Bianchi to Represent Nygren in Zinke Exoneration Freedom of Information Case

Lou Bianchi

Lou Bianchi

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

That was my takeaway from the hearing in Judge Thomas Meyer’s courtroom today.

To put it in terms contained in the law book and an Illinois Supreme Court ruling, the lawyer for the Sheriff’s Department is the State’s Attorney.

The case involves the denied Freedom of Information request from the First Electric Newspaper for the Sheriff’s Department’s report exonerating Andy Zinke, Undersheriff and Keith Nygren-endorsed candidate as his successor, in a DEA investigation involving the RITA Corporation.

Publisher Pete Gonigam appealed the denial to the Public Access Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.  The result was a recommendation that Nygren release the report.

He refused.

That left Gonigam with only one alternative, if he wanted to see the report:  go to court, which he did.

Meyer is clearly cognizant of the admonition in the Freedom of Information Act to make an expeditious decision.

“My problem is…I got the case in July and I still [haven’t gotten] the [legal] representation resolved,” the Judge explained.

“I recognize that you both have separate interests and must be represented…[but] the statute tells me those interests are identical…  (McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi is supporting former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim for the GOP nomination for Sheriff.)

Andy Zinke and Bill Prim at last year's GOP Port Edward fundraiser.

Andy Zinke at last year’s GOP Port Edward fundraiser.

“I am trying very hard to accommodate them…

“It was my expectation that the State’s Attorney would be handling the representation of the Sheriff and Mr. [Don] Leist would be additional counsel…

“As far as the handling of the case is concerned [however] only one attorney will be handling it…

“I don’t know that we can resolve those issues.  We’re always going to have the[m].

“But I’d like to get to the substance of the case sooner, rather than later..

“[It] sticks in my head that I’m supposed to be handling this expeditiously, but I’m not handling it at all.

“I’m putting you on notice that it’s my intention to proceed with the case as soon as possible.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Norm Vinton asked about the possibility that an attorney from Rockford, who had been in the same law firm as the Judge, might be still be appointed a Special Assistant State’s Attorney, but Judge Meyer apparently has had second thoughts about that possibility.

Gonigam’s attorney, Mary Gardner, was not in the courtroom today, but First Electric Newspaper publisher Gonigam told the Judge, “I think we don’t have a dog in this fight.”

The Court told the parties that it was his intent to reconsider his ruling that Leist could represent his boss.

Judge Meyer said he could make himself available Monday, but Vinton suggested that the scheduled Court hearing next Thursday was soon enough.

A courtroom observer predicted, “They’re gonna lose.  I guess the Sheriff thinks the State’s Attorney will lose it faster.”


Bianchi to Represent Nygren in Zinke Exoneration Freedom of Information Case — 9 Comments

  1. It is only fair and square that this entire case be resolved before election time…

    The tax payers deserve to know who Andy Zinke really is….

    It would not be right to put a candidate into office without knowing about such serious indiscretions….

    We are tired of the same old, same old and it is time for change in Mchenry County Politics….

    The days of the Sheriffs office operating under the “PROFESSIONAL CLOAK OF DISGUISE” are over…

  2. Probably. Just so Judge Meyer knows “Everyone is watching”… Any breaks taken to watch the TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” would be unethical…. so turn the TV off…….

  3. Hey Andy, you might want to put some makeup on to cover up those red cheeks….

    RED is not your color..

    With all that weight you have gained, combined with that big fat smile of yours and those Red cheeks, you looks like a “CLOWN…

    He is already turning red because he is so embarrassed about what will be revealed in that report they have been hiding.. Believe me Andy red is not your color. You look better in Orange……

    That goes for you too Keith Nygren…

    Hey where is your wife Fukoku?

    Oh that’s right she only has a few hours a day…for what may I ask? ……

  4. I am here Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler watching you make an A$$ out of yourself with your worthless babbling.

  5. “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke Keep talking Kim you are destroying your husbands chances to be elected Mchenry County Sheriff.

    The only thing you know how to do is accuse me of being Zane…

    Which goes to prove you have no credible arguments….

  6. Gee Bianchi… you’ve changed.

    I thought you believed in “freedom of information”

    After all, when Chippy the pedo-cop decided to grant himself “freedom of information” needed to stalk his girlfriend (aka the mom of the 12 year old he tried to sext); you absolutely refused to press charges against him for his felony misuse of a police database for personal uses.

    BTW… you used to only be known as a vile pustule of corruption and inhumanity in Illinois.

    The pedocop story is starting to go viral.

    Now THE WHOLE COUNTRY knows you’re an inhuman, evil, douchebag. (who is ethically no better than an accessory to attempted child rape)

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