Barb Wheeler Supporting Legislation Fighting Illliinos Human Trafficking and Pornography

A press release from State Rep. Barb Wheeler:

Representative Wheeler a participant in the Patriot’s United 5th Annual Unity Breakfast

Crystal Lake, IL – This morning I had the opportunity to attend the Patriot’s United 5th Annual Unity Breakfast in Crystal Lake.

Part of the 2014 Patriots United Breakfast crowd.

Part of the 2014 Patriots United Breakfast crowd.

Hundreds of area residents gathered to learn more about an undercover attack on human rights: slavery.

Despite slavery being illegal in every country, a modern day slavery is thriving.

Human trafficking

Human trafficking is defined in this slide.

In developed nations, this modern day slavery manifests itself primarily in sex slavery.

“Human trafficking is highly-organized and lucrative business, generating close to $32 billion per year.” (

Millions of women and girls around the world are forced into prostitution and sex slavery by the human trafficking industry, one of the darkest and most hidden evils today.

A quote from Jesus about the penalty for maltreatment of children was put on the screen.

A quote from Jesus about the penalty for maltreatment of children was put on the screen.

The causes of this issue are rooted deeply in our society.

Exodus Cry's Laila Mickelwait

Exodus Cry’s Laila Mickelwait

Keynote speaker, Laila Mickelwait of the human trafficking awareness organization Exodus Cry, brought to light several shocking instances of the sex industry at work in areas where we would never expect to find them.

Objectification of woman in advertising is part of the problem.

Objectification of woman in advertising is part of the problem.

Advertisements and media continue to drastically objectify and sexualize women to sell products via sex.

Barb Wheeler and Andy Zinke shared a table at the Patriots United Breakfast on sex trafficking.

Barb Wheeler and Andy Zinke shared a table at the Patriots United Breakfast on sex trafficking.

Child pornography, the majority of which involves children under ten years of age, is flourishing in the pornography industry.

According to a National Children’s Homes report, the number of Internet child pornography images has increased 1500% since 1988.

The four women arrested for prostitution in Crystal Lake.

The four Chinese and Korean women arrested for prostitution at three message palors in Crystal Lake in December.

Also in attendance was local leader and advocate for victims of human trafficking, Belle Staurowsky from the Green Tara Project.

“Human trafficking relies on a ready supply of human beings whose desperate circumstances in life often make them vulnerable to psychological and physical intimidation, coercion, kidnapping, and, eventually, enslavement.” (

Recognizing the severity of this problem not only globally, but also locally, is the beginning to help solve the problem.

In light of this information, it is impossible not to act.

Congressman Randy Hultgren spoke ofhis efforts in Washington to prevent human trafficking, including sponsoring a showing of Exodus Cry’s educational film “Nefarious” in the Capitol building.

Exodus Cry is continuing to raise awareness of the evils of sex trafficking with a new film, “Liberated”, as well as work to rescue and counsel women and girls enslaved by human trafficking.

If you would like to get involved, contact my office for more information about legislation fighting human trafficking and pornography in Illinois.

Additionally, become informed on the work of organizations such as Green Tara Project and Exodus Cry and help raise awareness on modern day slavery.

The time to stop human trafficking is now.


Barb Wheeler Supporting Legislation Fighting Illliinos Human Trafficking and Pornography — 23 Comments

  1. Another hollow gesture to appease the Footloose prudes.

    At least Barb isn’t promising to waste taxpayer money on this non-issue.

  2. mattmac, could be true in what you say, but an all telling picture of Barb and Andy.

    Did he walk out after that conversation they had?

  3. Good old Barb; you jumped on the right bandwagon this time.

    But sitting with Zinke??

    Wheeler has more flip flops than Oak Street Beach in the summertime.

  4. Over 50% of the internet is porn.

    Other countries show naked folks on regular tv so being exposed to it regularly it is not so thrilling for people to see it.

