Doug Truax on IRS

A press release from Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Doug Truax:

Truax calls for halt to IRS bonuses

DOWNERS GROVE — U.S. Senate candidate Doug Truax (R-IL) called for an immediate halt to newly announced Internal Revenue Service bonuses, calling them an “affront to anyone who believes in the First Amendment.”

The announcement by the IRS chief comes amid one of the most blatant systematic abuses of federal power in recent years, Truax said. The IRS targeted conservative groups across America, stifling their First Amendment rights of free expression. Investigations of the abuse are ongoing and no one has been brought to justice.

Doug Truax addresses a Republican crowd.

Doug Truax addresses a Republican crowd.

“Instead of bonuses, there ought to be pink slips,” said Truax. “This administration and it allies like Dick Durbin expressed outrage over the IRS scandal a few months ago and now they are silent while some of employees responsible are getting taxpayer supported bonuses.”

Truax called on Durbin to denounce the bonuses. He said Durbin probably lacks the political courage because he has accepted $13,500 in campaign donations from the National Treasury Employees Union PAC, which represents many IRS workers.

Those campaign donations:

  • $2,500 on 7/14/08
  • $1,000 on 6/27/07
  • $2,500 on 3/30/07
  • $2,000 on 6/26/02
  • $500 on 12/21/01
  • $5,000 on 6/7/01

The National Treasury Employees Union PAC is a huge money machine for Democrats. As of mid-2013, it had donated $1.63 million to candidates, more than 96 percent Democrats, according to the National Review.

Truax said if Durbin is not willing to stand up for taxpayers against the bonuses, he ought to return the $13,500 in donations.

“Either Dick Durbin represents his union campaign donors or he represents the taxpayers of his state and nation,” Truax said.


Doug Truax on IRS — 5 Comments

  1. What the IRS did was investigate political groups (liberal and conservative) that were fraudulently using tax exempt status to engage in political activities.

    There was no conservative witch hunt.

  2. Joe:

    Do you live under a rock?

    You sure do not even read the liberal rags who openly admit conservative groups were targeted!

  3. Joe and Mrs…now that Lois Lerner’s emails are FINALLY release detailing the actual method used to target specifically the Tea Party, and the ratio of 98% conservative to 2 % liberal – I bet you will still deny, deny, deny.

    Like if you say it enough times it somehow becomes true.

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