Animal Farm at the Sheriff’s Department

Former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler continues to deliver interesting nuggets at his web site called McHenry County Sheriff’s Race 2014.

The masthead of Zane Seipler's current blog.

The masthead of Zane Seipler’s current blog.  Click to enlarge.

The most recent post has an Animal Farm echo.

Although not naming the Corrections Office in question, Seipler tells about how the person learned of a raid on a tavern conducting illegal gambling and called to warn the establishment. He uses a photo of a video poker (slot) machined to illustrate the illegal activity.

Somehow the tip was discovered by administrators and the person lost his or her job.

Seipler then reproduces the affidavit of Sheriff’s Deputy John Koziol, which you can read here in the story entitled,

Andy Zinke Said to Have Spilled Beans to Local DEA Suspect, a Big Contributor to Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren

Koziol asked for a Special Prosecutor, but was turned down.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianhci looked at the situation and concluded that what Zinke did may have been wrong, but he did not break any criminal laws.

The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Against that background Seipler pints out the obvious difference in treatment of the “2010 Andrew Zinke tip…off the owner of Rita Corporation regarding a DEA investigation into the delivery of 30 tons of narcotics” and the firing of the Corrections Officer.

With tongue fully in check, Seipler asks, “Guess what happened to Zinke?”

Next comes my infamous photo of Zinke’s gesture at Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade and this:

“The Sheriff endorsed him as his replacement for the 2014 elections.”

Seipler is a candidate for one of two Republican nominations for the McHenry County Board in District 5.  Incumbents are Republican John Jung, supporting Zinke for Sheriff over Bill Prim, and Democrat Paula Yensen.


Animal Farm at the Sheriff’s Department — 23 Comments

  1. Anyone running for office in McHenry County and publicly or even privately endorsing Zinke will pay the price during the election. Zinke must be held accountable for his actions while in the employ of Nygren.

  2. Knowledge voter( I doubt that); you vote for whichever idiot you want, and the rest of the smart people will vote for the best obvious next sheriff, Andy Zinke

  3. I guess the ” smart people” believe illegal immigration is ok….Hmmmm

  4. @”knowledgevoter” – Everyone except Bianchi are endorsing Zinke.

    Every local police chief has endorsed him.

    Almost all board members are supporting him.

    Nearly every sheriff around is endorsing Zinke with the exception of Lake County’s Sheriff who gave Mr. Pension Prim a part time security job.

    Even Nygren is supporting Zinke despite Andy supporting an opponent of his in the past.

    So if “everyone who is supporting Zinke” publicly or privately will be feeling the price for their politics, well, the way the wind is blowing that looks to be good for Andy!

    Keep on your Gish Gallop though!

    A lie doesn’t become the truth no matter how many times you say it.

  5. please; where, in this post of Cal’s, did you see anything about illegal immigration?

    Here we have a story, supplied by a fired employee, against his former employers, real in his mind only (so far), and Cal runs with it like it was fully the truth and a PROVEN violation of the law!

    Even Bianchi, who is backing Prim, doesn’t think so, nor does the FBI, DEA, AG, or ANY OTHER creditable source, but Zane,Dum Dum McHenry, Gus, and a few others say it’s true, damn the facts and investigation of any of the above agencies.

    Kool Aide drinkers, you all are

  6. Not breaking any “criminal law” does not mean a person is wise or smart enough to hold the job of sheriff.

    Someone who is a great guy or backed by someone with name recognition should not be used to determine who to vote for.

  7. You hit the nail dead on the head AZsupporter.

    Also I would like to add, if everyone of importance that is supporting Undersheriff Andrew Zinke was exterminated, there would be no one left, but Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi.

  8. Fuky nut job, you state “everyone of importance” .

    WTF does that mean ?

    Because some douche thinks he is important because he is police chief of a little village or a county board member, we should follow their lead and support Andy the clown.

    Don’t think so.

    The smart people can see through all Andy’s BS press releases.

    Andy admitted to telling RITA about the investigation.

    Maybe there is no law for blowing a federal drug investigation.

    I would think official misconduct would apply.

    The MCSO fired another employee for doing the same thing on a much smaller investigation.

    There always seems to be a double standard for conduct when you are one of “the boys”.

    I use the term “the boys” for the Nygren suck holes. Follow dear leader and you can play by a different set of rules.

    That is the problem with the MSCO and its leaders, they think they are above everyone else.

  9. Anonymous; Unless and until you can prove that you are involved in any phase or form of Law Enforcement, you couldn’t tell wrong vs right behavior when it comes to how or why a law enforcement official does what he/she does, or does not do, in any investigation.

    The cry babies are trying to show that Zinke did something wrong in regards to Rita.

    The department, and any one else with any law enforcement knowledge (i.e DEA, FBI, AG, etc)has found that he didn’t do anything wrong, and as far as the department “general rules”, he did nothing wrong either.

    Get over it-there’s nothing there

  10. I do not know it came from a fired employee. I do not know who sent the email copy to me.

  11. You are definitely not one of those smart people that you are babbling about RegimeOver, because you simply don’t get it.

