David McSweeney Gives Back 10% of Salary & Office Expense Allowance

A press release from St0ate Rep. David McSweeney:

McSweeney Follows Through on Pledges

Freshman lawmaker honors commitment to cut salary and office budget

CARY – Fresh off his first year in the Illinois General Assembly, State Representative David McSweeney (R-Cary) honored two more campaign pledges this week by cutting his salary and district office budgets by 10%.

David McSweeney.

David McSweeney.

“I have consistently stated my belief that the State of Illinois can operate more efficiently and I want to set an example,” said McSweeney.

“Given our precarious financial situation, I believe government should always be looking inward at saving taxpayer dollars.

“During these tough economic times, families have to tighten their belts and government should do the same.”

An Illinois Representative’s salary and district office allotment are around $68,000 and $69,000 respectively.

With McSweeney’s salary reimbursement action this week, both will be reduced to 90% of those initial figures for calendar year 2013 with the salary figure adjusted for taxes paid.

McSweeney also plans to cut his calendar year 2014 salary and office budget by 10%.

These reductions come in addition to his initial action opting out of the State’s General Assembly Retirement Pension System.

“Government leaders must lead by example and that’s what I am doing,” added McSweeney.

“We must remain focused on stabilizing our State’s finances and creating good paying jobs, but to do that our fiscal house must be in order.

In addition to cutting his salary, office budget and rejecting his pension, McSweeney also upheld his commitment to file legislation on his first day in office aimed at repealing the 67% tax increase.

During the upcoming session, he’s also firmly committed to fighting the recent push to implement a progressive tax increase which has the potential to extract billions from Illinois’ ailing economy and grind economic development and job growth to a halt.

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