Harvard School District Has More Latinos than Anglos

Area the Harvard School District covers.

Area the Harvard School District covers.

This probably won’t surprise those living in the Harvard area, but the Chicago Sun-Times has analyzed demographic shifts in Chicagoland school districts and discovered that Unit District 50 has had dramatic changes.

The largest group in the most northwestern school district is now “Hispanic.”

You can look at the map for the entire greater Chicago area here.


Harvard School District Has More Latinos than Anglos — 6 Comments

  1. I have no problems with the Hispanic population, they are very family oriented.

    I guess my question would be, how many are legal residents?

    If they are being placed here, who is doing it and why . . . just asking!

  2. This information is not surprising considering that the Hispanics have dominated the Harvard area for decades because of its agricultural employment.

  3. I don’t mind the high Hispanic population and most are great people.

    What I disagree with is the freebies.

    We to pay full freight when we enrolled our kids but the Hispanics are waived the book fees enrollment fees and get free lunches.

    We had to bring in proof we lived in district via gas electric or tax bill.

    Once again that was hands off with the Mexicans.

    At dismissal time many had bumper stickers that said ” my kid is an honor student at xxxxxxx school”.

    BUT they had Wisconsin license plates.

    At that time Wisconsin did not require proof of car insurance.

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