Zane Seipler Says Greg Pyle Used an Email Address in FBI Affidavit for Harrassment

Zane Seipler

Zane Seipler

Greg Pyle

Greg Pyle

From a comment under the article about the FBI Agent’s affidavit that lead the McHenry County Sheriff Sergeant Greg Pyle’s arrest:

That is one of the e-mails that Pyle used to send me threats and meaningless rantings when he was using his other persona, Sir Pumkin Longshanks.

Perhaps he could have been identified sooner if his bosses would have cared about his sexually deviant blog and his homicidal rants.

Other articles about the plea agreement are here:
The actual plea agreement
Story about the court proceedings


Zane Seipler Says Greg Pyle Used an Email Address in FBI Affidavit for Harrassment — 23 Comments

  1. I have heard ducks release intestinal gases through the anus in the pond before.

  2. Birds fly in flocks, one down, does not stop the flock . . . those birds will continue, until hunting season starts for their species.

    Hunting season began and Pyle was downed . . . how many more are there????

  3. Fukoku, if you did not understand my comment . . . ducks are in the bird family, if you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, you are probably a duck.

    Now tell us how many of you are left!

  4. “Fukoku” You are the real nut head…

    Don’t you have some antique shopping or something more productive to do?

    Go ahead keep typing you do nothing to help the Zinke camp.

  5. Duncan, I will continue with the birds of a feather theme, we are talking about a bird brain here . . . they only know how to fly the coupe.

  6. Why would you want to know if Pyle has the use of a computer while in jail FYI?

    Do you have some sick relationship with Pyle?

  7. fuk – Wondered if you were him.

    I think you would know better about “sick relationships”

  8. Nice try FYI, but everyone knows I am not Pyle, including you.

    You were just trying to reach out and get in “touch” with your buddy Pyle.

  9. Pyle’s buddy – that would be Zinke.

    Did not want to hear any bad things against Pyle when people tried.

    Got “golden” treatment from Zinke when he bonded out.

    People do not forget.

  10. Duncan, you are right again, I don’t need to help Undersheriff Andrew Zinke to become elected as our next Sheriff of McHenry County.

    We will just let the candidate’s education speak for themselves.

    Oops, I forgot, Bill Who has NO education.

    I guess we will just have to let the endorsements speak for them.

    Oops again, Bill Who only has one endorsement in this county from Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi.

    Bill Who stated three times when he was asked if he would run for Sheriff and said absolutely NO.

    It looks like Bill Who will be getting his wish NOT to become our next elected Sheriff.

  11. “Fukoku” We all know Andy Zinke has a meaningless degree that he doesn’t even know how to apply to everyday life. He has proven that in the way he has crucified his own campaign..

    Have to hand it to you Fukoku you have done a great job helping to destroy his chances for election…

    Now get along and go finish your book “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

  12. FYI, I cannot contest how Undersheriff Andrew Zinke treated Pyle because I was not there.

    However, I don’t hear Undersheriff Andrew Zinke trying to get in “touch” with Pyle, as you are trying to do so.

    Therefore, my conclusion is that Pyle was your buddy, NOT Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s buddy.

    FYI, it’s obvious that you talk without thinking.

    I think it is best that we don’t continue this conversation, you might be compromising yourself.

  13. That book “Political Campaigning for Dummies” has already been written and Bill Who has been using it.

    Unfortunately this book has not helped Bill Who because he does not have the education to understand the concept, and it shows.

  14. “Fukoku” Andy has trained you well.

    Every time you and Andy are guilty of something you are busy pointing your finger at everyone else..

    GROW UP!

  15. Fuky nut job, you think Andy is so educated with his mail order degree from the Challenger learning center.

    What did that cost him $19.95 plus the cost of crayons.

    I bet he’s working on his Phd from Legoland now.

    For all those BS degrees he sure is incompetent.

    Pyle was college educated also, apparently in photography.

    Why doesn’t Andy bring all his education and come debate Prim.

    He won’t be able to answer the hard questions about Rita, the jail losing money, why he paid Pyle after his arrest, the Pavlin incident, to name a few. He will crumble like the self serving little bitch that he is.

  16. I can assure RegimeOver that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke will debate Bill Who.

    Undersheriff Andrew Zinke is a great leader to lead this highest office of authority in the county and will NOT run away from these false allegations of his involvement in Rita Corp.

    I promise you that he will hit these false allegations head-on.

  17. Think you guys are all wrong about fuk.

    Initials are Bh or DL

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