Internal Memo from Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren about Greg Pyle’s Original Arrest Revealed

Someone is sending me anonymous letters with bits on information on the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

One, for instance, said that Undersheriff Andy Zinke was bitten by his dog when he was a K-9 officer.  I filed a Freedom of Information request for any documents relating to that possibility, but none were found by office personnel.

This week (might have been yesterday or today, because no one ventured out for the mail on Monday), a highlighted copy of a confidential memo sent to Department personnel arrived.

The email from Andy Zinke concerning the arrest of Sgt. Greg Pyle for

The email from Andy Zinke concerning the arrest of Sgt. Greg Pyle for “multiple charges of predatory criminal sexual assault.”

The charges for which this January, 2012, arrest was made have not yet been tried in McHenry County Circuit Court.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi say they will be.


Internal Memo from Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren about Greg Pyle’s Original Arrest Revealed — 19 Comments

  1. Sounds like something Zinke might do at this time!

    Maybe he received some fatherly advice from someone other than Nygren . . . I

    would venture to say, Zinke would not be following General Orders.

    It will be real interesting to see how he tries to clean up his conduct, or I should say the NEW IMAGE before the March Primary.

  2. This confidential memo once again proves that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke shows excellent leadership.

    We all should be honored that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke will hold the highest office of authority in our county.

  3. What is REALLY INTERESTING – what Andy said to the deputies at roll call.

    “He is innocent until proven guilty. Remember who your friends are.”

    This memo is what Nygren dictated for him to say.


  4. Fukoku, read the first line: “Confidential – Please Disseminate To To Our Department Staff – ONLY”.

    If you have any trouble, read it out loud, slowly. Read each word, slowly. Or go back to the top of the Memo and reach each word – slowly.

    Who first reported Pyle’s deviant behavior to law enforcement?

    What agency took the initial report? For how long had the reporting person known about this deviant behavior?

    The Charge Date is 9/11/2006.

    What happened on January 6, 2012, that sparked an investigation that took only one day to result in charges of ten felonies that had occurred more than five years earlier?

  5. Nothing would surprise me, information is leaked from the Nygren/Zinke regime and claim someone else leaked it.

    Like I said earlier, this memo being leaked could of come from that regime.

    Very interesting political move, mabe to clean up the image of Zinke.

    Keep asking questions Gus!!!

  6. I am just wondering, what are all you going to do after Undersheriff Andrew Zinke wins and Bill Who is blown out of his shoes?

  7. “blown out of his shoes”

    Now really, Fukoku you are the only one that can see that…

    Take your meds.

    Boy, you and those illusions..…

  8. You know what would be interesting?

    If we could compare this letter with the letters put out by Nygren and Zinke when Seipler and Millman were put on leave.

    I bet their letters did not use their first names, “Bond was posted and Greg…”.

    I bet the word “friend” was not used. I bet the word “allegation” was not used.

    I bet Seipler and Millman are looking at this letter and salivating over the comparisons that can be made in Federal Court.

    Seems the pedophile was given every benefit of the doubt.

    Yeah, that Zinke and Nygren are two classy fellows that are going to get destroyed in Federal Court solely on this softball innocent till proven guilty pedophile letter.

    24 jurors are going to hear Zinke and Nygren try to explain why Pyle was given every courtesy.

  9. Did you notice that Nygren sent the e-mail to the civil lawyers too.

    John Kelley and Jim Sotos.

    Too funny.

    Both lawyers are fighting Millman and Seipler.

  10. This looks suspicious to me.

    Why are the blind copies shown?

    Makes me question the leak, is it bogus or was this disclosed?

    Did someone in I.T help out?

  11. Good catch Glenn!

    That’s a pretty good indicator this is the authors copy, those would never appear on a recipients copy.

  12. Busted!

    The only one that had a copy with the recipients listed in Bcc. (blind copy ) is the sender.

    Attaboy Glenn. Why did we all miss that.

    Nygren and Zinke are not smart enough to even leak something without being stupid!


  13. The second post (1/7/14 @6:14pm ) tells it all.

    Kim wants people to think hubby is doing his duty and defends her man.

    Now we know why it was mysteriously leaked.

  14. Good comments, I think you are all correct.

    Glenn, I do have a question for you, does your last name start with G?

    If that is the case, you will try to out Zinke and go for Jim . . . what is it you want to hide?

  15. Interesting the from is Zinke and then it is sent to Zinke twice.

    Could this have been sent by someone using Zinke as the from?


    This email appears to have been originated on a publicly owned device.

    I wonder what the email retention policy was at the time for McHenry County.

    Also, interesting that other names are listed two times which indicates the email was sent to a County owned email address and personal email address.

    If the email was sent to a personal email address does that make the computer(s) used to open those personal emails subject to a subpoena if the person is a County employee or an elected official such as Koehler or Provenzano?

  16. Mrs Pyle, I do believe that Stinky Zinke and the Walrus would be in a world of hurt if you pursue your legal actions against McHenry County Sheriffs Office, The County of McHenry, Sheriff Nygren, Keith Nygren, Under Sheriff Zinke, Andrew Zinke, and others.

    The court held that a law enforcement department must take reasonable precautions to hire and or retain officers who are psychologically fit for duty.

    The doctrine of official immunity may not be invoked to protect an agency from allegations of vicarious liability, including negligent retention.

    ” Courts have also held that an agency may be responsible for its officer’s violent behavior if it knew or should have known that the officer was so inclined. ..

    Just ask Commander John Miller.

    He knows all about it.

  17. Thanks, “The facts”, I pass that on to Mrs. Pyle…although I am sure she is way ahead of this game of whodunit!

    As for this memo….anyone catch that it is signed by Nygren, but from Zinke??????

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