Obama Does for Pot What Clinton Did for Oral Sex

Today’s Chicago Sun-Times has an article entitled,

Obama:  Pot no more dangerous than alcohol

From "Just say, 'No,'" in the Reagan Administration to Smoke 'em, if you've got 'em.  Ah, societal progress.

From “Just say, ‘No,'” in the Reagan Administration to “Smoke ’em, if you’ve got ’em.” Ah, societal progress.

When I saw it, it occurred to me that publicity about the President’s view will probably be as influential as Bill Clinton’s popularization of oral sex among teens.

“I didn’t have sex with that woman” was the quote, right?


Obama Does for Pot What Clinton Did for Oral Sex — 4 Comments

  1. Without Law there is no freedom.

    Is anyone surprised at the level of lawlessness at all levels of government?

    This generation enjoys no freedom as previous generations would recognize it. T

    he exercise of power is paramount while the Citizen is slowly being relegated from master to slave.

    The issue isn’t pot.

    It’s the complete lack of respect our government currently has for history, science, sociology, anthropology, tradition, religion, law, humanity, education, health, sound fiscal policy, sound monetary policy, business….

    What a joke.

    Does anyone find it mildly strange Mrs. Obama feels the need to tell children what they should eat and in what quantity and Mr. Obama says there is nothing at all wrong with smoking pot?

  2. “…Clinton’s popularization of oral sex among teens”.

    ????? Did I miss something?????

    Between this post and Gus’s post on Obama’s ‘plan’ to stay in office beyond his term makes me think I need to stop reading local McHenry County blogs.

    My time would be better spent smoking pot and having oral sex.

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