Franks Votes for Gay Marriage, Bill Passes

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks followed the lead of House Speaker Mike Madigan and voted for Senate Bill 10, the gay marriage bill.

When the civil unions bill was up, Franks voted for it, too.

Republicans David McSweeney, Mike Tryon and Barbara Wheeler voted against the measure.

The House roll call is below:

The Illinois House vote on gay marriage.

The Illinois House vote on gay marriage.

The House amended the bill, so the Senate had to vote again to send it to Governor Pat Quinn. The Senate roll call on concurrence is below:

The Illinois Senate roll call on the final passage of the gay marriage bill.

The Illinois Senate roll call on the final passage of the gay marriage bill.

You can see the Valentine’s Day vote in the Senate below:

The original Senate vote on the gay marriage bill.

The original Senate vote on the gay marriage bill.


Franks Votes for Gay Marriage, Bill Passes — 23 Comments

  1. tinkerbelle, many people are going to feel the same way.

    This will create more income for the Attorneys down the road . . . follow the money.

    Pray, Jack will protect the children down the road, as this plays out.

  2. Even more notable is the fact that Tom Cross voted YES!

    You may want to take another look at the pictures Cal has posted from the Cross fund raiser.

    I will not support any of them in the primary!!

  3. Today is a dark day in Illinois as these people violated the Lord’s word and the sanctity of marriage.

  4. fuk – Zinke is one of Franks supporters.

    You seem to have a short memory.

    Zinke and Nygren are both on his team!!

  5. I never stated I supported State Representative Jack Franks.

    But if I did, you of all people would think you would be happy FYI.

  6. Remember this post when God doesn’t do anything about gay marriage passing in Illinois.


  7. He’s not simply following Madigan’s lead.

    Anybody who knows politics knows this is an important issue for Democrats.

    It’s also a position that the majority of people in Illinois have and even a majority of Catholics too.

  8. Does anyone actually believe anything politicians say… Ever?

    Jack and his merry band of thieves in the Statehouse told us as loud as they could once the Civil Unions Bill passed they wouldn’t approach or need a Same Sex Marriage Bill.

    It is an absolute wonderment to me a man of Jack’s low character and proven track record of lying to the community gets elected at all.

    I am no longer concerned with Jack’s votes.

    He votes however he is told by his masters downstate because he has no masters in McHenry County.

    You keep electing him!

    Who would YOU vote with in his shoes?

    The voters in your community who elect you no matter WHAT you do or Mike Madigan who holds your future in the palm on his hand?

    I’m horrified by my neighbors apathy.

    Vote against him or quit complaining!

    On what planet did the Catholic Church endorse gay marriage?

    Not this one.

    Catholic parishoners who believe it is okay to do anything but Love the sinner and hate the sin missed the point of having an ethic or espousing a particular belief set at all.

    The argument of liberals is God is dead and His word doesn’t affect public policy at all even if He were alive.

    Fair Play understands this well.

    It is a faulty philosophy to mock God because it mocks the freedom He engenders in our society.

    This faulty belief is ubiquitous because most people haven’t a clue why the United States is truly free and why we have historically been admired the world over.

    With the ever widening PC movement trying like mad to control people’s behavior in the name of freedom and tolerance our society finds itself more controlled by an oligarchy of tyrants than ever before in our history.

    Jack is controlled by some very powerful people as well.

    As much as he believes he is powerful and wealthy he is a pimple on the dark side of the moon compared to the powers controlling him.

    Grow up people and control your representatives or others will.

    Twas ever thus.

  9. Joe you are right . . . they have rights, even special rights.

    This was Frank’s way of avoiding the Pension problem.

    They use emotion to confuse the taxpayer’s.

    The Gays and Lesbians are being used.

    So sad to see, but I guess the old saying, is still true!

    “Going down hill is easier than going up hill”.

    God will bless these people in his own time.

  10. Jack will never ever get my vote again.

    He bowed to Madigan this time.

    The man used to have my respect.

    NO MORE!!!!

  11. Anyone that thinks that passing this bill was a way to avoid voting on pension reform is just plain wrong.

    Franks has voiced issue about the pension system for YEARS.

    To say he was avoiding dealing with the pension system by voting FOR this bill is a false equivalent – no – a patently false equivalent.

    This vote will not effect churches.

    Churches will not be sued.

    Churches can continue to marry who they want.

    The state has not and will not regulate who churches marry.

    That would be a violation of the constitution.

    This bill DOES NOT violate the constitution.


