Another Leak from the Sheriff’s Department to the NWH

The First Electric Newspaper is suing Keith Nygren in his official capacity as McHenry County Sheriff over Nygren’s refusal to release an investigatory report exonerating Andy Zinke, Nygren’s choice for Sheriff in next March’s Republican Primary election, in actions Zinke took in a DEA investigation.

The conflict so far has revolved around who will represent the Sheriff.

That’s because McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, the statutory attorney for the Sheriff’s Department, is supporting an opponent to Zinke, former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim.

The man Nygren wants to represent the office in case, Don Leist, argued that the State’s Attorney should not represent the Sheriff or even have a copy of the over 100-page report on Zinke because “they’d leak it,” as Publisher Pete Gonigam put it in his article of October 30th.

Now comes, a Friday editorial in the Northwest Herald in which the following statement is made:

“…the Northwest Herald has seen the documents and knows the battle is much ado about nothing…”

“Sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but not in this case. No flames. No embers,” the editorial writer assures readers.

Where could have the NWH obtained the documents?

Only the Sheriff’s Department, it would seem to me.

This is the second time that the Northwest Herald has been privileged to received secret documents.

Keith Nygren and Scott Milliman

Keith Nygren and Scott Milliman

The first was when Scott Milliman’s deposition in Zane Seipler’s Federal wrongful termination suit first appeared in an unflattering column and, then, in a regular article.  (Rather the reverse order for most hard news stories.)

No other member of the media has seen Milliman’s deposition.

In Friday’s editorial, the paper recommends Nygren follow the Attorney General’s advice and release the report.

One courtroom observer on Friday, told McHenry County Blog, “If the Northwest Herald says there’s nothing there, there’s something there.”

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Milliman was fired by Sheriff Keith Nygren after his deposition. He filed a wrongful termination case, which is now in the deposition stage.


Another Leak from the Sheriff’s Department to the NWH — 28 Comments

  1. This is great and I just love the way Sheriff Keith Nygren is playing with you fools.

    You fools just don’t get it.

    Sheriff Keith Nygren is playing with you fools like a pack of hungry wolves as he dangles this insignificant 100-page report like a piece of meat.

    Sheriff Keith Nygren is laughing his A$$ off as I am watching you fools jumping up and down falling all over yourselves wanting this piece of meat.

    This is so hilarious its killing me.

    Speaking of being hilarious, I can’t wait to hear what worthless stupid babbling Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler will have to say.

  2. Why?

    WHY did the NWH write and print what is in this piece?

    Who is it intended to benefit?

    Did the NWH endorse the govt. employees whose feet are being held to the fire and who are ignoring the instruction to release the info requested in the FOIA?

    It almost sounds like they wanted credit for knowing FIRST what’s in those documents as in “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!” to the little “gnats/competitors” who also address issues on their blogs.

    Wasn’t NWH all rah, rah, rah, for a local school district until “little people” dug into what was behind the scenes.

    Then, and only then, when truths hit them in the face and the poop hit the fan. did NWH change its tune – a little bit.

    The “…the Northwest Herald has seen the documents and knows the battle is much ado about nothing…” revelation tells me they think pretty highly of themselves.

    So, exactly who is their source?

    I mean, the govt. employees work for us THE TAXPAYERS who are apparently chopped liver and apparently are not worthy of seeing “the documents” so we can decide FOR OURSELVES. (Sounds a lot like what goes on in Chicago and DC to me and we’ve seen how that turned out.)

    I’m not pro or con Zinke and I’m not a part of the group of people in the political battle.

    Don’t recall ever meeting him.

    Even if Zinke shared info with someone he shouldn’t have, legal or not isn’t the only issue.

    It seems foolish or stupid and, at best, a poor choice for someone to blab what’s been reported.

    Accordingly, he’s not who I would choose to be in the position of sheriff.

    Hey NWH, why aren’t you verbally frying those who work at the pleasure of the people and think nothing of them spending taxpayers bucks on the refusal to comply?

  3. NWH: When you obtain information from a police department which is illegal to leak, let’s say Grand Jury Testimony, you refer to the leakers as “Sources close to the NW Herald”.

    You do so knowing that to reveal WHO leaked the information would be guilty of a serious crime.

    Thus, when you do this, you knowingly are complicit in breaking the law.

  4. That’s strange for you to use the word ‘challenged,’ anotherwatcher, when I challenged you after shooting off your BIG mouth.

    It has been awhile. What happened to the damaging information that you claimed you would give to me?

    Could it be that it was just bull$h!t?

    Well, of course it was.

  5. Northwest Herald has joined the Nygren and Zinke Circus….

    The tax payers need to standup and fight for their Government in Mchenry County and say no more to “POLITICAL CHARADES” Time to get rid of Zinke and Nygren and they can take the Northwest Herald with them….

    Cancel your Newspaper Subscriptions with the Northwest Herald. When you call to cancel make sure you tell them why.

    We the tax payers will no longer tolerate and support the unethical behavior of our politicians with the backing of our local Newspaper. Come on people, we could change history in Mchenry County FOREVER.

