Crystal Lake Police Object to Four Concealed Carry Permit Applications

More Guns, Less Crime coverEarlier, McHenry County Blog reported that, of the over 1,000 concealed carry permits filed, only one objection had been filed by a local law enforcement agency.

As of the first week of February, the Sheriff’s Office reported having filed no objections.

Now, a Freedom of Information request to the City of Crystal Lake has elicited information that its Police Department has filed four objections.


Crystal Lake Police Object to Four Concealed Carry Permit Applications — 5 Comments

  1. Whose permits did they object to? Or is this the first post in a ten-post series on the subject?

  2. Glad to see someone is reviewing these applications.

    Still, it seems like the qualification threshold is rather low, but it could be worse….

  3. I am amazed at the rush of “smart” people to apply for the Illinois concealed carry license. Section 30(b)(3) of the law (430 ILCS 66/ ) requires the applicant (who is not guaranteed approval and whose $150 license fee is non-refundable) to waive (give up!) “privacy and confidentiality rights and privileges under all federal and state laws…”

    That’s under ALL federal and state laws. There is no provision in the statute to restore those rights.

    I have to wonder how many State Reps and Senators applied for licenses and were willing to give up all their rights to privacy and confidentiality.

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