Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim Posts Video

A video from the Bill Prim for Sheriff campaign just surfaced.

You can see it on YouTube.

Here’s what Prim says:

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

“The citizens of McHenry County deserve a Sheriff they can trust.

“I’m not running for Sheriff because I’ve worked there for twenty years or related to someone.

“I’m a former police commander with twenty-seven years experience in law enforcement.

“I’ve worked on large scale drug and money laundering investigations and previously worked as a gang crimes specialist with the Northwest Suburban Gang Task Force.

The camera pans across some of Bill Prim's awards.

The camera pans across some of Bill Prim’s awards.

“More importantly, I’ve helped run an efficient police department and earned numerous awards during those decades of service.”McHenry County is my home. I’ve lived in the same house for over twenty years. I’ve raised my family here, volunteered for the Boy Scouts and coached soccer.

“I think McHenry County is worth fighting for.

“I don’t have to tell you our taxes are too high.

Prim video 35 percent inc in budget less service“Over the last six years, the Sheriff’s budget has climbed 35%, while answering fewer police service calls and having fewer jail inmates to feed and house.

“At a time when everyone else must do more with less the Sheriff’s Office is going in the wrong direction.

“We need a Sheriff who respects the taxpayers.

“Too much time and money is being wasted at the Sheriff’s Office fighting with other office holders.

“County government is not supposed to be a playground for big egos.

“Taxpayer money wasted on settling personal scores is wrong.

“The way I see it, I’d rather see assessments go up on criminals, rather than taxpayers.

Prim video seizing drugs“I’ve either led or been involved in the recovery more than $20 million stemming from drug trafficking–money that comes out of drug dealers pockets and goes into the taxpayers’ pockets.

“Those resources go to pay for police equipment and training.

“We also have massive untapped resources in this county. People who could volunteer and would, if someone would only ask and build the right framework.

“I’ll put those resources to work.

“I’m new to McHenry County politics, but I have the right experience and qualifications to serve the county well.

The last thing seen on the video.

The last thing seen on the video.

“Please vote for the man who would make the best Sheriff, not the best politician in the March 18th Republican Primary.”

Watch the video below:


Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim Posts Video — 10 Comments

  1. Bill Prim. Our “Greatest HOPE” for change in McHenry County…

    Let’s say goodbye to the shenanigans of the Nygren and Zinke Circus and welcome Bill Prim as our new leader.

    Primaries Tuesday March 18, 2014

  2. This is a good video – when you compare it to the Zinke videos you can see the quality and attention to detail Bill will bring to the office.

    Why some Republicans are clinging to the old guard is beyond me.

    Bill is qualified.

    Bill owes no one.

    Bill has integrity.

  3. Well, it’s about time a video was posted, now I know who Bill Who, excuse me, Bill Prim is.

    Bill Prim seems to be a decent person and has potential to be a leader that has no advance education.

    However, it does make me wonder why former Police Chief Jim Ryan, Bill Prim’s former boss has endorsed Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.

  4. “Fukoku”

    You are just jealous because the only fool in the Sheriffs race is Andy Zinke…

    Let’s see, he gave his finger to Cal at the parade.

    Kim Zinke dropped the F-bomb at the same public parade.

    Andy, also shut down Cals Blog with false allegations.

    Now, lets not forget the Rita Corporation fiasco for which Zinke and Nygren refuse to release the report, because they have something to hide.

    The list goes on and on.

    The Nygren and Zinke Circus, side show attractions never cease to entertain the people of McHenry County…

    Clearly, Andy Zinke has learned nothing from that supposed education of his..

    So far, the public has not witnessed any shenanigans coming from the Prim camp. Bill Prim is the only class act, demonstrating integrity in the Sheriffs race…

  5. Having relatives in DesPlaines, I can say that the chief of police that you refer to fuk, was not very well liked.

    Prim was very well liked.

    Bill Prim had a great retirement party with 3 of the 4 chiefs he served under attended in praise of Bill Prim and his work.

    A well attended party.

    Does this chief have and unworthy axe to grind.

  6. Let’s all hope Bill becomes the next Sheriff.

    The men and women of the Sheriffs department need a new leader and can’t wait for the day Zinke walks out the door

  7. This is a VERY effective video.

    The part that is most defining is the graphic on the Sheriff’s budget going up 35% while the number of service calls and required jail inmates have gone down.

    This is damning for the existing management.

  8. Well, Skeptic. Zinke claims that he has been running the department for the last 3 years.

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