Sights at the Bill Prim Crystal Lake Country Club Fundraiser

I’ve gotten behind posting photos of fundraisers.

Part of the crowd at Bill Prim's Crystal Lake Country Club event applaud a speaker.

Part of the crowd at Bill Prim’s Crystal Lake Country Club event applaud the candidate.

Bill Prim, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Sheriff against Andy Zinke, held such an affair at the Crystal Lake Country Club the third week of October.

Those in the  middle of the room joined others to give Bill Prim a standing ovation after his talk.

Those in the middle of the room joined others to give Bill Prim a standing ovation after his talk.

Over 200 attended.

Here's a shot of those in the west side of the Crystal Lake Country Club room for the Bill Prim event.

Here’s a shot of some of those in the west side of the Crystal Lake Country Club room for the Bill Prim event.

There were no children at Prim’s event. (This compares to the “In-Kind Contribution Admission of 185 people [including children] to Wild West Town” reported by Zinke in his last quarterly campaign finance report.)

Prim CLCC Mark Daniel, AnneMajewski + Joe PerezMost of my time was spent gathering petition signatures for Jim Oberweis for U.S. Senator ( I got about sixty), but I did get some closer shots of some in attendance.

Prim CLCC Rabine + Thorsen

McHenry County City Councilman Jeff Thorsen requested Gary Rabine to sign his petition.

I wasn’t the only one passing a petition.

Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen was soliciting signatures for his run for McHenry County Treasurer.

Philpott at Prim CLCC

I couldn’t pass up the tie that Gus Philpott, the 2010 Green Party candidate for Sheriff was wearing. It says, “Police line do not cross.”

Appointed Circuit Court Judge Michael Feetterer, who is running for a six-year term, made his presence known.

Judge Michael Fetterrer

Judge Michael Fetterrer

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

I jotted down most of the other public officials introduced at the event;

  • Algonquin Township Clerk Chuck Lutzow
  • Cary Fire Protection District Trustee mark Guerra
  • Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery
  • District 3 McHenry County Board members Joe Gottemoller
  • District 4 County Board member Sandra Salgado
  • District 5 County Board member John Jung
  • District 47 School Board member and District 3 County Board candidate Nancy Gonsiorek
  • Crystal Lake City Councilman Ralph Dawson
  • Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen
  • Johnsburg School Board member Steve Rooney
  • Cary Grade School Board member Chris Christensen
  • Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran
  • Lake County Undersheriff  Raymond Rose.


Sights at the Bill Prim Crystal Lake Country Club Fundraiser — 11 Comments

  1. Wasn’t it fuk that claimed Cal only showed single shots on his blog because so few people showed up??

    Well, get a look at these.

    Over 200 attending and standing room only.

  2. Mr. Prim appears to be bringing in more and more people each week into his campaign.

    You see Attorneys, Judges, County Board members, Law Enforcement Officers (including deputies and Correctional Officers), Trustees, Committeemen, School Board administrators, fireman, business owners,….

    This is a wonderful sight to see finally in McHenry County. So many people getting together for the right man for Sheriff, Bill Prim.

    All these men and woman know his skills, his passion for Law Enforcement, his experience, his proven record as a leader….

    Yep, this man will bring the change that this county has been lacking for years.

    We don’t need or want Nygren or his side kick the stinky clown Zinke.

    Sheriff Prim will walk down the hallway into his office every day.

    He won’t be calling from a cell phone from his Minaqua Wisc or Southern Florida homes…

    No, he will be right here in McHenry County Sheriffs Office leading the Sheriffs Office.

  3. Yes it was FYI.

    You really need to go back to grade school to relearn how to count.

    Where do you see 200 people in that room?

    This room is so small that it barely holds all the employees in the McHenry County State’s Attorney Office that attend to give the appearance of a crowd of supporters.

    Not only that, this room could not hold 200 people because 200 people could not fit in that room with Mr. Corruption’s BIG crooked nose.

  4. Fuko, your wrong.

    Mr Corruption Nygren, big butt, was not there.

    He was either in Southern Florida or Minnaqua Wisc.

  5. “Fukoku”= Kim Zinke …. Lou Bianchi was railroaded by Nygren and Zinke because he refused to watch the TV shows “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    That is a fact….

    Andy Zinke would be a nightmare and the corruption would continue under his reign…

  6. I heard that Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi and his puppet Bill Who enjoy watching their favorite television show together, which reminds them of Bill Who’s campaign.

    “Mission: Impossible.”

  7. You are wrong Facts of crap, Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi was there.

    Mr. Corruption embezzled $2,907.94 from the Citizens to Elect Lou Bianchi to purchase food for Bill Who’s last failed fundraiser.

  8. Drum roll please…………………

    “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke……….Wrote—>>>

    “Not only do I have family and friends that live in Kane County, I have had rental property in Kane County since the late 1980’s.”

    A search was done in Kane County to verify Kim’s claim that she has rental property in Kane County….

    And, the Kane County Assessors office was contacted to verify her claim…

    There is no property in Kane County owned by Kim Zinke, Kim Furst, or Fukoku Kyohei..

    However, there is property owned by a Matthew Furst and there is another property owned Fred and Carolyn Zinke…..

    Kim Zinke you are a “CERTIFIABLE LIAR”

    This proves only further that Kim and Andy Zinke should be no where near the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department..

    Told you Andy, you should have put a muzzle on your wife weeks ago..

  9. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler.

    You are a Certified Dumb A$$!

    I have my investment property in a Land Trust stupid.

  10. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke…. Name of Trust Kim… If there is a trust it is not under Fukoku and you know it…

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