Don Leist Defending Keith Nygren Again

The last time Don Leist defended McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren, Nygren was being sued by former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler and Leist was working for the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Seipler’s request for a Special Prosecutor was rejected by Judge Thomas Meyer.

Leist has since moved over to the Sheriff’s Office to be the Affirmative Action Officer and,since then, has had his title upgraded to Legal Affairs Officer.

Now Nygren is being sued by Pete Gonigam, Editor of the First Electric Newspaper, because he refuses to turn over the over-100 page internal investigatory document that cleared Undersheriff Andy Zinke of any “wrongdoing when he told one of his campaign contributors DEA was tracking a shipment of marijuana to his warehouse” to put in the words of this First Electric Newspaper article.

Last year at the fall McHenry County GOP fund raiser at Port Edward, Sheriff Keith Nygren was squiring around Andy Zinke, his choice to succeed himself,.

Last year at the fall McHenry County GOP fund raiser at Port Edward, Sheriff Keith Nygren was squiring around Andy Zinke, his choice to succeed himself.

The Attorney General’s Public Access Division ruled that Nygren should turn over the document, but it was only an advisory opinion, not a binding one.

Gonigam’s only recourse was to take the case to court, which he did.

Nygren has argued that the State’s Attorney cannot provide adequate representation.

Judge Meyer, on this case, too, has searched in vain for a lawyer on the public payroll to represent Nygren for free.

It looks as if he has found one in Leist, although the State’s Attorney’s attorney objected.

There is every reason to believe that Nygren will appeal the Court’s decision, if he loses, which will run the clock beyond the March primary election between Zinke and former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim.


Don Leist Defending Keith Nygren Again — 5 Comments

  1. And, they couldn’t decide that the first round? T

    he judge is allowing these delay tactics…

    Give them the report “BOYS” you are not going to win this one…

    The tax payers of Mchenry County have the right to know…




  2. Thanks judge for keeping my hubby’s secrets safe until after the election.

    You really know how to delay court cases.

    No balls under that robe.

    Letting that douchebag little troll defend the Walrus is great, he will ask for continuance after continuance.

    That report won’t see daylight for years.

    Way to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

    Nothing to see here folks.

    Uh oh, I’m feeling Asian again.

  3. It appears that it is time to have Judge Thomas Meyer removed from the bench.

    Sure hope the Judicial Inquiry Board is investigating him….

    Judge Meyer needs to be investigated…

    There isn’t a lawyer that will represent Nygren in Mchenry County.

    They don’t want to be connected to him for any reason..

    Their association could be construed as suspect….

    Gosh Keith what have to been up to that there isn’t a lawyer in Mchenry County that wants to be associated with you?

    I think I know too many daytime TV shows like “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right…Hmmmmm….

    Sell any land next to the Mchenry County Court House back in about 2008?

    Just asking Keith..

    Greg Pyle has a Court date tomorrow, maybe he will tell everyone…

  4. This is sounding more and more like the Gary Pack Days, Nygren, Zinke, and Leist have control and power over Judge Meyer.

    What is Judge Meyer hiding?

    I would hope that someone is watching the total manipulation of the Court System, to keep the corruption covered up.

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