Hitting Up Grandma

A new phone scam has been sighted in the Marengo area.

Here is what one grandmother sent to Kristin Ottolino, who runs the Citizens Alert Social Media Network:

“It’s time to remind older folks of sham phone calls.

“I got a call in late morning that went like this.

“‘Gramma’…I said yes…He (a young male voice) said I got stopped for speeding last evening and the police found drugs in my car.

“Well I am a good relative and I believe each segment of our family needs to solve their problems. So I asked ‘did you call your parents?’

“The answer was no.

“Then I said ‘well call them and let me know what they say.’

“The caller hung up.

“I went in my living room to look at the caller ID.

“It was from ‘Montreal PQ.’

“I am in my 80’s with a large family and grandkids in college, but I am not an easy mark.

“I just want others to know this kind of sham is happening.”

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