    If you want to be part of the bandwagon to create positive change, here is your chance…

    It’s time for a “NON VIOLENT” protest…..

    Calling all citizens from Mchenry County.

    Time to “BOYCOTT THE NORTHWEST HERALD” Ghandi would have called it “Non Violent Protest”

    Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott, in which African Americans refused to ride city buses in Montgomery Alabama to protest segregated seating?

    As a result, the United States Supreme Court ordered Montgomery to integrate the bus system.

    Come on Mchenry County how about it?

    Cancel your newspaper subscriptions and buy the Tribune….

    Kevin Lyons will have plenty of time to play his favorite game of cards with “DA BOYS”

  6. The Chicago Tribune is an even more egregious violator.

    Robert McCoppin is more of a lazy illiterate than anyone at the NWH.

  7. As in the “Hound of the Baskervilles” (AKA the Hell Hound) the important part of the report is what is missing.

  8. Fukoku, do not forget to turn your clocks back, we would not want you to be off schedule. You most certainly have a pattern of behavior, that we could hardly do without.

  9. The Northwest Herald ?

    What a joke….

    Just wait to see the new McHenry County Newspaper in 12 weeks coming…

    I understand that its going to some very “facts based ” stories about McHenry County situations ..

  10. Good to know we are finally going to have a Newspaper that has some fact based stories and no connections to the Nygren and Zinke Circus..

    Hopefully, they do some real reporting on “Zinke Family Antics”

    And, we need a paper in Mchenry County that focuses on the peoples interests…

    Boycott the Northwest Herald.. that will send a message…

  11. “Non Violent Protest” and “Bus Boycott” ?

    When I said above:

    “Speaking of being hilarious, I can’t wait to hear what worthless stupid babbling Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler will have to say.”

    I did not expect my point to be made so strongly.

    What a wacko.

  12. FUkoku”= Kim Zinke. I am not the one that had the knife incident at the Sheriffs Department…

    YOU ARE….

    It’s amazing Kim how you and your husband Andy Zinke are always pointing the finger at everyone else for the things you two have done..

    Your own neighbors wouldn’t sign Andy’s petitions.

    That says it all..

  13. You are making it too easy for me Duncan-Zane Seipler to point out your worthless stupid babbling.

    For example: “I am not the one that had the knife incident at the Sheriffs Department.”

    Do you have any idea how stupid your comment makes you sound?

    Where do you get these abnormal thoughts from?

    Are you hearing voices in your head telling you to make these bizarre comments?

  14. Fukoku, I went back to your 1st comment, tell us why Nygren would dangle a report through the NW Herald, I don’t think it is helping Zinke!

    With that being said, is there anyone out there willing to help Zinke?

  15. ‘Fukoku”= Kim Zinke

    Yes you did have the knife incident at the Sheriffs Department and it was verified by “Da Boys”

    You Kim are the one claiming to be an old women and then and old man and then you claim to see the Taylor Street Boys as verified by your comments on this blog…

    You “Kim Zinke” are the one that suffers from delusions and illusions…

    Go take your meds.. before you drop another f bomb…

  16. Once again anotherwatcher, you ask a lot of questions, but you never answer anyone else’s questions.

    After I accepted your challenge after shooting off your BIG mouth about having something that has been kept a secret damaging to Sheriff Keith Nygren and Undersheriff Andrew Zinke, you froze up.

    I am still waiting to hear from you in regards to this secret damaging information. Until I hear this so call secret damaging information, you have lost your privilege in receiving a response from me to your questions.

    It’s obvious that you were just talking crap with absolutely nothing to support your nonsense.

    Have a good day and oyasuminasai.

  17. Fukoku, Thank You, you are not a privilege that I would even consider, it is all about holding the Sheriff’s Dept. accountable.

    Stop making this all about you, unless you are part of that regime.

    Then we can bring you right into the web that has been weaved to confuse issues.

  18. Well, here you go again Duncan=Zane Seipler with your worthless stupid babbling.

    You say the same repeated worthless crap, don’t you have anything meaningful to say?

    You claim that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife had a knife incident at the Sheriff’s Department verified by “Da Boys.”

    Don’t keep us in suspense, what the hell are you babbling about?

    Is this just another one of your abnormal thoughts from those voices in your head?

  19. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke.. It’s a good thing Andy Zinke isn’t running for President of the United States because the terrorists would take over the White House….. Can you see Kim Zinke as First Lady? YIKES…. That thought is enough to give all the tax payers nightmares until the elections take place….

  20. Dear God, you are really going over the edge with your worthless stupid babbling.

    So, that entire crap about Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife knife incident at the Sheriff’s Department was just another voice in your head that you call “Da Boys.”

    What else is “Da Boys” telling you?



  22. If that is the voice in your head that you call “Da Boys” are telling you what to do, than do it idiot.

    We all know that your threats are nothing more than worthless stupid threats and you are all talk as you don’t have any balls between those little legs of yours.

    When are you going to stop acting like a dumb A$$?

  23. NWH does not bite the hands that feed it. \

    Pay for advertising – lots of it – and nothing will be printed without your blessing.

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