Rutherford Touts Chicago GOP Endorsements

A press release from State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, one of four candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor:

Rutherford receives rare endorsement from current and former Chicago GOP chairman and President of Chicago Young Republicans

(Chicago)–Illinois State Treasurer and candidate for Governor Dan Rutherford is receiving unprecedented support from Chicago Republicans, and the Chicago GOP leadership is certainly not shy when it comes to talking about it.

Dan Rutherford shakes hands as Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings observes.

Dan Rutherford shakes hands as Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings observes.

“Dan Rutherford has built his reputation on a dedication to public service, hard work and the commitment to ‘do the right thing’ for Illinois,” said Chicago Republican Party Chairman Adam Robinson (48th Ward).

“The treasurer’s service and commitment to the Republican Party are unmatched,” added Robinson.

“He has built his reputation on a strong dedication to public service and an unbelievable work ethic. He’s one of us. Nobody questions his background. Nobody wonders if he’s the real deal. He’s got genuine support at the grassroots level here in Chicago. Dan Rutherford is uniquely qualified to be the next governor of Illinois and he’s the only candidate who’s won a statewide election.”

Tens of thousands of Chicago Republicans agree.

“This Gubernatorial race is not about who likes or dislikes a particular Union more, as some would have us believe,” said Eloise Gerson, past chairman of the Chicago Republican Party and 42nd Ward committeeman. “But rather, it is about creating sorely needed jobs, it is about reducing the second-highest property taxes in the nation, it is about improving education, lowering crime and stopping companies from leaving Illinois.”

“It’s about protecting our wallet,” she emphasized.

Angel Garcia, president of the Chicago Young Republicans supports Rutherford, too. “I’m excited to endorse a leader in the private and public sector. He’s a proven winner and experienced leader.”

Rutherford is humbled by the outpouring of support.

“As candidate for Governor, I am honored to receive the endorsement of these Chicago Republican officials,” said Rutherford.

“Those endorsements are a huge boost to our effort and again serve notice that our campaign is receiving a ground swell of support from our party regulars.”

Chicago Republicans account for more than one-fifth (21%) of the total Cook County GOP primary votes cast with 33,925 in the 2010 governor’s primary. The Cook County total was 159,034.

The 25-year ServiceMaster Company executive recognizes his efforts are gaining momentum in the weeks leading up to the March 18 GOP primary election.

“There’s a buzz surrounding us. People are talking. I am the only candidate in this race who has shown he can win a statewide election. I am a lifelong Republican. People know my background and accomplishments, and this translates into trust. Trust that I will do everything I can as governor to build our state’s economy, restore jobs and protect their wallet. Trust that I can beat Pat Quinn in November.”

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