Gun Owners PAC Endorses Provenzano for County Clerk

Gun Owners PAC of Illinois sent out a robo-call a couple of nights ago in support of Nick Provenzano for County Clerk.

Here is the text of the call:

Lou Rofrano was one manning the McHenry County Right to Carry booth at the 2010 County Fair.

Lou Rofrano was one manning the McHenry County Right to Carry booth at the 2010 County Fair.

Hi, this is Lou Rofrano, Founder of the McHenry County Right to Carry Association.

I am calling my fellow gun-rights supporters with an important message about the upcoming election.

A candidate for McHenry County Clerk, Nick Provenzano, has been a champion of 2nd Amendment rights.

On the McHenry County Board Nick led the fight to pass a pro-2nd Amendment resolution and just last week protected the Conceal Carry Rights of  County employees — that’s the kind of leadership we need. Nick Provenzano is a proud  member of the NRA and ISRA and endorsed by the Illinois Gun Owners PAC.

I am asking you to give your support to Nick Provenzano and to get involved in his campaign for McHenry County Clerk.

One way to show your support is to display a yard sign. To have one delivered right to your home press 3 now.

To volunteer, sign up at or call 815-575-8007.

Paid for by Illinois Gun Owners PAC. Press 5 to opt out of future calls.


Gun Owners PAC Endorses Provenzano for County Clerk — 7 Comments

  1. Yet another issue that County Clerk has nothing to do with.

    It’s as if Nick has called in every favor owed to him by every person tangentially involved in local politics that he’s met in twenty years.

    That said, he’s a better choice than Mary McClellan.

    Looking into her eyes is . . . creepy.

    I can’t put my finger on it, but she comes off as a weirdly intense and insincere person.

  2. Thank you, but no thanks. In a civilized society we do not need to push for more gun ownership and the simpleminded argument of the second amendment for arming ourselves.

    Instead of being afraid of your fellow man we need to work to improving the society.

    Thanks to organizations like Mr. Rofrano’s Nick now lost my vote.

  3. What?


    Why would these organizations waste their hard earned funds to endorse a candidate that has NOTHING to do with the issues that they are advocating for.

    If Provenzano was running for legislature, then it would make sense.

    Calls into question the legitimacy of this organization to begin with… if it actually exists.

  4. @The Plat Earth, crime rates reveal that we do not live in a fully-civilized society.

    There is certainly nothing “simpleminded” about the Second Amendment.

    It protects the rest of our rights. Those who are armed are not afraid of their “fellow man”.

    We are better prepared to deal with criminals. Lou Rofrano was a co-founder of the McHenry County Right To Carry Association in January 2010. He was less active in 2011 and 2012 and not involved in 2013.

    MCR2CA is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation; as such, it does not support, endorse or promote any candidate for elected office.

    Visit for more information.

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