    This was about people being able to see their loved ones in the hospital. This was about everyone having the right to raise a family. This was about Americans being able to have the same rights as other Americans – equality means EQUAL not slightly equal.

    I’m flummoxed that people who claim to be Americans would be against equality for all.

  12. “Equality” is an argument lacking any historical, traditional or ethical underpinnings.

    Living in society with one another begs the question “What makes a healthy society?”

    For eons different cultures have tried this experiment of socially accepting homosexual behavior as “normal” and “accepted”.

    This path has shown itself to be part of the undoing of many great civilizations.

    This aside, “Freedom” to practice homosexual behavior without fear of horrible consequences was already law. Each of these people were “Equal” under the Constitution to their fellow citizens regardless of their behaviors, sexual or otherwise.

    Offering a law allowing Marriage under Civil Law for those performing homosexual acts upon one another is not promotion of a healthy society.

    It is not even a smart way to engender acceptance of these sexual acts by society or future generations.

    It is a great way to highlight just how different these people are to the rest of the world.

    Their behaviors have been put on display on an international level and have been codified under law to be aberrant behavior deserving of separate law from the rest of the human beings under the law.

    It is also a spectacular way to begin to disconnect the majority of our society from Civil Law as the argument seems to be we are not all equal under the same societal law but are equal among our separate groups.

    Because of this The People are disconnecting from their civil government at an alarming rate.

    Personal ethic and group(read “mob”) mentality is superceding societal mixing, acceptance and tolerance which this country was founded on.

    The destruction of a loving, accepting, free and open society is nearly complete.

    I find it mildly interesting most everything being done to destroy these very important ethics of our society are being done in the name of Equality, Freedom, Acceptance, Tolerance and Love.

    The chief architects of the social experimenting are men like Jack Franks who are so weak I wouldn’t let them within a country mile of any decisions I make daily for the good of my family or community.

    Weakness of philosophy, historical understanding, ethic and law do not a healthy society make.

    To create and keep a healthy culture and law we need to stop destroying particular groups by making them “Special, Separate and Different” under the law.

    Poor homosexuals.

    Feel pity for their plight as they are used by greater powers to gather control to a few powerful people who couldn’t care less about them as people but only their use in a greater scheme to divide and conquer.

  13. LOL. So many people in the know have said Jack Franks is as phony as a 3-dollar bill. He says whatever is politically expedient.

    When he ran in 1998 he ran against gay rights, got the support many in the pro-life movement, and was supported by the NRA.

    Franks’ position is based on what interests Jack Franks.

    To be shocked by this is laughable.

    This is WHO HE IS.

    Most local politicians envy his ability to fool the voter.

  14. I’m going to dissect Priest point by point.

    In your first paragraph, you cite accepting homosexuality as a sign of a falling empire…

    That’s hogwash.

    Call a history professor at ANY university and ask if Rome fell because Gays were accepted.

    It couldn’t be that they overextended their empire and warring factions within it sought to consolidate power and this eventually led to its undoing.

    The historicity of your first point a bit lacking.

    To your second point about the “freedom” do practice gay sex, yes, that is legal.

    You know what isn’t?

    Gay people seeing their loved ones in the hospital without proper paperwork.

    This is not equivalent to the rights that married couples enjoy, therefore, unequal and warranting a revision in the law.

    Then you go on some meandering rant about Civil law and ethics.

    The answer to that part of your post is much simpler than you make it out to be.

    We live in a free society where your physical freedoms end at the tip of my nose.

    However, yours and mines thoughts, feelings, and morals are not universal therefore requiring reconciliation through the democratic process.

    You can still continue to believe that gays are going to lead to the determent of this country (that is your right to BELIEVE that), but, under the United States Constitution and Illinois State Constitution, gays will and should have the same rights as everyone else, otherwise we will not have a truly free society.

    A certificate on paper isn’t going to solve it all, but it’s a damn good place to start.

    No laws can change us, we have to change us.

    Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one.

    Strip away the fear, it’s all about the same: LOVE.

    It’s about time we raised up.

    To your point about “their behaviors being displayed on an international level…Uh have you looked at a magazine rack lately?

    I think there are more scantily clad women than gays making out or holding hands or doing whatever lascivious things gays do.

    But your biggest err was this statement: “To create and keep a healthy culture and law we need to stop destroying particular groups by making them “Special, Separate and Different” under the law.”

    That is exactly what this bill yesterday was trying to undo.

  15. Sigh. I probably shouldn’t even respond to Fair Play but your response is indicative of all responses given in this venue.

    There is a vastly different definition between “reading” and “comprehension”.

