What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 1

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

Please enforce traffic laws about stop signs at all intersections, stopping before turning right on red, speed limits (especially on streets in subdivisions), and pedestrian right of way.

The entire downtown area needs to be torn down and redeveloped. Train station at the center of the downtown.
Look at Arlington Hts. as an example. Route 47 is in desperate need of improvement in terms of the old
rundown frame buildings.

again turn the noise down from all fests

People commented about sidewalks and bike paths on Huntley's community survey.

People commented about sidewalks and bike paths on Huntley’s community survey.

We need a golf cart crossing bridge so that we could shop with our golf carts. Over rte 47 of course. This would be so helpful!

I’d like to watch the Village Board Meetings. Will try to find out how to do that.

We need more restaurants, and businesses BUT not as much as Randall road. No need to make any suggestions because I am sure you heard them all. A good steak house (Jamesons is garbage) a good China buffet and a good Mexican buffet that would allow me to eat in Huntley. I also like Sammy’s and Village Inn and Parkside too.
Water pressure needs to increase in the summer; irrigation systems design criteria is based upon 50 psi and my  pressure at the rpz value in around 30 psi

Really admire the police & fire dept. They are the best!!!

There should be some control over the appearance of new bldgs. so that it does not look like Ogden Ave. which is a mess.

Taxes are to high!

I live in sun city and I feel we need to have some kind of village bus or other transportation that seniors and disabled can use at an economical price.

If you want business to stay in Huntley we need to be able to access the business for those not able to drive or do not drive Whoever decided to put the sidewalks along Route 47 directly next to the street did the biggest disservice to this community by not having parkways! We had an opportunity to really make this a walking and bike friendly community and we let it slip by us. It is very unsafe and we are going to have accidents and deaths due to horrible planning.

We need more restaurants. Not fast food places. I really don’t think we needed an Aldi’s. Too many robberies. I don’t like leaving my home and worrying that I could be robbed. We need more police patrolling especially the bike police. Every time I saw an officer on a bike he was in the shade on Rt 47 and Main checking for seat belts.

Local bus service would assist with travel especially around the town square area. I would love to bring my family to those events-but won’t due to the horrible parking…not enough.

Huntley could use a fenced in dog park. Huntley could also use a larger Post Office so we could have better service!

Would also like to see a Panera Bread in Huntley.

Regarding garbage collection: I have seen recycle bins in other villages that are enclosed like the garbage cans. They would keep paper and light plastic items from blowing all over the neighborhood on windy days.

Love this town! Torn between wanting to see it grow, and keeping its country charm.

would like to see the stop signs in walk ways in downtown in sun city so we don’t get killed crossing the street.

more restaurants please!

Don’t grow too fast like Randall Road. I’d like to see a Target in Huntley. I think the Village is doing a great job.

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More tomorrow.


What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 1 — 1 Comment

  1. The country charm in the village went away when our abundance of liberals decided everything should be like Schaumburg and that there is no end to the amount of taxes we must pay.

    The anger between those who want to be reasonable and those who are greedy is quite high.

    Sun City gets smacked by the younger folks no matter what.

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