McHenry County Board Compensation

McHenry County Board members get paid a salary of $20,815.86 a year.

The average salary is almost $33,000 when health and dental insurance is included.

And, even more if the County Board member is participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement System.

Compensation ranges from $20,815.86 for Anna May Miller, Sandra Salgado, Ersel Schuster and Paula Yensen to over $98,000 for County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill.

The highest compensation besides Hill’s is 110% of the base salary. ¬†$43,642.74 went to Mike Skala during his first year in office.

McH Co Bd compensation FY 2013Extracted from the salaries of McHenry County employees for the year that ended November 30, 2013, is the information you see below:


McHenry County Board Compensation — 5 Comments

  1. Health and dental insurance and pension for part time work, only in IL!

    Shame on all of you that take the benefits!

  2. Perhaps they are right about income equality.

    You have a guy who owns his own company and getting dental benefits from a part time job.

  3. There appears to be some errors here. Schofield and McClellan — dental insurance but not health insurance.

  4. Question to ask candidates for County Board: “When the salaries are set in 2015 for County Board members for 2017 – ’18 will you vote to freeze salaries at the current level but ELIMINATE ANY AND ALL additional benefits.

    When someone is elected to the County Board, how many hours MUST they give to their citizens?

    Based on the listing of meetings for 2013, it would appear they are committed to 24 Board meetings and an average of 48 committee meetings.

    Based on my reading of Board minutes which generally detail questions asked during the meetings, several Board members do NOT read their Board packets.

    This would indicate their time ‘serving’ the people is somewhat limited to the actual meetings they attend.

    Let’s assume the Board meetings average three hours and committee meetings average two hours, this would translate to $123 per meeting.

    Now, let’s assume some members spend 10 hours preparing for EVERY meeting; this would translate to $23.44 per hour.

    In the case of Skala, his compensation is almost $50.00 per hour based on the current pay scale!

  5. Yet another McHenry County compensation report with no IMRF employer pension contribution listed, even though some members contribute to the IMRF pension plan.


    Truly remarkable.

    Now where will you DEFINITELY SEE these pensions?

    You are 100% Guaranteed to see these pensions on YOUR PROPERTY TAX BILL.

    Take a look at it.

    It will clearly say McHenry County Pension Fund.

    That is the employer contribution to the IMRF pension fund.

    Now look at the school district contribution on your property tax bill.

    That’s the IMRF contribution.

    Maybe part of it is the 1/2 of 1% TRS Employer contribution, not sure.

    The TRS pension shift from state to local that you may have heard proposed would cause that school district “PENSION FUND” line item on your property tax bill to SKYROCKET over time.

    It’s been defeated but may resurface.

    Especially if the courts uphold the “funding guarantee that’s included in the 300 page pension reform bill which Michael Madigan allowed state representatives only 1 day to review before it was voted upon.

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