McHenry Township’s Highest Salaries

This is the publication of the McHenry Township employee’s salaries of more than $75,000:

McH Twp over 75,000 FY13If you would like to compare the highest paid folks in the other large townships, the links to articles on the other four are below:

A request to Grafton Township is still outstanding.


McHenry Township’s Highest Salaries — 2 Comments

  1. If we cannot afford to support the township salary/benefit demands, and the township officials do not see fit to voluntarily reduce their budgets, what alternative remains but to seek to abolish the township system?

    One area of savings might be found in reducing health insurance costs borne by taxpayers.

    Here are the results of a quick search on

    Health insurance quotes, range of low-high for male, non-smoker, 6′, 220lb., in zip code 60098, born in the year:

    1939: $348–$1824 annually.
    1949: $ same
    1959: $3288-$6444
    1969: $2124-$4200
    1979: $1800-$3552

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