    Have fun fighting porn though…

  5. Well, Well what do you know?

    Frick and Frack.

    Oh I mean Barb Wheeler and Andy Zinke, sat at the same table, whispering sweet nothings in each others ears.

    How quaint.

    Now, you have to admit they do look like they belong together.

    Don’t they make the cutest couple?

    There is something special about their relationship.

    Now don’t be getting jealous Kim.

    Get real people, that’s all McHenry County needs, is those two working together.


    We are all in trouble now.

    Please, from above, have mercy on the people of McHenry County and find a way to run em out of town.

    Hey Andy and Barb, instead of making an appearance at the meeting for human trafficking and pornography, for which you serve no purpose, you should be working on that “BIG FAT HOLE” Andy has dug for himself during that thing he calls a campaign.

    Barb, that hole is so deep Andy had to build an elevator.

    Believe, that will serve no purpose as that hole just gets deeper by the day,, You poor thing Barb, you just don’t know what you are getting your self involved with.


    Hey Andy and Barb, you have officially been given the nicknames of Frick and Frack–>
    “Frick and Frack” has become an English slang term used in two ways.

    One is to refer to two people so closely associated as to be indistinguishable; the other way is as a term of derision for any two people, on par with calling one person a “Bozo” or three people “Stooges”.

  6. Just a head’s up.

    Frick and Frack were two Swiss ice skaters that did comedy.

    Hence the reference above from Duncan. (Only really old people [like me] would remember this act and use this analogy.)

    Thanks Duncan, for the trip in the ‘way back’ machine.

  7. Jump on the band wagon for sure.

    Zinke has not had an original thought.

    Just copies after Prim.

    The paper prints for Zinke but not for Prim who had the initiatives for many things first.


  8. “Anton” you are from the “Regime”

    You definitely need help.


    They alerted Zinkes team that there was going to be a poll Prim vs Zinke….

    What kind of ethical behavior is that… I have been told for years that the Northwest Herald is in bed with the Sheriffs Department..

    They proved it.

  9. Duncan, I’m from the regime that is made up of 99% of the people who are mentally stable most of the time.

  10. And people say character doesn’t count.

    This is just another example of the unity that we need in McHenry County.

    Mike Tryon said it best last night at the huge Lincoln Day dinner:

    We need to focus on electing Republicans.

    Mike is right.

    We need to elect Barb, Jack, David, and Mike again.

    We need Andy as our Sheriff and Glenda as our treasurer.

    These are Republicans you can trust and believe in.

  11. Duncan, you do an awful lot of barking for someone who does not live in McHenry County and cannot even vote to change what you are barking about.

    Now go away and harass your own community!

  12. I am not whining outsider, just stating the facts base on what you stated on 01/27/2014 at 2:10 pm under the topic (Andy Zinke’s Salary Progression) that YOU stated that you do NOT live in the State of Illinois.

  13. Broken McHenry County Government?

    Doesn’t that whole balanced budget and good schools thing really stink?

    We should recruit more Cook County officials like the two the anti sheriff’s department crowd keeps running.

    Maybe if we keep dragging these Cook County types in one of them will eventually get elected and we can have a bright future resembling something like Cook County or Springfield.

    Oh wouldn’t that be great?

    Sorry but this long time resident likes our county and is in no hurry to remold it in Cook County or the States political image.

  14. “Human Trafficking” defined as giving someone “payments or benefits”

    I guess human trafficking now includes every social interaction between humans.

    Nothing overly broad about that.

  15. “ButSeriously” When you have Government employees watching those famous TV games shows, “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” and eating too much popcorn so they are “FAT and HAPPY” we have a broken Government.

    In fact, those games overshadow anything positive that may have been achieved.

    Because, frankly, the tax payers are cheated out of the things their tax dollars are suppose to support.

    Not, Government officials playing games.

    I have the inside scoop.

    Full disclosure to be seen at a McHenry County Theatre near you..

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to be revealed.

    Sure hope you like popcorn.

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