Out of Salt for Courthouse Parking Lots

CautionMcHenry County is warning those visiting the Courthouse and Administrative Buildings that its contractor cannot get salt.

Here’s the message from John Hadley, Director of Facilities Management:

This winter we have had record snowfalls in our area. Our Contractor and Facilities Management staff have been working hard to keep the parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and salting the areas as needed.

We were informed that SALT is not available to Contractor’s and the supplies have rapidly diminished.

Therefore, there will be very limited salting of the parking lots for our McHenry County Buildings. The entire parking lot will not be salted. The Contractor will focus on entrances and limited areas with the remaining salt he has on hand. We do not have a time frame on when salt will be available.

Please be cautious when entering and exiting your vehicles. WEAR proper boots and shoes for these winter conditions.

Thank you for your understanding.


Out of Salt for Courthouse Parking Lots — 2 Comments

  1. What did we do for years before tens of thousands of dollars were spent laying down salt for people to walk on?

    We booted up and we walked carefully.

    So just stop salting.

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