State Massage Therapist Licensing Agency Does Not Inspect Crystal Lake Message Parlors

State government’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation license masseuses, but apparently has never sent an inspector to Crystal Lake to see if those giving massages have such licenses.

The state licensing agency has apparently not inspected local message parlors.

The state licensing agency has apparently not inspected local message parlors.

After the recent arrests for prostitution at three Crystal Lake message parlors, I filed a Freedom of Information request with the state agency that licenses message parlors and those who provide services there.

I asked for information on the last two area inspections.

The reply I received indicates there have been no such inspections.

The reply about inspections of message parlors in Crystal Lake.

The reply about inspections of massage parlors in Crystal Lake.

In times past, one of the patronage jobs involved license inspectors. They would go into an area and check to see if folks with state licenses had them posted on the wall. You’ll see posted licenses in barber and beauty shops, doctors’ and dentist’s offices, etc.

The main reason for passing the massage therapist law was to be able to differentiate between those on the legitimate side of the business and those which were fronts for prostitution.

Obviously, if there are no inspections, the law is not working.

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Perhaps I misinterpreted the answer. The attorney who replied says there is no mechanism to track inspector visits on a geographic basis. I am making further inquiry.


State Massage Therapist Licensing Agency Does Not Inspect Crystal Lake Message Parlors — 9 Comments

  1. I FOIA’ed IDFPR a couple of weeks back on a different issue and received the same form response.

    I’d wager that they do have documents.

    You need to appeal this.

  2. Cal – as a longtime salon owner in McHenry County, I can tell you that we have not seen a state inspector in over 20 years.

    The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation requires that all licenses be posted on the wall AND there are a lot of other requirements that involve sanitation, especially for manicure equipment and pedicure bowls.

    We host (at our expense) many continuing education classes to help our staff maintain their licenses.

    We comply with all the requirements and go beyond state regulations for sanitation to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff but I can tell you that there are MANY nail salons, hair salons, and massage businesses who are unlicensed and do not follow state regulations for sanitation and beyond.

    As you can imagine, compliance has a price tag and this puts us (and other legitimate salons/spas/massage businesses) at a competitive DIS-advantage from those businesses that are flying under the radar in a state that does not inspect.

    There are many-many salons in McHenry County that don’t even have business licenses!

    Why? Because they can get away with it.

    Heck, I bet they even gave some of these unlicensed businesses small business grants.

  3. The state is too busy picking pockets to be bothered with following any laws they made up.

    This is government at its finest.

    “Just get out there and elect us all again.”

  4. Even the Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation can’t spell massage.

  5. All of the inspectors are in the office of the State Fire Marshall makingpa sure our furnaces don’t blow up,

    they only charge $100 which is alot cheaper than Sherman or Althoff, but of course they always comment that the furnace is good a was just checked by a pro….

  6. There are paid inspectors but no inspections.


    That means the patronage employees aren’t expected to do any work.

    Sounds like Sherriff Nygren, Treasurer Bill LeFew, and Phyllis Walters.

    They get paid and never show up for work; they have “their people” who actually do their jobs.

  7. From an insider (this person actually has integrity and is appalled by this)…

    Nothing in Illinois gets inspected.

    All gets passed and signed-off on. (Even when an inspector does grace your doorway.)

    Its horrendous and people could die.

    I speak especially about safety codes and fire inspection type things.

    No one knows what they are doing and everybody just signs-off.

    I am told this is what companies hire lawyers for.

    Nice, huh?

  8. The “inspectors” are likely part of the Illinois no work machine, ie
    the Cook county machine, ie the same stooges that “made” our
    current potus.

    Potus = president of the United States

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