“Too Stressful for the Fish”

When I was told that the depositions in former Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman’s had not yet begun and Federal Magistrate Michael Mahoney expected them to be completed by March 21st, the word that came to mind was “stress.”

Having been through two stressful law suits–one an extended divorce proceeding and the other when the Northwest Herald sued me–I know about it first-hand.

I thought of the addition stress that Andy Zinke, a named defendant, would undergo as he was running for public office for the first time.

He is running for public office for the first time, stressful for anyone.

The primary election will be held on March 18th, three days before the deposition deadline.

There is no public list of those to be deposed, but odds are good that a number will be playing significant roles in Zinke’s attempt to beat former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim in the GOP primary.

They include

  • Sheriff Keith Nygren
  • Commander John L. Miller
  • Lt. Ken Nielson
  • Sgt. Steven Schmitt

Surely there are others, since Milliman attorney Thomas Carl Crooks told the Court on Wednesday that he was having difficulty finding addresses for some witnesses.

Bryan Krause was “terminated” as a defendant a year ago.

That’s interesting and probably has caused more stress for the folks being sued.

But let me get back to the title of his post.

My wife and son had a Cub Scout overnight at the Shedd Aquarium.

Brownies or Girl Scouts in the corridor where they were to spend the night were pretty noisy, so the Cubs moved to another corridor.

An employee of the aquarium walked in and told them they could not sleep there.

It would be “too stressful for the fish,” he said.

We laugh about it every time someone brings it up…most recently at Rain Forest Cafe.

I don’t know why that favorite family story popped into my head when I figured out the depositions would be being taken from Zinke and his supporters which the primary election campaign was in full swing, but it did.


“Too Stressful for the Fish” — 7 Comments

  1. Cal, your expressing concerns for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke is truly touching.

    Let me assure you and free your mind from your concerns that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke is very excited as he is in no doubt that he will become our next elected Sheriff.

    As for this ordeal with former Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman, that is really Sheriff Keith Nygren’s rodeo. I am sure that “The Teflon Sheriff” has no concerns and is completely stress free.

    The person you should really have concerns for is Bill Who as some would say that the Zinke Team has an ace in their deck that will be very damaging to Bill Who near the end of the GOP primary.

  2. Cute story Cal.

    Don’t ever remember being able to spend the night with the “fishes” down there, but back in the day (early 60’s), all the museums were on the grade school list of places to go and see.

  3. Cal i love the association between the little fish and the defendants in Deputy Milliman’s wrongful termination suit.

    I would imagine that those depositions are going to be very stressful for Nygren an Zinke.

    I suspect that Nygren has just thrown his 40 years of law enforcement out the window.

    And as for Zinke, I suspect that he too is going to have a very, very bad day in depositions.

    I smell perjury coming

  4. I hope they both enjoy the big black radiator hose their cell mate uses on them

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