Taxpayers Urged to Attend Wed. Night Richmond Township Meeting

The following came from a friend of McHenry County Blog in Richmond:

Richmond Twp Meeting Notice 11-13-13

Of course, Richmond Township is not the only township setting the amount of taxes it will collect next year.

Taxpayers who do not want that part of their bill to increase by the 1.7% allowed under the Property Tax Cap should attend their next local township meeting and ask that next year’s levy be no more than this year’s “extension.”

The “extension” is the amount the County Clerk told the County Treasurer to collect in taxes this year.

If more than that is requested, odds are good tax bills for a township will increase next year.


Taxpayers Urged to Attend Wed. Night Richmond Township Meeting — 3 Comments

  1. The only sources for Township funds (not including Road District funds) are voter / board approved bonds, property tax, Personal Property Replacement tax (state collects tax from corporations and disseminates to other units of government) and bank / investment interest.

    That said, NO Township should be raising their tax unless local residents want additional services.

    As the State has almost totally taken over dissemination of Public Assistance funds, Township government has become primarily an administrative body for the Road District UNLESS local residents have approved additional services such as bus service, senior centers, recycling centers or other service the local property tax payers approve of.

    At a time when taxpayers are forced to cut back due to a reduction in average pay rates, public bodies must realize they too need to cut back.

    If that cutback results in service cuts so be it.

    My pay cuts have resulted in a severe change to my lifestyle also!

  2. Ahhh… the old “Chicken Little propaganda trick”, eh? Set the world into a panic!! Must find the PANIC button!! P-A-N-I-C !!!! Can’t —- think —- straight —- !!!

    Heavens to Betsy; what a bunch of HOOEY. Bah Humbug.

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