    It is so obvious that you are a “nobody” that has resentment towards anyone person that had made something of themselves.

  12. “AZsupporter” and “Fukoku”

    Are nothing but two high level con artists twisting the facts, in defense of Andy Zinke, Keith Nygren and the Regime.

    Believe me, they will have no problem finishing that famous book of theirs “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

    Hey “AZ”, why don’t you tell the people how many times you broke into homes without a warrant?

    The most famous case of all, the Pavlins..

    Yep, they broke into my home without a warrant because they were looking for someone who did not even live with me.

    The Sheriffs officers broke the front door, until it was split in half throughout the middle seam on the side of the door and then they charged in..

    They stayed and terrorized us, even though they were asked repeatedly to leave..

    When they found out there was a security system and they were being video taped, the officers literally ran out the door..

    When Nygren found out his officers put on a really good performance for the camera, he was mortified.

    Wake up Mchenry County, don’t think for a minute that was the only or last performance from the McHenry County Sheriffs office.

    There are many more similar incidents.

    Apparently, Nygren and Company do not believe in the Constitution or maybe they just need to go back to school to learn what the Constitution means.

    We the people, are protected by illegal search and seizures from everyone including officers who do not follow the law.

    Though, we should keep in mind that those incidents should be viewed with the proper perspective, as there are many officers who do not agree with illegal search and seizures, and they do not believe in violating the rights of others or the Consitution for which all of us are protected by…

    Let’s just say Nygren has some very committed officers, like those they call the “Posse” Time to clean up the Sheriffs Department and vote for Bill Prim..

  13. Cal, you list and post the addy to Zane’s web site including the “mast head” which has the story you ran .

    How you got it is irrelevant ; that you ran it,is .

    The fired employee is Zane; I didn’t mean who the corrections officer was.

    Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough .

  14. Fuky nut job, who has made something of themselves?


    What has he ever done ?

    Kneel and swallow?

    AssSupporter, The general orders that Andy violated were posted by someone in previous comments to previous articles.

    It is clear and obvious.

    The states attorney, DEA, FBI, CIA, KGB, ATF, and AARP don’t care about general order violations.

    It is up to Nygren. He will not discipline his chosen suck-cessor, that would ruin his election chances.

    Having Nygren and his little troll Leist investigate Andy is like having Pyle investigate child pornography.

  15. Andrew Zinke being caught on camera flipping off the local blogger during the July 4th, 2013 Crystal Lake 4th of July parade is one of the all-time political blunders in McHenry County history.

    Especially since Zinke was in uniform, representing the county in an official capacity, driving a McHenry County Sheriff SUV.

  16. Duncan, you must have received a large settlement against the Sheriffs Department when they entered your home without a warrant and terrorized you and your family, especially with all this captured on camera from your security system.

    I am surprised that I haven’t read about this large settlement in the newspapers.

  17. From what I have watched in McHenry County, if you have a case against the County Sheriff’s Dept., you can not use a County Attorney, they will not go up against the Regime . . .

    you have to have money to get an outside Attorney. . .

    this does sound like a Greylord situation, I sure hope some one is looking into this corruption in McHenry County.

  18. Response to Fair Play and who supports Zinke:

    Thank you for the list of people who are a part of the problem with the Sheriff’s Dept.

    It is beyond any common sense logic that ANYONE can support Zinke after his phone call to Rita.

    Insofar as the Rita phone call not being a criminal act, neither apparently is it a criminal act for the guy in our White House to file his income tax with a social security number issued in Connecticut – do not even try to justify this by stating social security numbers are not issued based on place of birth or port of entry because that is a recent change which was not in effect when the guy in the White House states he was born in Hawaii.

    A vote for Zinke is a vote for the continuation down the path of being ruled by zealots, tyrants and petty despots.

    Hopefully soon someone who has tried to get a contract with the Sheriff’s Dept. and been told to “pony” up with campaign money will do the right thing.

  19. You Prim supporters are getting more desperate in your gutter politics every day.

    I get your guy has the Cook County experience but the Obama like campaign of petty personal attacks over substance may not be going as well outside your echo chamber as you have convinced yourselves of.

  20. @KnowledgeVoter “A vote for Zinke is a vote for the continuation down the path of being ruled by zealots, tyrants and petty despots.”

    I choose not to respond to your vitriolic, and otherwise offbase attack.

    I choose to support the guy that did his time in the department and started working as a Sheriff at 18.

    I choose to support the guy that has young kids in the area and a vested interest in its future.

    I choose to support the guy that doesn’t associate himself with bloggers that continue to perpetuate lies and allow their readership to be led down a path of spin and utter ox dung.

    I choose the guy that has support from all other sheriff’s around the area and local police chiefs and most county board members.

    I choose Zinke.

    So keep on Gish Galloping.

    A lie doesn’t become the truth no matter how many time you say it.

  21. “Fair Play”

    The only people that have spun lies about Zinke are people like you from the Zinke Camp.

    Nygren and ZInke have done many, many, wrong and unethical things.

    The tax payers don’t know the half of it.

    Zinke has nothing to offer but the same old Regime….

    The man is dumber that a box of rocks…

    I choose BIll Prim……..

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