Keeping Track of McHenry County College – Guns and Taxes

Here are some notes on what happened at the Monday Policy Committee meeting of the McHenry County College Board:

Gus Philpott

Gus Philpott

Gus Philpott addressed the board at the beginning of the meeting. He suggested the board adopt no policy regarding concealed carry. But if the board did adopt a policy, it needed to be fair to all. He recommended the board read a book called “From Luby’s to the Legislature” written by a lady who was at the mass shooting at Luby’s restaurant, unarmed, who later became a Texas state rep. You might email Gus for a transcript of his comments.

Read his take on the meeting in these articles:

The conversation about the concealed carry policy went on for almost an hour. Before it got too far along, Chris Jenner asked for a straw poll as to whether we even need a policy on concealed carry. Liddell / Kisser – yes; Jenner – No; Walsh / Parrish – don’t know; Miller / Wilbeck – absent.

The committee then went through a memo from the MCC attorney that outlined seven different areas the new statute (430 ILCS 66) says community colleges *MAY* adopt policies for.

  1. Signage – All present thought this was a procedural issue and no policy was needed.
  2. Clear and Present Danger Reporting – All present initially said this was also procedural. When visited a second time, Walsh said MCC should have a policy, the other four still felt it should be handled via procedure.
  3. Misconduct / Discipline for Concealed Carry Violations – Parrish / Jenner – no policy needed; Kisser / Liddell / Walsh – policy is needed. On this item, Jenner raised a hypothetical scenario in which, during an MCC commencement ceremony, a nut with a gun stormed in and was about to start shooting, but an MCC employee pulled out their concealed weapon and neutralized the would-be shooter. The question arose as to whether the college would discipline this person for violating the concealed carry policy after they just saved a couple dozen lives?
  4. Parking Lot Safe Harbor – Parrish / Jenner – no policy needed; Kisser / Liddell / Walsh – policy is needed.
  5. Vehicles Owned by the College – Liddell / Kisser / Jenner – no policy needed; Walsh – policy is needed; Parrish – don’t know. The second time through, Parrish changed to no policy needed, Kisser changed to on the fence.

Two other items presented would have applied only if the college offers instruction in firearms.

At the Regular Board Meeting Thursday the 19th, there will be the first reading of policy verbiage that addresses items 2 through 5 above.

Regarding the policy for not issuing debt without voter approval, the discussion was relatively short, as a longer discussion occurred at last month’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

The outcome was to include

an action item to craft policy verbiage for the January Policy meeting.


Keeping Track of McHenry County College – Guns and Taxes — 1 Comment

  1. Heck yes a policy is needed!!

    Having no concealed guns on school property is fair to all, Gus, just as issuing a handgun to everyone when they get on to the campus.

    Either everyone has one or no one has one.

    Allowing some to carry into the classroom is a recipe for disaster.

    Anything else, is idiocy at it’s finest.


    DO YOUR JOB – PUT IT IN POLICY and sell guns in the bookstore for every student!!!!

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