Delay Allowed in Milliman Suit Depositions Due to Difficulty of Producing Documents by the McHenry CountySheriff’s Department

Fired Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman was in Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney’s Rockford courtroom Wednesday in his wrongful termination suit.

Milliman was fired for not telling the truth in a deposition for former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s case of wrongful termination.

Keith Nygren and Scott Milliman

Keith Nygren and Scott Milliman

Milliman explained that he testified in a deposition in Seipler’s wrongful termination suit on November 23, 2010, about

  • Excessive force used by McHenry County Deputy Sheriffs
  • Retaliation suffered by Milliman and other deputy sheriffs for reporting unlawful conduct of other deputy sheriffs
  • Allegations that Nygren was directly involved in ticket fixing in McHenry County
  • Nygren’s acceptance of bribes intended to influence his actions as Sheriff
  • Nygren’s involvement in a scheme to fraudulently procure SBA loans for individuals and share in the proceeds of the loans knowing that the loans were going to default
  • Milliman’s cooperation with the FBI investigation into corruption in McHenry County
  • Evidence of racial profiling by McHenry County Deputy Sheriffs
  • General corruption within the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

Today both Sheriff Keith Nygren’s, Andy Zinke’s, et al’s, attorney Amy P. Engerman with the James Sotos law firm and Thomas Crooks, Milliman’s attorney, agreed to delay the date by which depositions would have to be completed.

The Sheriff’s Department is having trouble fulfilling the request for documents that have been request.

A hearing will be held to assess progress just one week before the March 18th primary election.

No depositions have been taken yet.


Delay Allowed in Milliman Suit Depositions Due to Difficulty of Producing Documents by the McHenry CountySheriff’s Department — 25 Comments

  1. Everyone in McHenry County should be listening to the information that is disclosed as a result of the Scott Milliman legal proceedings…

    The information will send “Shock Waves’ through our community and beyond..

    Yep, there has been a real life “Greylord” operating in McHenry County for years.

    My family and I became aware of corruption in 1994 when an attorney asked us to pay off a judge in exchange for custody… We were faced with an additional case, 7 years later, in which the participants tried to fix a custody case and were caught…

    An FBI agent, was talking to me before, during, and after the trial…

    We can only hope, that justice will prevail for those people who lost their lives, their life savings, there homes, their jobs and more.

    There are people who live without their families everyday because of corruption in McHenry County.

    This is the real deal folks.

    And, everyone should be applauding Scott Millimans efforts to reveal the truth about the Regime and all of their participants…..

    If you want change in our County Government, everyone needs to get out and vote in the March Primaries for Bill Prim.

    It is the people of McHenry County that have the power take back their government.

  2. Re: “The Sheriff’s Department is having trouble fulfilling the request for documents that have been request.”

    What? They can’t find them?

    The dog ate them?

    Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town…..

    Enough already there is either something going on or there isn’t.

    Everyone pull up your big girl drawers and take responsibility already.

    This is like a giant boil waiting to explode.

    I don’t care if it’s the FBI, the CIA, etc. do what’s right.

  3. Don’t get your hopes up like you all did in Pyle’s plea deal agreement.

    All of you misfits claimed that it would deliver a deadly death punch to Undersheriff Andrew Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    All of your excitement and babbling made all of you misfits look like idiots.

  4. Fukoku, SHAME ON YOU!

    Your comments this morning are full of shame and guilt, could be why you defend the Sheriff’s Regime to this degree.

    I will guess your Mother and Father, did not teach you right from wrong, maybe their goal was to make you a princess, whether you are a he or she does not matter, your goal is for attention.

  5. 2001 you were talking with the FBI filling them in on all your thoughts on corruption in the sheriff’s department?

    Impressive, I guess in your own little space between your ears, but the “B” must not gave been too concerned with your paranoia, since nothing has come of it in the past 13 years.

