Fight for Control of McHenry County Republican Central Committee Out in the Open

The following email was sent by Grafton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman candidate Christina Myers on behalf of a slate of reformers who seek to take control of the GOP Central Committee from those grouped around current Chairman Mike Tryon:

Fellow Committeemen and Committeeman Candidates,

Thank you for stepping up and running for the position of Republican Precinct Committeeman in McHenry County; it is an enormous responsibility. This position’s importance rests primarily in the nomination of strong Republican candidates for primary elections who will win general elections in the fall.

We would like to invite you to a get-together on Thursday, February 13 at 6:30PM at the Woodstock VFW located at 240 North Throop Street in Woodstock. This will be a great opportunity to meet others who have the same passion for reforming the Republican Party including new leadership candidates for our McHenry Republican Party:

  • Sandra Salgado – Chairman
  • Andrew Gasser – Vice Chairman
  • Diane Evertsen – Secretary
  • Charles Wheeler – Treasurer

It is so vitally important we meet to discuss the critical days leading up to the election and what you can do to help good people win. Current and future leaders of the party will be attending; it will be a fun, free event!

Please RSVP to Christina Myers at [email redacted] if you are available to attend. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Mike Tryon and Sandy Salgado confer at the Patriots United Unity Breakfast Saturday.

Mike Tryon and Sandy Salgado confer at the Patriots United Unity Breakfast Saturday.

Now, a letter has been sent by current GOP Chairman Mike Tryon concerning the meeting.  You can see it below:

Mike Tryon's Feb. 5,2014, letter to Republican Precinct Committeemen and candidates for that office.

Mike Tryon’s Feb. 5,2014, letter to Republican Precinct Committeemen and candidates for that office.


Fight for Control of McHenry County Republican Central Committee Out in the Open — 21 Comments

  1. Does Tryon have ANY idea how silly he sounds??

    HELLO – Obama won McHenry County under your watch.

    You have continued to create the NON INCLUSIVE party here, not the people you accuse.

    Cannot have another candidate that is not the choice of “the good ole boys”.

    People here are sick and tired of your way to run a party and want the ole boys out.

    YOU and yours are destructive.

    These people were able to do the job you were not capable of.

    YOU think you have to make the choices for everyone.

    HOW ELITIST. You can only repress for so long before people take it upon themselves to do something.

    This action by “the others” is POSITIVE FOR THE PARTY.

    Watched your brand of “the party” for over 40 years and it stinks

  2. I have lived in McHenry County a long time. I have seen the Republican Party run straight into the ground by the likes of Tryon and Davis.

    What is wrong with competition?

    What is the matter – good ole boys in a back room in Johnsburg cannot call the shot for Mark Daniels now?

    Cannot ensure victory for Andy Zinke?

    These reformers should be celebrated.

    Maybe they win – maybe they don’t – but at least now the voters will have a choice between what we had with Tryon and Davis (Democrats running the party) and some new commodity in the reformers.

    What will really be funny is to watch all the county wide elected officials and state reps squirm as they try to figure out who is going to win this.

    This may make the Lincoln Day dinner actually mean something in McHenry County.

    What we do know – if nothing else – is that this new slate can do no worse than what we had for the last 40 years.

  3. Tryon wants to try and intimidate precinct committeeman into not coming to the meeting on 2/13. Let’s go back a year or so…

    He sent the same letter to the Precinct Committeemen when we tried to run an opponent against Jack Franks, in 2012.

  4. Tryon, let’s talk about your “Republicans”.

    Zinke, YOUR candidate even though you kept saying that you cannot endorse when 2 Republicans are running for the same office.

    Then you sponsor Zinke.

    Makes a liar out of you.

    Oh, let’s look at the “Republican”Zinke who sponsors DEMOCRATE Jack Franks.

    Let’s look at Nygren that got contributions from ALDERMAN ED BURKE – Democrat.

    You live in such a bubble that you cannot see the forest for the trees.

    If do not like the demise of the party, look in the mirror along with your handlers.


