Biacnchi Statement on McQueen

Lou Bianchi

Lou Bianchi

The following was handed out in Rockford by McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.  It must have been prepared prior to Judge Joseph McGraw’s rendering his scathing criticism of McHenry County Special Prosecutor Thomas McQueen.

When I was in Law School our ethics class studied Dante’s classic, “Inferno”.

The ninth and deepest circle was reserved for betrayers who misused and maligned our system of justice.

Such was the case of the misguided prosecution pursued by Thomas McQueen

The Power of the Prosecutor is virtually unlimited.

He has power and authority to advance or dismiss any prosecution and in capital cases, he literally has the power of life and death in his hands.

Special Prosecutors are entrusted with the same power as County Prosecutors:

  • They have the same ethical responsibility to seek the truth before they Charge/Indict.
  • They must comply with the orders of the Court.
  • They must turn over any and all evidence that can be used by the Defendant to prove his innocence. This is an obligation; not a choice.

Rather than seek the truth, Thomas McQueen chose to follow “his marching orders” and charge four innocent people.

By withholding evidence, altering reports and using faulty evidence to procure an indictment, he flagrantly disregarded our legal process.

In so doing, he put a knife though the foundation and heart of our system of justice.

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s office understands its role to insure that that everyone is treated equally, impartially and equitably. Each and every Assistant State’s is committed to DO JUSTICE: making sure that the system if fair to all, always doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time, for the Right Reasons.


Biacnchi Statement on McQueen — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Lou Bianchi for pursuing justice, despite the upward battle you and others have had to endure….

    No one can do this alone and it will take everyone in McHenry County to overcome corruption in our community…

    Instead of, succumbing to this terrible injustice imposed on you and others, you held your head high and the choice was made to stand up and fight for the truth.

  2. This sucks

    Judge graham crackers appointed these 2 clowns to follow marching orders from the good ol boys And take down Lou Bianchi.

    They got caught.

    Judge graham crackers should step down!

    He picked his fishing buddys to do this and they got CAUGHT!

    Lying To hurt a good man and his staff.

    We need to remove IDIOTS that work from the bench.

    He cost Mchenry County thousand of dollars, And nothing happens to him.

    And he makes $100000+ a year.

    This is Bull shit, He needs to go!!!

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