Resumes of McHenry County RTA Board Applicants

The First Electric Newspaper was the first to find out the names of those wanting to represent McHenry County on the RTA Board.

Whoever is selected will replace Al Jourdan, someone supportive of the almost successful efforts to defeat the first Mayor Daley’s efforts to have the suburbs subsidize the Chicago Transit Authority.

  • Dennis L. Adams, McHenry
  • Frank C. Cuda, McHenry
  • John Darger, Crystal Lake
  • Blake Hobson, Lakewood
  • Kelly Liebmann, Wonder Lake
  • Richard H. Jackson, Crystal Lake
  • Thomas J. Moore, Huntley
  • Robert K. O’Halloran, Harvard
  • Lyn A. Orphal, Crystal Lake
  • John J. Smith, McHenry
  • Edward C. Varga, Richmond

All provided resumes except Moore and Smith.

You can find the submitted resumes here.

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When I pointed to the First Electric Newspaper’s article, I invited people to predict who will be picked.  The answers follow:


  1. This is easy — John J. Smith, owner of Smith Engineering in McHenry. Smith himself, as well as Smith Engineering has contributed $244,455.37 from the mid 1990s to various candidates and Republican organizations.

    Some of the highlights include:

    Jourdan Committee to Preserve & Project Good Government $5,000;

    • Citizens for Mikan $5,000;
    • Rosemary Kurtz $1,000;
    • Rod Blagojevich $1,000;
    • Jack Franks $500;
    • George Ryan $2,000;
    • Karen McConnaughay $1,500;
    • Tom Cross/House Republicans $5,391

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