What Can Be Done about Massage Parlors that Are Really Houses of Prostitution?

Readers of McHenry County Blog know that message parlors in Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Woodstock and McHenry have had employees arrested for prostitution.

The Chicago Sun-Tmies beat the Northwests Herald on this Crystal Lake story.

The arrests of middle aged Asia women started making press in July of 2010:

Woodstock’s Marigold Massage parlor is close to Jewel-Osco.

Twice police in Woodstock raided the Marigold Massage Parlor:

The person who shared the story wondered why the prostitutes’ supervisor was not arrested as well.

One raided in the Crystal Lake Plaza also used the name “Marigold.”

The signage on the Crystal Lake Plaza message pallor appears identical to that on Woodstock's.

The signage on the Crystal Lake Plaza message pallor appears identical to that on Woodstock’s.

And, then came the raids on three massage parlor in mid-December:

I don’ t think one needs to be in law enforcement to conclude this is a continuing enterprise.

Looks as if there is some business relationship as well.

So, what could the city fathers and mothers do to keep prostitutes disguised as massage therapists out of the town that used to have as its slogan,

“A good place to live”?

The Cities of Crystal Lake and McHenry, Villages of Algonquin and Woodstock, because of their Home Rule status, could license the parlors and make them subject to spot inspection.  (Home Rule allows a municipality with more than 25,000 residents or one whose citizens have voted to become a Home Rule unit to do pretty much anything not forbidden by state law.)

Home Rule units, for instance, could require the licenses of the massage therapists to be posted (state law, already I’m pretty sure), but the city could add the requirement that photos with names, addresses and phone numbers of the therapists would have to be posted as well.  And, photos, names, addresses and phone numbers of supervisors could be required, too.

I have been told that the unlicensed massage therapists go from parlor to parlor, so routine checks might yield some interesting findings.

If a non-licensed therapist were found in a parlor, a municipality could turn them over to the state Dept of Finance and Professional Regulation and/or close the parlor for a week, two weeks, four weeks, permanently.  Fines could be imposed as well.

I’m sure others could come up with additional requirements that would dissuade prostitution locally.

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Also of possible relevance is this article:


What Can Be Done about Massage Parlors that Are Really Houses of Prostitution? — 16 Comments

  1. Luckily for taxpayers, the City of Woodstock is not home-rule.

    The population is hanging around the 24,700 mark, just below the 25,000 needed to claim the “prize” of home-rule.

  2. I wonder who is keeping these places in business. They must have plenty of customers.

  3. Considering that next to nobody knew these places were offering handies, there’s no legitimate concern about community blight.

    Who cares if certain segments of our population are discretely paying for HJs?

  4. And Mr. McGuire is a BIG supporter of Prim for Sheriff!

    What a goof!

  5. The State of Illinois does license massage parlors.

    Specifically the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation.

    I’m sure they would be happy to answer questions about the subject.

    Some insurances companies offer massages as a benefit, though doubt they would honor a claim from one of the outfits mentioned above.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the above establishments are involved in human trafficking.

    Meaning women from foreign countries are brought into the country and once here forced to work in these places.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if drugs are involved in some.

    Meaning women could be drugged up and become addicted, resulting in a dependency and vicious circle.

    Maybe illegal drugs are sold in some.

    Maybe some can’t find anywhere else to make a living.

    All sorts of bad stuff.

  6. Fred, I could be mistaken but isn’t Andy Zinke’s sister in law a pornographer?

    Family values start at home, and apples don’t fall too far from one another.

  7. Your Prejudices against Asians compromise the legitimate licensed workers.

    hy don’t you raid Massage Envy, you might be surprised that the White girls are the ones making the money in Algonquin.

  8. Anonymous, Are you basing your comments on personal experience?

    If so, you are part of the problem, if not, you are making accusations based on either speculation or falsehoods.

    I am guessing that if you had evidence you would have called the police!

  9. Ah, hey anonymous! no ones being prejudiced towards Asians.

    All officers came to all businesses offering massage requesting proof is of the proper licenses.

    A med spa i worked at had 2 officers come in requesting such paperwork and the little old massage lady barely comes in for appointments because it’s really not the business we’re in but we advertise so it’s required!!

    I’m sure Massage Envy has been targeted but the white girls you reference I assume wouldn’t bring themselves that low.

    Massage Envy would never put themselves in that kind of position.

    They’re not that stupid.

    So yes blame the Asians who feel the need to suck someone off for 50 bucks!!!

    I’m sorry that’s prostitution genius!!!

    it just so happens that the Asians are the ones doing it!!

    that’s not considered racist when a certain ethnic group are the ones causing trouble.

    Stereotyping comes to mind but again if the asians are offering services not advertised,then its their owm ethnic problem!

    I’m so sick of the race card!

    People that are guilty doing things they shouldn’t be and when they get caught its the officers racial views we blame.

    do the crime pay the time.

    Its just that simple!

  10. JJ massage in Crystal Lake is open till 10:30?

    That’s a little odd to me don’t you think?

    Not sure I know of a legit massage place open that late.

    But hey what do I know? 🙂

  11. Address:
    5899 Northwest Hwy Unit F
    Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014
    Major Streets:
    Main St at Northwest Hwy

    They came up on http://www.rubmaps.com but you have to sign up to see comments from customers posts in which I’m not interested. People literally suggest who to request & other info on all kinds of massage parlors.

  12. Address:
    5899 Northwest Hwy Unit F
    Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014
    Major Streets:
    Main St at Northwest Hwy

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