    You read and totally failed to comprehend.

    There is also an implicit tone of arrogance to your response which is deserving of attention.

    I will restate what has already been written to appeal to your level of comprehension.

    PART denotes there are other PARTS to the destruction of empires.

    I didn’t mention Rome at all.

    Not even once.

    Sexual activity within an empire matters nothing to that empire’s health.

    Acceptance and societal codification of behaviors outside the majority norms are PART of the destruction of empires.

    Divide and conquer.

    LAW is vastly different from POLICY.

    There is no law needed to treat human beings within the United States equally.

    Those LAWS are foundational and irrevocable.

    The POLICIES of a hospital of allowing limited access to patients is not LAW, never will be LAW and needs no protection by a separate LAW.

    The thought and argument are specious. Any and all other protections under LAW have nothing whatsoever to do with sex or race or any other separate grouping.

    They are human protections afforded REGARDLESS of these groupings.

    There is nothing I’ve written ever which would say anything about sex between people in the privacy of their homes will lead to society ending.

    Scantily clad women on magazines weren’t even a thought.

    What was stated, which went beyond your comprehension, was anytime a politician wants to separate and highlight a group they are stating this group is either above, beneath or beyond the LAW which every other human labors under.

    To state, on an international stage, the LAW thinks homosexual behavior is so aberrant they require a separate set of laws from the rest of humanity is abhorrent in the extreme.

    This is NOT addressing some slight to homosexuals under the LAW but is stating they are so beyond the LAW they require a separate societal measure or homosexuals are so retarded in their ability to protect themselves under the Constitution they require special treatment.

    This is false on both counts and destroys the feeling of everyone being equal under the SAME LAW.

    Homosexual couples are, by the numbers, both the most highly educated and wealthy segments of our society.

    Lawmakers just made them out to be idiots and used them to parse our society into smaller segments to be easier to control.

    This is unfair to homosexuals and destroys the feelings of common culture/society The People enjoyed within the United States since its inception.

    Jack Franks is a lawyer and a multi term public official.

    He is so vapid he actually believes highlighting homosexual behavior separately from human behavior is a good thing.

    Or he is such a sycophant to Madigan he lacks the moral courage to stand up for basic human rights or the fundamental tenets of the United States Constitution and state the obvious…

    Current LAW is enough to protect all human beings under its protection.

    You, Fair Play, very much need to read and reread and read again before responding to something far beyond your comprehension…. Apparently.

  16. At 2:10 pm, Priest stated “There is an implicit tone of arrogance to your response which is deserving of attention.

    I will restate what has already been written to appeal to your level of comprehension.”

    Later he states, “What was stated, which went beyond your comprehension…”, and “You, Fair Play, very much need to read and reread and read again before responding to something far beyond your comprehension…. Apparently.”

    Arrogance, according to an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people

    There are LAWS stating that it is illegal to discriminate in employment based on age, sex, color, or creed.

    By your logic, you are stating that these groups being placed above, beneath, or beyond the LAW that all others operate under.

    The 19th amendment provided women in this country the right to vote.

    Evidently politicians wanted to provide special treatment to women, since before this time, their rights must have been adequately protected by the existing LAWS.

  17. Just curious what are the ages of those commenters that are so opposed to gay marriage?

    I hope that Preist isn’t actually a priest.

    His condascending and arrogant tone are so typical of those who hide behind religion to condone their hatred of equality for all.

    One only has to look as far as the role of women in the Catholic church.

    Hopefully, during the next decade we will continue to tear down the walls of gender and sexual orientation bias.

  18. I would bet if you Robo called everyone in Jack Frank’s district, regarding their acceptance of homosexual marriage.

    It would be 60/40 to 55/45 against homosexual marriage.

    I am always amazed at how Frank’s “champions” little bills to help out McHenry County.

    However, fails to vote the way his electorate would vote.

    Oddly enough he will win another term in office by 65%.

    What is wrong is not Jack Frank’s but people who continue to vote for Frank’s because of the illusion he is in Springfield fitting for them.

  19. @Jack – Thanks Jack, really hit it on the head there.

    In any case, Priest, my fellow American, I thought I had some great points.

    I thought you had some great arguments.

    Just wondering.

    What’s a good source to learn more about the difference between POLICY and LAW?

    In any case, keep up on the civil discourse.

    It’s great to have folks on the blog that like to EXPLAIN their arguments and not just say small talking points that, without context, otherwise fall flat. Have a good day!

    By the way, day 2 and the world still has not ended from the Same Sex Marriage vote in Illinois.


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