Zinke Schedules Richmond Fundraiser

Zinke looking left smiling tightIt’s on Tuesday, January 14th, from 5-7 and will be held at Piasano’s in Richmond on Broadway Italian Steakhouse.

Chairing the event is Sheriff Keith Nygren.  Listed on the Host Committee are State Senator Pam Althoff, State Rep. Mike Tryon, State Rep. Barb Wheeler, Vince Foglia, Chuck Ruth, Retired Des Plaines Police Chief Jim Ryan and Gary Rabine.

The invitation for the $50 event is below.  It includes a solicitation to be on Andy Zinke’s Host Committee.

Zinke fund raising invitation 1-14-14


Zinke Schedules Richmond Fundraiser — 6 Comments

  1. Unless the people of McHenry County want to see the Nygren and Zinke Circus first hand, its not worth it.

    He won’t be answering any of the serious questions like that finger act, the f bomb , the Rita Corporation fiasco, and the fact that he shut down Cals blog with false allegations of stalking.

    The list goes on and on. Chances are they will have a baby there and Andy will suddenly become preoccupied with the baby when difficult questions are asked.

  2. Hey Cal, change your calendar. There’s no “Saturday, January 14th” in 2014. There was Saturday the 14th last month 🙂

    Seeing the Andy Zinke people have the retired city of Des Plaines police chief on their host committee is a ‘tipping of the hand’ to how the Zinke people are going to attempt to discredit Bill Prim’s law enforcement credentials.

    Hopefully, the Prim campaign is prepared for this.

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