Write-ins a Plenty

The deadline for filing statements of candidacy for write-in candidates has just passed.

They’re thirty in all.

Most are for Republican Precinct Committeeman, but three are for Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman, one for Democratic Party State Central Committeewoman in the 14th Congressional District and one for GOP U.S. Senate.

First, the Republican write-in candidates for Precinct Committeeman:

Alden Township

Republican State Rep. candidate Steve Reick will face off against Township Supervisor Preston Rea.

Algonquin Township

  • Algonquin 3 – Mickey Barnas
  • Algonquin 19 – Joe Stecker
  • Algonquin 34 – Gary Verdung versus Nathaniel Gainer
  • Algonquin 50 – Thomsas Kantner

Coral Township

  • Coral 3 – Charles W. Ruth

Grafton Township

  • Grafton 1 – Michael Skala
  • Grafton 4 – Sharon M. Bills
  • Grafton 8 – Carolyn Schofield versus Scott A. Milliman, Sr.
  • Grafton 9 – Pamela J. Fender
  • Grafton 17 – Robert R. LaPorta
  • Grafton 18 – Kenneth Cabay
  • Grafton 25 – Joe Calomino
  • Grafton 29 – Karen Filpi

Greenwood Township

  • Ronald J. Zieman

Marengo Township

  • Marengo 2 – Don Lockhart

McHenry Township

  • McHenry 13 – Neal Schepler
  • McHenry 24 – Lewis F. Matuszewich

Nunda Township

  • Nunda 9 – Bernard V. Narusis
  • Nunda 10 – Larry Cannon

Seneca Township

  • Seneca 2 – Gina LeFevour

On the Democratic Party side of the ballot, three filed for Precinct Committeeman:

  • Algonquin Township 41 – Robert R. Waddell
  • Greenwood Township 3 – Mark Nichols
  • Nunda Township 27 – Deborah Martin

Running for 14th Congressional District State Central Committeewoman as a write-in is Kristina Zahorik.

Running for U.S. Senate on the Republican ticket is Sherry Procarione.



Write-ins a Plenty — 6 Comments

  1. All of them, I would guess.

    A write-in running against someone on the ballot has as close to no chance of victory as any situation I could imagine.

  2. Maybe skala can take over tina hills job and make over $90000 instead of $50000. Still free insurance.

  3. What are some of Sherry Procarione’s views?

    What are her email address and phone number?

    I used google to research her, and that didn’t help.

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