    Probably they’re just as impressed with what Mr . Milliman had to say too; wait, they disregarded his complaints too.


  6. “AZ’

    Like I said you are nothing but a high level con artist working for Andy Zinke…Who said the FBI never did anything with the information you?

    Greylord took over 10 years to resolve.

    That investigation was easier as the Judges, Lawyers, Police Officers made their deals in plain sight.

    They didn’t care who witnessed their crimes, because they never thought they would go to jail or face any consequences for their actions.

    Criminals just get better and more refined at committing their crimes.

    You should know that “AZ” You probably never thought you would get caught….

    Can’t wait until they slam those prison doors shut…

  7. The Tin Foil hat crowd is out in full force today.

    Just because you complain to someone about the voices in your head are saying does not mean they are real.

  8. More ranting from people who can’t read.

    POS Pyle plead guilty.

    As far as I’m concerned he can rot in prison for as long as the other people there allow him to keep breathing.

  9. “rightbackatyou” Yes they are friends. Andy has assigned specific individuals to monitor the blogs.. He is trying to protect his image of which he does not have and has never had… He has done nothing but crucify his campaign with the help of people like, “AZ” “FUK, and “aretheyserious” They are trying to invalidate everyones comments as a way of doing damage control for the Zinke camp… However, they have done nothing but help destroy the Zinke campaign and have validated even further that Bill Prim should be our next McHenry County Sheriff.. They have a book coming out “Political Campaigning for Dummies” It’s going to be an awesome read… In their spare time, they are busy watching “Lets Make a Deal” and “They Price is Right” in Judge Gordon Grahams chambers. If your’e not careful, they might ask you to “Come on Down” and watch the games. It will be much more fun to watch that door on the Federal Jail cell to slam shut…. It will be the shock of their life time. PITY…. Don’t feel sorry for any of them, as I can only think of all the people that have suffered and lost so much, because of corruption in Mchenry County..

  10. AZsupporter, aretheyserious, and I do not know each other personally.

    However, we do share the same intelligence level on logic and we are able to view issues without being clouded by antipathy.

    We also share superiority in the ability to understand everyday common sense and we know when someone is attempting to mislead us with deceptive lies.

  11. Fuk; nailed it again. Can’t have a battle of wits with unarmed people

  12. “Fukoku” Still living in that imaginary world, you are.. Go take your meds Kim. You need something to stop that delusional, Illusional thinking of yours. Please no more knife incidents. Thats the problem “Fukoku’ the attitude of superiority and arrogance has lead people like you, to think that the laws don’t apply. What you don’t realize is that your “ARROGANCE” is a symptom of a much larger issue within yourself… Now go finish your book “Political Campaigning for Dummies” You are an expert on the subject..

  13. fukoku, your comment at 11:13, sounds like it is coming from the Royal Family, well do you know how they kept that family royal, incest. If that is the problem we have with the Sheriff’s Office, then Pyle thought his behavior was normal. Some years ago a study came out saying people would be more intelligent, I would say more stupid. There is a right and wrong, sorry you were educated in that way, you are not Royal.

  14. Fukoku Kyohei, you are actually on here still? I thought that we rendered your comments as impotent. Did you forget about the slanderous comments that you made about me? I had not forgotten about you or them.

    TO ALL,

    Let’s put in context the value of what Fukoku says. Fukoku feels that they can say anything because they don’t have to back it up or that no one can hold them to it. Fukoku lacks moral character and speaks fluently in corrupted talking points; much like Andrew Zinke, which Fukoku is an avid supporter. Instead of responding to Fokuku’s comments and given them credence; direct the individual that hides behind an alias to address comments that they had already made.

    FUKOKU said: You are not kidding AZsupporter, back to that book again and again. This was not a mob-related mafia hit, but simply a killing by an angry jealous ex-husband. Paul Scharff is nothing more than a Mafia groupie trying to sell a fictional book by twisting the facts. I could shoot holes in this book in my sleep.

