McHenry County Board Flattening Its Levy

The McHenry County College Board asked for the same amount of money from taxpayers next year as it got this year.

The McHenry County Board is planning on doing almost as well.

And, as you can see from the chart and numbers below, the County Board is doing so for the third year in a row.

They are asking current taxpayers for the same aggregate amount, but they have levied enough more to capture new construction that has occurred.

You can see in the following chart what has happened to the county tax levy:

The recent history of McHenry County levies.

The recent history of McHenry County levies.

Here are the numbers:


Levies for assessment years.  Taxes are collected one year after the assessment year,so the bottom figure is what will be collected next year.

As you can see the taxpayers of McHenry County won from what the County Board is planning to do.


McHenry County Board Flattening Its Levy — 3 Comments

  1. 2008-2013

    Assmt Value down $3,235,112,789, or 30.8%.

    Total Levied up $5,178,739, or 7%.

    When will taxpayers revolt and demand less services, not more?

  2. Was this place a cesspool 10 years ago?

    With almost twice as much money, and little to show for it did the taxpayers get any value for all the extra taxes paid?

    Probably not in this state!

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