  5. How many decades have these “Beholden Ones” had control over the party in McHenry County and done nothing for it, or anyone, other than themselves and those they are beholden to?

    Obama wins McHenry County… I believe more than 50% of precincts are unfilled by Rep PC’s for many, many years… and this puppet has the audacity to say that “they have long been known as a Republican Stronghold in Illinois”?

    I think what he meant to say is that he, Jeri and the rest of the crew have long been known to have a stronghold on the Republican party. As weak as it was, at least it was theirs to do with as best served their own needs! (just my personal belief)

    I have long waited for the day that this group of miscreants was stripped of it’s stronghold on McHenry County government.

    A big WELCOME and a resounding “THANK YOU” goes out to each and everyone of you reformers… Your courage, commitment and tenacity give those of us who share in your disdain but may not be able to act out, hope of brighter days and better government in McHenry County. God Bless you all!

  6. Hey Mike, your pal Zinke does not seem to know that you have to have a property owners permission to put up a sign.

    Zinke is sooo desparate (along with your other pals) he is putting Zinke signs wherever he sees a Prim sign.

    I hope these property owners CALL YOU and complain.

    Had this done to me several times by the Nygren/Tryon crowd and it is WRONG

  7. Conservatives are fed up with those people who pose as Republicans but they openly state that the Republican platform is a joke!

  8. I would side against the current leadership just for choosing letterhead in Comic Sans.


  9. Mr. Tryon:

    My name is on the ballot running for Committeeman as a Republican in the March 18, 2014 Primary for Algonquin Township, Precinct 33. I have been a resident of McHenry County for 32 years.

    As of today’s date, I have not received a phone call from you or a copy of the above posted letter, neither being expected.

    I have met you at fundraisers in the past, but you seemed more interested in looking over my shoulder for someone more important to speak to, rather than having any interest in what I had to say about matters concerning McHenry County.

    The tone of your letter reflects what I have long suspected, that you see yourself now as the Godfather of all that is political in McHenry County, and any proposed activities must be filtered through you.

    I find your attitude highly offensive.

    Perhaps you should review the 1st Amendment to the Constitution as follows:


    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    I believe the meeting scheduled for tomorrow night, February 13, 2914 will be a group of citizens exercising their right to peaceably assemble.

    Jonathan J. Knight

  10. Mike Tryon:

    You are the face of the divisive force within the McHenry GOP.

    Your name is associated with the phone calls used to dissuade attendance at the meeting to endorse Tonya Franklin.

    Your name is associated with the act of Tina Hill appointing every member of her family to a committeeman position to inflate the quorum count – appointments which were quickly cancelled after the called meeting.

    You are the face of what just happened in D.C. with the passage of the increased debt limit.

    You are the face of the decline of the GOP in Illinois government. etc. etc. etc.

    McHenry County is lucky to have the group of people who just stepped up to the plate to remove the ‘elite’ from power and return the power where it belongs – We The People.

  11. Jon Knight – you are a breath of fresh air, as will be other patriots in McHenry County working to rid the county of the status quo. Tryon & Davis and their cohorts have run the Republican party here in the ground as others have stated. It’s about time WE THE PEOPLE had a voice, and do not elect the ones chosen for us by the powers that be. We’ve been lied to, when newly elected PC’s wanted to go to the state convention to have a voice. Tryon’s letter is deeply disturbing, and has a tone of threat. WE THE PEOPLE do not want more of the same which has destroyed the Republican party in the county and the state. Enough is enough! Just the fact that they are supporting Zinke (more of the same corruption in the sheriff’s dept!) AND supporting Tom Double Cross speaks volumes. All elected officials supporting these RINOs should be ashamed of themselves and need to be voted out of office.

  12. How can we have an organization in the stronghold of the Republican Party not have an opponent to Jack Franks?

    Is that the sign of a strong GOP?

    Or is that the good ole boy attitude of you don’t run anyone against me and we won’t run anyone against you?

    Liberals should not be running/ruining our party; they have enough to do and we shouldn’t be giving Mike Madigan another vote in Springfield.

