely be a crony.

    They will not care that we expect this.

    They will do it anyway.

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