What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 7

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

Taxes were a little, make that VERY rediculous this past year. Over a $1000 increase in one year when home prices are down and vacancies are around us. CRAZY!!

Change motto to something more modern and relevant

Would love to see more commerical/retail development on the North side of town (North of Algonquin Rd.) Feel like Huntley is turning into a North/South town since all new development is S of Kreutzer Rd. Because of this local small restaurants that do offer delivery, will not deliver N of Algonquin Rd. Not fair to the residents that live N.

Not at all exciated about Aldi’s coming and the other two retail establishments. We don’t need another grocery store (nor another nursing home/rehab place)and Aldi’s is extremely unattractive to me. Who approved this? We need restaurants!! A movie theater would be nice too. A theatre in the round would be nice somewhere in the area.

Sass, Chuck looking left at interchangeWe’re hoping that Chuck Sass retires soon so we can have a fresh outlook and some motivation in the mayor’s office. Huntley needs restaurants, gas stations, and at least one (1) hotel/motel on the southside of town. We’ve needed all of these businesses long before the I-90/47 project started! WHEN??

This is a pleasant Village. Progress is inevitable but let’s not lose our Country charm. I would like people to recognize Huntley for more than just Sun City.

The Village does a great job. Just have to exercise care to guard against tacky commercial development along the Route 47/i90 corridor. Less multinational cookie cutter businesses and more local businesses. Less fast food joints and more sit down restaurants.

Would like to see a Portillo’s Restaurant in Huntley!

I hope that the Village is agressively recruiting and offering necessary incentives to get shopping, restaurants and entertainment to Huntley. I am disappointd we haven’t seen more committing to Huntley with the interchange nearing completion.

Re:#14-Village service: SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL.This is the worst service. they constantly break the mail boxes, drive way to fast down side streets.They pile the snow on our driveway where at times we cannot get out of the driveway. They MUST be told about this. This is a mjor complaint with all the neighbors.

Huntely is a great place to live!!

44 of my 83 years have been in Huntley. Best years.

Tollway Huntley dignitaries 11-8-13 Tina Hill, Tryon, Althoff, Sass

Village President Charles Sass is at the podium for the Tollway interchange dedication. Behind from left to right is State Senator Pam Althoff, State Rep. Mike Tryon, McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill andTollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur.

maybe with the mayors raise he could buy pants and shoes. He looks like an idiot when they are doing ribbon cutting

The Public Works Dept pales in comparison to LITH. There are hardly any planting beds/trees/bushes along Haligus or Reed (East of Haligus) and it looks barren. The LITH roadways are lined beautifully and it’s obvious where LITH  ends and Huntley begins. Also, the new design on the water towers is atrocious. Otherwise, we love Huntley!

I would like to see a Home Depot or Menards soon.

Taxes should be reduced for all citizen’s of Sun City in the school district’s as there are no elementary or high school age kids in Sun City

Too high property taxes

We need more restaurants.

I live in Sun City in neighborhood 33 and I’m extremely disappointed in the poor police patrolling of our area. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen a patrol
car in our area (except for medical and fire emergencies).  I also think our snow removal sucks. We get one swipe of the plow blade and a 1/2 ton of salt-that’s it.

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More tomorrow.

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