Contested Precinct Committeeman Candidate Sends Out Postcard

Contests for Republican Precinct Committeeman are few and far between.

Ersel Schuster

Ersel Schuster

This year there is a repeat of a three-way race in Seneca 1.

R Mark Gummerson, who won the seat in 2012 from McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster (also running for re-election to the County Board), is facing off against her, plus  Robert W. Schlenkert.

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

Zane Seipler

Zane Seipler

In Dorr Township Precinct 10, incumbent Andrew Zinke, who is running for Sheriff, is pitted against former Republican Precinct Committeeman and County Board candidate Zane R. Seipler.

John Jung

John Jung

Robert Hanlon

Robert Hanlon

In Dorr 11 incumbent John Jung Jr. faces off against Robert T. Hanlon.

Richmond 3 also has a contest.

Victoria McGrath of Wonder Lake is running against incumbent Tamara A. Valentine‐Garza, former Township Supervisor.

Sue Draffkorn

Sue Draffkorn

In McHenry 19, a Wonder Lake precinct, incumbent Sue Draffkorn, a McHenry County Board member, is being challenged by Fred Kieltyka.

John Hammerand

John Hammerand

John D Hammerand, incumbent Precinct Committeeman, is running against James Romano in  McHenry 33.

Both are from Wonder Lake.

In central Crystal Lake’s Nunda 13, second place Nunda Township Road Commissioner candidate Ron Parrish is running against incumbent James Becker.

East of the Fox River in Algonquin incumbent Sean Murphy finds himself challenged by Jonathan J. Knight.

Fox River Grove’s Algonquin 45’s Precinct Committeeman Sharon Meroni is retiring.  She is the one who spearheaded the unsuccessful effort to gain McHenry County Republican Central Committee approval for Tonya Franklin to run against Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks, who ended up with a free ride to a sixth term in Springfield.

There, 18-year old Jenna Wing and Richard J. Duresa are running against each other.  Wing was credited with the idea of having a Meet and Greet in Fox River Grove’s Panera with Bruce Rauner, one of four Republican candidates for Governor.

And that brings us to the title of our article.

Today I received a postcard from Wing which I assume she mailed to those in her precinct, too.

Jenna Wing's post card to her prospective constituents.

Jenna Wing’s post card to her prospective constituents.

The other side says, “Thank you for voting for me.”


Contested Precinct Committeeman Candidate Sends Out Postcard — 9 Comments

  1. Way to go Jenna – lead from the front!

    Get ready to walk your precincts for the candidates you support.

    Show them how its done.

  2. While it’s great to see Jenna Wing getting her name out, shouldn’t she have put which political party’s ballot to pull, and included the word “Republican” on her advertisement?

    I know she’s young, and will learn, but hopefully, her youth will not cost her the race.

  3. It’s amazing to me that any 18 year old would voluntarily jump into the hornet’s nest that is McHenry County politics.

  4. …and this is the same girl who the establishment tried to kick off the ballot. Geri Davis, Mark Daniel, and et al are complete failures.

    Tell me Mike Tryon, why did you have to run 19 write in candidates?

    If you were so concerned about rebuilding the party why didn’t you have them run?

    Tell me Mark Daniel, if you thought Melissa Denker was God’s given gift to the McHenry County Republican Party, how the hell did you let her only turn in 10 signatures in which at least one signature was invalid?

    Tell me Geri Davis, if you say you promote all Republicans why have you refused to post events for Nick Provenzano for simply not saying “Republican” when right below it our chairman, Mike Tryon, doesn’t even mention the word “Republican.”

    You all are full of it.

    I have been waiting a long time for this… get your popcorn… here come the reformers.

    Now I wish I would have run for committeeman just to vote.

    And you want to be chairman of the Party?

    I am so proud of the new people who are “being squeezed” on these old and moldy Republicans.

  5. For all you voters out there, when you see someone one the ballot uncontested, from the old regime, do not vote for them . . . they will have less votes when it comes to a new Chairman.

    It is called bullet voting and you do not have to fire a shot.

    I am so pleased more good people are running, God Bless Them.

    Time to clean up McHenry County!!!

  6. I ran for PC in 2008 in a contested race against a 4 term incumbent.

    I had a mailer sent to all voters in the precinct.

    I got my head beat in 3-1. I was convinced to try again this year.

    It’s contested again, same opponent, now a 7 term incumbent.

    I hope the GOP voters have finally had enough.

  7. Way to go Jenna. I hope you win. It is nice to see young people get involved. It is your future. Don’t let the other person stop you from doing what is right. You are a smart young lady.
    May you win big

  8. what a great example of a student going through District 3 and CGHS.

    Great education, and the will do do what is right.

    You are a classy young lady.

    When we met you, you were quiet and listened to what we were saying.

    You may not have all the answers, but who really does.

    May your future be bright and hold great things for you.

    It is amazing that you young people want to be involved.

    You should are involved in the community.

    Keep up your great work.

    Others may try to shake you down, but don’t let them.

    We will vote for you.

    Way to go !!!!

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