Nygren Maintains Zinke RITA Charges “Unsubstantiated”

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

That is what The First Electric Newspaper reports is contained in an affidavit filed by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren last Friday.

Editor Pete Gonigan summarizes the case like this:

“Almost a year and a half ago the Sheriff’s then-narcotics chief charged Zinke had told a friend and campaign contributor about a DEA investigation that somehow involved his company.  After Nygren cleared Zinke, FEN asked for a copy of the investigation since the Undersheriff’s Nygren’s choice to succeed him, but the Sheriff’s Office turned the request down claiming it was part of ‘an adjudication.’  The Illinois Attorney General ruled in May that it wasn’t but the Sheriff’s Office still won’t turn over the report.”

The next court date is January 29th.

Read the whole story here.


Nygren Maintains Zinke RITA Charges “Unsubstantiated” — 14 Comments

  1. Nygren won’t turn over the report because he knows it will implicate Zinke and will not exonerate him..

    If Nygren has nothing to hide, then he should be willing to turn over the report..

    Come on Keith show McHenry County what a big man you are…

    Actions speak louder than words and it is time for the Regime to go…


  2. Ron, that’s just simply not true.

    Why are you making this a huge joke?

  3. This investigation report would have the same effect as so many of you have posted that McHenry County Sheriff Sergeant Greg Pyle’s plea will deliver a deadly death punch to Undersheriff Andrew Zinke and Sheriff Keith Nygren, which we all know now had NO effect at all as this investigation report will have.

  4. Fuk – you mean the day Prim was not at work on his day off.

    He has the incident reported to him and he in turn reported it to his supervisor Mike Kovich as was the procedure.

    Another division did the investigation, NOT PRIM”S.

    Did you miss the part of the report that said Bill NEVER gave this guy an evaluation, nor that he condoned the behavior???

    Being called as a witness does not mean you actually witnessed anything. It is done on a large scope.

    As for Pyle, NO ONE KNOWS what he has to say until in court.

    I am sure he would have much to offer, since he was so highly regarded in promoted in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.

  5. “Nygren maintains Zinke RITA Charges ‘unsubstantiated.'”

    Of course, he says that.

    What would you expect him to say? And the report will say that.

    But what we want to see is the Report.

    And then we (the public) can determine for ourselves whether we believe there was an independent, in-depth, careful, thorough, unbiased, professional investigation.

    Whoever heard of assigning a subordinate to investigate his superior?

    Was Zinke interviewed?

    Did he have a lawyer present?

    Who was the lawyer?

    Was his interview recorded?

    Or was the game “softball”?

    Did he know he wouldn’t need a lawyer?

  6. If there was nothing to hide Nygren would release the report.

    There would be no point in hiring a lawyer and fighting to keep the report hidden from the public.. N

    ygren won’t release the report, because there is a lot to hide and the information would not only disgrace the Regime it would clearly show that Zinke is guilty of something…

    Come on Keith release the report you “BIG FAT COWARD”

    Primaries in March, it is time for the people of McHenry County to take back their Government…

    Frankly, Judge Meyer has had plenty of time to make a decision on this and it is time for him to release the report…

    There is no excuse for the delays Judge Meyer.

    Quit being a “COWARD” and release the report..

    Everyone, in McHenry County is watching you…

    It’s time to do the right thing and make a ruling on this case quickly and expeditiously..

    Most definitely, Federal Judge Manuel Barbosa thought he was invincible until he was caught…

    It’s the arrogance and attitude of invincibility that will be their own undoing..

    Remember, when Joey the Clown was being prosecuted, during the Operation Family Secrets trial? He was an old man by the time they brought him to trial.

    He complained to a reporter from the Chicago Tribune that his defense didn’t have a chance.

    When the Feds decide to prosecute they have all the evidence they need before charging someone.

    In fact, the Feds have a 99% conviction rate.

    Who ever you are, you may want to think about the significance of your actions, instead of wasting your time with those TV game shows “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

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