MCC Trustee Seeks Guidance on Tuition Hike and Infrastructure Fee

McHenry County College Board member Chris Trustee asks for input on two proposals to increase revenue.


Chris Jenner

Chris Jenner

MCC has proposed $3 per credit hour tuition increases for fiscal years 2014 and 2015.

MCC has also proposed a $5 per credit hour student infrastructure fee to be implemented in FY 2015, i.e. starting with summer of 2015.

The specific recommendations and rationale can be found here: — scroll down the bookmarks to Board Reports #14-7 and #14-8.

I would like to hear from McHenry County residents and MCC students whether you support or oppose these proposals, or would like to see a different proposal.

Please post comments and questions here, or email them to me at Thank you.

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The infrastructure fee and tuition proposals are below:
MCC Infrastruture Fee 1-23-14MCC Tuition 1-23-14


MCC Trustee Seeks Guidance on Tuition Hike and Infrastructure Fee — 2 Comments

  1. $105/credit hour at a community college is preposterous. Of course, the Trustees should not raise it to $105. $103 is too high; $100 is too high. $90, $80, $70 per credit hour are all too high. Knock down those fat salaries, get rid of the Police Department, clean out administration and administrative overhead, and stop building a monument.

    And kill the $5/credit hour “infrastructure” fee.

    Stop monkeying around with special names for fees, charges, etc. and charge only a reasonable fee for the educational services provided.

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