    Time for a change before we go completely Democrat and lose another congressional seat!

  13. Two years ago I ran for CP in my district…

    I was fed up with the complete lack of information the county Republicans provided on pertinent local issues.

    I knew first hand The Daily Herald was a huge source of mis-information and had their own agenda that in no way reflected the best for this community.

    When I attended the very first central committee meeting I was shocked at the complete disregard for newly elected PC’s.

    We were not even welcomed or acknowledged.

    I would have thought a group of new comers filled with energy to “get the job” done would have been a huge asset.

    It went downhill from there.

    We were immediately asked to vote for the central committee…no explanation of who these people were or what made them qualified to hold office.

    Funny, but none of them had anyone nominated to run against them.

    Just rushed thru as quickly as possible.

    I soon learned why.

    My area districts were lumped into a group called the “Under Ten”.

    When we went to the first meeting it was very obvious as new comers we were suspect of not being willing to go along to get along with years of “good old boy” control.

    Lori White and I asked that our area of districts be allowed to set up our own committees as we are quite a distance from the “lumped in” group.

    Geri Davis,( who showed up at our meetings with Mark Daniels when neither belonged to this group) told us we could not because there was a STATE STATUTE against us doing such a thing.

    We asked if she could please e-mail or direct us to this statute.

    After researching this nonexistent statute we continually e-mailed and asked her to provide it.

    She never would even dignify us with a response.

    We decided that these meeting were entirely useless to us.

    All that was important to them was raising money for purposes I never understood because they sure were not interested in really addressing issues.

    Lori and I spent countless hours in our districts and open districts before elections using our own resources to get the word out before elections on true Republican candidates.

    When it came time for the big state conference Lori and several other new PC’s asked to be allowed to attend the state central committee meeting…we were told no because it was too late to sign up by Geri Davis.

    Geri acts as a one woman “gatekeeper” to McHenry county Republican committee politics.

    If you question her, she points at Mike Tryon, if you talk to him, he points at Geri.

    Great way to keep a PC at bay and unproductive.

    I personally approached Tryon at a meeting and asked him if he could put our names on the state list and was told it was too late, I told him the dead line HAD been extended, he told me he heard it was full and to ask Geri.

    LOL Geri of course would not respond to us.

    After the meeting was held we heard McHenry county had no where near filled its allotted seats.

    By the way, Jon, my entire conversation with Mike Tryon, he was nervously looking over my shoulder, too, desperate to get away.

    So you see friends, nothing will be accomplished as long as we have party leaders who wish to use the party as an elitist social club.

    They don’t even care if there are high quality candidates to run against Democrats.

    Just keep every thing the same.

    If you rock the boat you are a trouble maker in their eyes.

    Well I hope this group of “trouble makers” succeeds in making our county one of the ones who will fight back against the total destruction brought upon this state by consistent Democratic and lazy Republican control.

    Ask yourself why Tryon and Geri Davis would fight so hard to keep control of a failing process?

    I think you have the answer.

  14. Tired:

    There is someone on the ballot to run against Franks but rumor is that the McHenry GOP tried to sabotage his candidacy.

  15. Thank you Mary Joesten for pointing out our experiences with Tryon and Davis.

    His recent letter is bringing back so many not so fond memories.

    With open precincts to fill and we, having husbands ready to jump in to fill them, He-Tryon refused to appoint our husbands to the open precincts.

    Also, The state statute that Geri Davis was so assured existed that stated how our county Republican party had to operate, doesn’t exist.

    She bold faced lied to us, in a meeting to embarrass and shut us up.

    I checked with two attorneys and two other Illinois County GOP Chairman, that state statute doesn’t exist, Geri.

    The under 10 precincts, (townships with under 10 precincts), can organize any way they want.

  16. Liars that are not so smart…

    He flat out told me that fluoride in our water is good for us.

    It strengthens my faith to see my fellow county folk so smart and so determined to be rid of vermin.

    Kudos to the whole bunch of you!

    Great comments!

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