Four Challenges to GOP Precinct Committeeman Candidates

Four challenges of petitions of people running for Republican Precinct Committeeman have been filed.

Melissa Denker

Melissa Denker

Two are in one precinct, Dunham Township.  Dunham Township had not had a committeeman for years until Melissa Denker decided to run there.

Now, William R. Parker, filed petitions for the same position.

Each is challenging the other’s petitions.

Erik Sivertsen

Erik Sivertsen

Appointed Committeeman Eric Sivertsen is on the ballot this year in McHenry 29.  He is challenging his opponent John Doles.

Sivertsen, representing himself, withstood a challenge to his candidacy for McHenry County College Board brought by the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.  Another challenged candidate, Chris Jenner, had attorney Bob Wagner presenting his defense.  Sivertsen won election to McHenry Grade School District 15’s Board.

Jenna Wing

Jenna Wing

The final challenge is to the petition of 18-year old Fox River Grove aspirant Jenna Wing in Algonquin 45.  She was the inspiration for the Saturday meeting at FRG Penara’s with GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.

Bonnie Duresa filed the objection.  Richard J. Duresa is Wing’s opponent for Precinct Committeeman.

Hearings will be held Friday, December 13th at 2 PM in room 104A in the County Administration Building.


Four Challenges to GOP Precinct Committeeman Candidates — 5 Comments

  1. Is Friday, Dec. 13th the actual hearing date or the date the Electoral Board will set the hearings?

    It’s encouraging to see young people, such as Ms. Denker, Wing and Mr. Duresa entering the local polital party.

    Unfortunately, Melissa Denker continues to pat herself on the back as “leader” of Young Republicans”, etc. which gets tiresome after a while.

    She will learn that a lot goes on, and gets done, without praise, fanfare or any expectation of recognition.

    With 18 yr old Jenna Wing on the scene, Melissa D. is old news.

    Good Luck and Welcome, Jenna.

  2. Considering that there are about a million open precinct committeeman spots, why doesn’t the Central Committee just appoint the losers of these races to neighboring precincts.

  3. You don’t have to be a committeeman to spread the word.

    Highlight public sector finance and debt.

    No one knows how much debt and unfunded liabilities (Pensions, healthcare) they are responsible for.



    Local (every taxing district on your property tax bill or the property tax bill of where you reside).

    Add it up.

    Look at the debt service schedules of the taxing districts.

    – Total debt.
    – How often is debt refinanced and is the payment schedule being extended.
    – Any non referendum bonds.
    – Are bonds negotiated or competitive bid.
    – Fees involved in issuing the bonds.

    Public Sector unions/Collective Bargaining Agreements for each taxing district.

    BGA has put some cba’s on their website, and some taxing districts have them on their websites.

    BGA, OpenTheBooks, FamilyTaxpayers, and Illinois Policy Institute all have good resources to get your started and keep you busy.

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