Four Sheriff Deputies Identified as Material Witnesses in Scott Milliman Case Hire Robert Hanlon as Independent Counsel

Scott Millliman

Scott Millliman

Both Zane Seipler’s blog and Gus Philpott’s Woodstock Advocate have articles that deserve to be read with regard to the taking of depositions in fired McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Milliman’s wrongful termination suit in Federal Court.

Let me point you to these two articles in Seipler’s blog entitled,

Also look at these Gus Philpott articles on Woodstock Advocate::

Robert Hanlon

Robert Hanlon

Both blogs have been exploring what could happen to McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputies who have been called as witnesses in fired Deputy Scott Milliman’s Federal wrongful termination case.

Now four of about thirty deputies (source: Woodstock Advocate) have retained attorney Robert Hanlon to represent them in the case.

McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Bob Schlenkert

McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Bob Schlenkert

Hanlon has filed an

appearance for material witnesses for

  • Timothy Matteson
  • Gerald T Bodden
  • Robert W Schlenkert
  • John Koziol

Milliman was fired after giving a deposition in fired Deputy Zane Seipler’s case alleging

  • Keith Nygren

    Keith Nygren

    Excessive force used by McHenry County Deputy Sheriffs

  • Retaliation suffered by Milliman and other deputy sheriffs for reporting unlawful conduct of other deputy sheriffs
  • Allegations that Nygren was directly involved in ticket fixing in McHenry County
  • Nygren’s acceptance of bribes intended to influence his actions as Sheriff
  • Nygren’s involvement in a scheme to fraudulently procure SBA loans for individuals and share in the proceeds of the loans knowing that the loans were going to default
  • Milliman’s cooperation with the FBI investigation into corruption in McHenry County
  • Evidence of racial profiling by McHenry County Deputy Sheriffs
  • General corruption within the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

Full details of the Milliman dismissal, including the role of Undersheriff Andy Zinke, can be found here.

John Koziol caused an uproar when he filed suit asking for a Special Prosecutor to probe Zinke.  See


Four Sheriff Deputies Identified as Material Witnesses in Scott Milliman Case Hire Robert Hanlon as Independent Counsel — 4 Comments

  1. The Sheriffs Officers, should be filing a complaint with the Federal Department of Human Rights.

    The FDHR acts as their own investigative agency, which means that they can travel all over the State of Illinois to interview complainants and witnesses.

    They have the time and money to investigate that the Attorneys’ would not have.

    The FDHR would then provide their findings to the Attorneys for those officers.

  2. Matteson and Koziol have a conflict of interest issue that should be addressed before sitting down with Leist.

    Leist was once their attorney, representing them in the David Maxson shooting civil case.

    That case is still pending from what I understand and Leist was once the attorney of record for those involved.

  3. The interviews are now optional for the deputies who have received notice.

    I guess they forgot to mention that before the deputies became proactive.

    Nygren is losing his bully power.

    Someone should check and see if any other lawyers have filed appearances in the Millman case.

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