Author of “Murder in McHenry” Offers Free Download

Murder in McHenryIn advance of the March Republican Primary Election, author Paul Scharff  is giving electronic copies of his book away.

The book has relevance,  because McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Andy Zinke investigated the Lakemoor murder of Scharff’s father.

But not to Scharff’s satisfaction.

Scharff feels so strongly about that Zinke should be defeated that he flew in to speak at at Bill Prim for Sheriff fundraiser in November.

He wrote,

Paul Scharff speaks at a Bill Prim fundraiser in McHenry.

Paul Scharff speaks at a Bill Prim fundraiser in McHenry.

“I have been giving away the Kindle version of book every Wednesday for the past three weeks.  I have been doing pretty good with giving away my book. On the first Wednesday I gave away 1,760, the second 294, and as I write a 100 so far today. I expect that we may give out about 200 more tonight. I wanted to ask if maybe you guys might want to help give my book away to the folks in McHenry County.

“I think that we can set a goal of about 5,000 books given away in total. There are two weeks left in my campaign. I think that we can get another 2,500 to 3,000 with some help.

“I think that the best way to do this is to mention it and link to this page on my website

“That way when it is not Wednesday the page explains the giveaway and even tells the user what the book is all about.

“It also has good info on registering and voting.

“When it is Wednesday, there are plenty of links in the first paragraph to get the user their free book.

“I hope this idea works out..  I think if we can reach the goal of 5,000 books given away, it will have a positive effect on the March election.”


Author of “Murder in McHenry” Offers Free Download — 12 Comments

  1. A Great read…

    The book reveals corruption in McHenry County and the link to the McHenry County Sheriffs Department.

    There are many moments in which you see or understand corruption in a new or very clear way.

    It is the realization that not only does corruption exist in McHenry County, it is a criminal enterprise with direct links to organized crime…

    The people of McHenry County deserve a better government that builds our community and does not tolerate corruption.

    We now have the opportunity to free ourselves from the self interests of the “Regime”

    It is the people that have to decide if they will continue living with the heavy hand of the current “Regime” or will they vote for Bill Prim and pave the way for reform on election day March 18, 2014.

  2. I would love to read it; but I don’t know anything about kindle.

    I love real books.

  3. How did Deputy Andy Zinke investigate this?

    Zinke wasn’t even employed by the MCSO back then.

    This seems like some bold exaggeration.

  4. Just because Zinke does not bend over and give Scharff access to a thirty year old investigation, he says Zinke is complicit in the original case.

    That is a big stretch but fiction makes for a better story.

    Here’s an ever bigger story.

    I have it in good authority that Andy Zinke killed Cock Robin.

  5. Nota – procedures were NOT followed.

    No follow up on others that were involved.

    Scharff has a right to the info.

  6. Paul,

    So let me get this straight.

    Because a dead Sheriff (Hendle) investigated the wrong guy, and the current Undersheriff does not want to defame a dead man with unproven conjecture, you blame him?

    The dots you draw are so loosely connected that no reasonable investigator should or would intelligently connect them into the allegations you want publicly announced.

    If I were Zinke, I would also be very cautious speaking to or in any way communicating with you.

    It is obvious you have an agenda and will publish half truths and outright fiction to obtain your objective.

    As I stated before you make wild accusations.

    I seriously doubt Zinke was ever inside the PM Pub.

    You have already libeled the ex -Sheriff and appear to be on the precipice of libeling and slandering Undersheriff Zinke.

  7. “not” Your statement “It is obvious you have an agenda and will publish half truths and outright fiction to obtain your objective”

    Hey Paul, I think those words are actionable….

    Take em to the cleaners.

  8. I wondered how long it would take for you to add your two cents into this discussion.

    This is coming from a guy that has taken every cheap shot available at Zinke or anyone else trying to reign in the hyperbole here.

    BTW any judgement against me will would take many years to satisfy because you can’t get blood from a turnip.

    Any any good attorney would easily show that Paul and others here have done far more damage to his own image than these minor sticks and stones.

    Thank heaven for free wifi or I wouldn’t even get to read this blog.


  9. Hmm. Free wifi…was that a reference to an Obama voter?

    Speaking of connecting dots: It would seem that there are some that are still unable to do this simple task.

  10. UMMM…Zinke was in middle school when this murder happened.

    It does look like it was bungled but I really doubt some 8th grader in McHenry was the investigations ring leader.

    Oddly, when Zinke did look at it as a cold case years later he agreed with Scharf on who the probable suspect was, but chose not to charge him as he was already dead.

    Not quite sure what he was suppose to do, dig the guy up and cuff him?

    Or are you just upset the middle schooler didn’t step up an lead the initial investigation?

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