Some Big Brothers Want Mileage Detector in Your Car

John Reichert and the Chevy Volts he drives and sells in Woodstock are part of the reason that Federal and some state and local officials are looking at forcing motorists to have devices that will measure how far they drive.

A Sunday Chicago Tribune article doesn’t mention Reichert, but does talk about how Federal Motor Fuel Taxes have not been raised in twenty years, while the cost to build highways has risen.

Road tax receipts are not keeping pace with highway construction costs, so pay-per-mile schemes are being investigated.

Road tax receipts are not keeping pace with highway construction costs, so pay-per-mile schemes are being investigated.

Part of the reason is alternative-fueled vehicles, such as the battery-powered Volt and natural gas-powered truck fleets.

It would be easiest just to raise the MFT rate, but that would come with a political cost.

And it would allow folks who drive Volts and trucks not using diesel fuel to pay little or nothing.

So, there’s a fairness issue here.

Options being considered include installation of devices that would be able to tell how many miles were driven so a mileage tax bill could be computed.  I guess collection could be forced by tying it to licensure of vehicles or drivers would be contingent on paying one’s road tax.

Various devices are being considered, the most intrusive of which would include a GPS.  That would track the mileage, but also where one drove.

That is done in a smaller way today by those who use I-Passes on the Tollway.  I remember a court case where a person’s locations were subpoenaed and the Tollway information contradicted the testimony.

The Tollway can track speed, too, as one goes through its booths, by the way.  (How long will it take state government to decide to start issuing tickets?)

There are other devices that would not invade privacy as severely.  One is produced by True Mileage of California.


Some Big Brothers Want Mileage Detector in Your Car — 7 Comments

  1. Gas Taxes are really the only truly fair tax we pay. Everyone drives and uses roads that have to me maintained.

    With that know this. This problem was created by another Democrat hero, Clinton, who Dems still bloviate about how as president, he was a deficit reducer. But one of the ways he did it was by plundering the Gas Trust Fund in the 90’s. When the gas tax was raised in 94, he plundered half of that still, for deficit reduction. in 97 Congress stopped this scam, but by then the damage was already done.

    Raise the tax. But be advised, what is there to keep the revenues going, to where their supposed to go this time around?

  2. Considering gas prices averaged $1.07 in 1993 and are expected to average $3.53 in 2013 I don’t see why we need to raise the tax.

    The rise in fuel costs alone have increased the amount of tax revenue collected by 3.3 times and has outpaced inflation by over 2 times.


  3. Gasoline tax is more fair.

    Charges you by use.

    Alternative fuel (electric cars and propane) do not pay the gas tax and get a free ride.

    Make the save the planet folks pay their fair share too.

    Charge them by miles driven.

    Leave my 15 year old Honda alone.

  4. Actually the Motor Fuel Tax is based on the number of gallons purchased, not the price.

    Illinois is a state, however, that applies sales to the price of the gasoline.

    None of that money goes to repair roads, however.

    In addition, the sales tax is charged on the MFT, believe it or not.

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