Nygren and Zinke Smiling over Pending RITA Decision

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

According to Pete Gonigan’s First Electric Newspaper and other sources, McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren was exuding confidence after the latest hearing on the paper’s Freedom of Information suit.

He and others apparently think Judge Thomas Meyer will protect Nygrn’s endorsed successor from any potential embarrassment that might result from releasing the investigatory report on Zinke’s involvement with a DEA investigation involving the RITA Corporation.

Here are two snippets from the story, which I’m sure most will think worth reading:

“I feel like I’ve been sandbagged,” said First Electric Newspaper attorney Mary
Gardner when Myer told her about the unindexed [that is, [and unrevealed] top page of the report…

The judge said he was “troubled” that the Attorney General’s opinion didn’t mention what he thinks is the key document.  “It doesn’t make sense,” he said.


Nygren and Zinke Smiling over Pending RITA Decision — 15 Comments

  1. Well McHenry County, looks like you have a problem at your top Law Enforcement Department.

    Where is Nygren, he is a cell phone sheriff, and homeless in McHenry County.

    Like I have said before, he does not look well, but when you have the burden of secrets and lies, it will create a burden to carry.

    He must have the burden of guilt!!!!

    Then there is Zinke who wants to carry it all too!

    Time to Clean UP McHenry County!!!!

  2. Well of course Nygren was exuding with confidence after the hearing in front of that “COWARD” Judge Thomas Meyer.

    That’s what they do with cases in McHenry County.

    When they are not in the Court room they are busy watching those famous TV game shows “Let’s Make a Deal’ and “The Price is Right”

    However, this time Judge Meyer “Come on Down” the people of McHenry County need to have a talk with you…

    Tell me, Judge Meyer how is it that you are able to wake up in the morning and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror?

    Oh sorry, you are so in love with yourself, you have no problem…

    Calling the Judicial Inquiry Board.

    The citizens of McHenry County have a valid complaint.


    Or, you could choose to resign so the tax payers of McHenry County no longer have to be spectators of those shenanigans that continue to take place in your court room Judge..

    WOW! Judge Meyer you have managed to make a complete mockery of another McHenry County court room.

    Have to hand it to you, because you continue to refine your skills as a Judge who clearly is not capable of making appropriate decisions.

    There is no excuse for the delays in this case.

    So, it’s about time Judge you get a backbone, quit playing games and make a decision before the upcoming primaries.


  3. All we need over that picture of Nygren are a few vertical black bars and some serial numbers underneath.

  4. Disappointment in judges is nothing new around here.

    I have been very disappointed in Meyer.

    When he came onboard, I heard about how smart he was and fair.

    People thought we had a good one.

    Then anything that could hurt or touch Nygren just does not happen with this judge.

    I know mine and many people I know, are VERY DISAPPOINTED in Meyer.

  5. Watch out anonymous and Duncan, if you keep alleging Nygren should be behind bars, he may file a defamation of character lawsuit…

    Oh wait, no he won’t.

    Because he’s not an f-ing crybaby and knows politics is politics.

  6. “Fair Play”

    Just a reminder, Scott Milliman has already subpoenaed Nygren and others..

    We will soon get the full disclosure regarding Nygren’s and Zinke’s shenanigans.

    As far as Lou Bianch, everyone should be applauding the fact that he has filed a law suit against “Fukoku” He was railroaded and the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth will soon be revealed.

    So “fair Play” shut your trap.

    No one including me wants to listen to what you have to say…

    Nygren won’t file a law suit against Duncan or anonymous because then the depositions would begin and he would have to answer some very specific questions..

    Kind of like what is going on in the Scott Milliman case..

    You are not as invincible as you thought you were, Fair Play” are you now?

    So, go take a hike…

    While your at it, you may want to consult with Whitey Bulger..

    He wan’t prosecuted for years because of corrupt FBI agents taking payoffs.

    Just remember, there may be some corrupt FBI agents, but not all FBI agents are corrupt.

  7. Snark met with snark.

    Well played Duncan.

    You never cease to make me blush.

  8. What I find to really be laughable is that Duncan, by his own testimony, states that he does not live in the State of Illinois.

    Therefore, Duncan has no rights to comment as a non-resident of McHenry County that does not involve him as he is NOT a member of this community. He does not even have the power to vote in this county!

    Why are you here Duncan harassing our taxpayers and our community?

    GO AWAY! Harass your own community!

    You don’t belong here, outsider!

  9. “Fukoku” Who made you the ruler of McHenry County?..

    Funny, that overbearing self-worth or self-importance of yours is shining brightly today….

    Just a reminder, Nygren is homeless in McHenry County, even though he has homes in other States.

    Part of the requirement of our County Sheriff is that he live in the County….

    So you just turn that finger right around “Fukoku” and go away because no one wants you in McHenry County.

    Well, unless they are part of the Regime…

    You have better things to do, like finishing that book of yours “Political Campaigning for Dummies”…

    Andy has done nothing but lead the way for teaching the public about “Political Dummies” That is the only leadership role he seems to be an expert at….

    More like laughing stock of our community..

    He really should go bury his head in the sand… Or better yet, he should be working on that big fat whole he has dug for himself.

    Whatsa matter to deep even of his buddies at the local 150? Don’t blame em.

    It”s not possible to help someone out of a hole they just keep making deeper and deeper… Go take a good long look at yourself in the mirror “Fukoku” You need a laugh today…..

  10. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth is nobody wanted you in McHenry County and that is the reason why you left Duncan.

    You don’t belong here, outsider!

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