What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 13

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

taxes are excessive and we need to control our costs and if we encourage new businesses to come we need to make sure they are not part of a TIF district

Sure would be nice to have more retail and restaurants so we wouldn’t have to go to the other towns to spend our money.

Need quality restaurants such as Panera and Olive Garden. We have enough “fast food”

Huntley Police dept is excellent. Chief Perkins is the reason why the dept is excellent. I sent an e-mail to Chuck Sass directly and never heard back from him. Sent again, did not hear back. Not happy with that at all. Huntley is a great place to live. Need to re-build downtown. Need to put low power lines and electric poles underground.

For future residential areas leaving top soil in place would lessen dependenc on irrigation systems, ergo easing the need for lawn watering and reduce depletion of our water supply.

We really could use some more restaurants along Rt 47 (Red Lobster, Portillo’s, a bakery like Franco’s in Hanover Park/Streamwood, Olive Garden, Portillo’s, Portillo’s, and Portillo’s) We also could use a bigger post office that’s more conveniently located (easier access and more parking).

The village needs to help regrow the outlet mall and redevelop the downtown area to be a destination for restaurants and entertainment. Those 2 areas are VOIDS. Ex) city of Valparaiso, Arlington Heights are just a few places that have attractive downtown areas.

We moved here because we wanted to live in the country. You’re turning Huntley into the new Schaumburg!!! 🙁

One person commented that Huntley High School needs a traffic light.

One person commented that Huntley High School needs a traffic light.

My only complaint is the traffic in regard to the Harmony Road school campus. Why can’t there be a light or police directing traffic on Main, Hemmer, & Harmoney corners to ease the flow of traffic? Also, I understand a new McDonald’s is going in right in front of WalMart. We already have a McDonalds, so why can’t we get a different fast food spot?

As Sun City Resident, we shouldn’t pay 100% School tax.  I think it should be 50% or less.

Spending all that money for the walk from Del Webb into town, is stupid way of spending money

While I am supportive of some green initiatives, I do not want to see Huntley get involved with any Agenda 21 group such as ICLEI.

  1. Low grade on #13 mainly reflects dissatisfaction with police handling of Sun City burglaries.  Over a dozen burglaries during our residency, and how many arrests and convictions?
  2. Excellent job on the Huntley e-newsletter.
  3. Huntley has a reputation among some in St. Charles, Geneva, etc. of being a speed trap-keeps people away.
Metra engine.

Metra engine.

Would love to have the commuter rail service. i would use it every day.

Need upper scale stores, including Prime outlets
Thanks, for getting Starbucks. How about Portillo’s??

I would not want RT47 to become another Randall Rd but we could use some additional commercial development.

We would love to enjoy the July 4th fireworks in Huntley but they really need to relocate to a better place for the
display. We will not attend because of the nightmare that is created with parking.

I moved to Huntley because it is less conjested, quieter and cleaner than many other communities. It does need
more businesses while keeping it’s small community charm.

When the snow plows plow my street it seems that because i am on a curved street location the snow gets dumped at the bottom of my driveway and my grass gets destroyed and the mailbox as well.

If taxes were more responsible-I’d live here for forever..

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