    I have on numerous occasions asked Fukoku to provide validity to the comments of a “fictional book” and “twisted facts.” Apparently so confident that Fukoku could do this in their sleep. Much like Andrew Zinke, Fukoku commits to a debate but fails to show up. A known coward does not deserve the attention that you give them when you respond to their comments. This is how we hold people ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and their words, something that Fukoku and the people they support know nothing about. Next time Fukoku makes a comment, follow up with asking if Fukoku is going to respond to their comments about Paul Scharff and his book. If we do, it will remind Fukoku and others that the comments from Fukoku holds no value and you won’t get ahead by making baseless conversation.

    AT FUKOKU, Quit being such a coward and back yourself up. You are PATHETIC to let me rail on you like this. As an individual, you are one with nothing really to say but you represent Andrew Zinke consistently with the way that he represents himself. You are both are cowards that lie, outmatched by your opponents, and contain not substance when challenged. I will see you again, when I feel like running you.

  15. Easy Paul; your Dad would not be proud,at least not the man I knew back then

  16. “AZ” You have no credibility….. Can’t wait until those unmarked vehicles show up.. It’s just a matter of time… Just think, you and Pyle were traveling buddies and now you will soon be cell buddies….. In fact, you two were made for each other…… WOW now that says it all. Whatsa matter “AZ” the boys choir got boring and then you moved onto other things? Hope they break your door when they come to get you. The plot will continue to thicken. To be seen at a McHenry County theaters near you..

  17. Scharff, let me first address your claim that you are a victim that has been slandered.

    You may have been the co-writer of this fictional book, but I am the owner of this fictional book that I have purchased and paid YOU money for this purchase. Therefore, I have the legal right to give my review of this unconvincing fictional book, positive or negative.

    As for posting my free legal right as owner of this unconvincing fictional book on this blog, you opened the door for my review when you hired Duncan McHenry to promote the sales of this unconvincing fictional book on this blog for Profit!

    It is my responsibility to express my opinion to my fellow bloggers to spare them the hardship of wasting their hard earned money as I did on this unconvincing fictional book.

    So don’t play the poor victim card with me Scharff!

    Also, the only person here that has the right to cry out slander is Undersheriff Andrew Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren for your lies against them. Of course if they did, you and so many like you will defend yourselves claiming free speech.

  18. Dum Dum, you’re wasting your time trying to bash me- many better at it than you gave failed too. Slamming your thinking is too easy………. Bye Bye Dum Dum

  19. Cal Skinner wrote (above): “Milliman was fired for not telling the truth in a deposition for former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s case of wrongful termination.”

    I think I’d say it differently. I’d say, “Milliman was fired FOR telling the truth in a deposition for former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s case of wrongful termination.”

    In a deposition you are sworn to tell the truth. If you don’t tell the truth, that’s perjury. Perjury is a punishable crime. Milliman has not been charged with perjury. Therefore, Nygren must actually believe that Milliman DID tell the truth.

  20. Circle thinking ,I believe there Gus. I agree that he should have been charged.

    Sheriff didn’t take the deposition in this county, did he?

    Whichever county it was taken in, and by whichever legal authority took it, had that ability to charge him.

    Nygren terminated him for whatever general rule he broke within the department .

  21. Have you seen the list of person(s) named to have depositions taken against them in the Deputy Milliman wrongful termination law suit ?

    I can guarantee you that I would not want to be served a subpoena to attend this, especially since MCSO suddenly is having problems locating their documents ?

    Milliman spoke the truth.

    Will the list of Deponents do the same or will they commit Federal Perjury ?..

    Just asking.

  22. Where is that Mafia groupie?

    You called me out and I responded.

    Well, its obvious that the Mafia groupie is fearful to debate me because he is out matched, outwitted, and the truth of his unconvincing fictional book is now revealed.

    Just another coward with a loud mouth.

    You had you chance groupie.

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