NWH Running Saturday Poll on Sheriff’s Race

It’s a completely unscientific poll, but thought you  might like to know that the Northwest Herald is running a poll on the McHenry County Sheriff’s race.

As of 2;30  Saturday afternoon, more supporters of Andy Zinke had participated in the Northwest Herald than those of Bill Prim.

As of 2;30 Saturday afternoon, more supporters of Andy Zinke had participated in the Northwest Herald than those of Bill Prim.Here is the link.

Here is the link.

My source wrote,

“…scroll to the bottom.  It’s 2 clicks and your done.  Vote Prim! Then pass this to your contacts asap.”

A second email said,

“I also was told by a little bird that zinkes people knew about this poll in advance.”


NWH Running Saturday Poll on Sheriff’s Race — 56 Comments

  1. That’s because Andy has lots more supporters than whats his name.

  2. Listen Here, Jim Who? Bill Prim has a lot more supporters than Andy the Clown, from the Nygren and Zinke Circus.. Next time, you may want to think about getting your facts straight…

  3. The NW Herald was only good if you had a bird and needed to change the paper in the cage.

  4. Polls?…..Polls? I don’t need no stinking polls…..

    Mark this on your calendars….

    Zinke will walk away with it because people will associate Prim with the bad baggage at the Sheriff Dept now supporting Prim.

    Nygren has tried and tried to flush the toilet of some problem employees.

    Seipler, Milliman and a couple more are now history.

    Several others that are supporting Prim do so thinking he will give them a free ride and they know Zinke isn’t buying their BS.

    Zane is gone, Milliman is gone.

    Every time they talk about Prim being their Knight in a Shining Armor, more people flock to Zinke.

  5. “Notawannabee”

    People are sick and tired of the shenanigans taking place at the court house…

    I was made an offer to payoff a judge in exchange for keeping custody of my child.

    Just 7 years later when the same case was still being litigated, the fix was in.

    That is, until the FBI got involved and assisted, and advised me during the course of the trial.

    Clearly, they thought my complaints were valid and they were talking to me as I was providing them updates before, during and after the trial… Corruption, in McHenry County is real.

    So go take a hike “Notawannabee” no one wants to listen as you twist and turn the facts…Your words are meaningless.

    Unfortunately, for the “Regime” many people have come together to create change.

    Lets say no more to those famous games and welcome Bill Prim March 18, 2014..

  6. There is one certain malcontent in this comments section who loves to crow about the integrity of his candidate, the greatness of this candidates supporters and the righteousness of their cause.

    This one malcontent is one of the most disrespectful, foul mouthed, naive, wanna be bullies I’ve ever seen on any comment section in any blog or paper.

    The fact that the people you attempt to bully find you utterly forgettable ought to have taught you a lesson by now.

    The fact that the people you have insulted so thoroughly don’t follow in your petty hero’s footsteps and prosecute you for libel speaks volumes for those public figures.

    Duncan, I appreciate your passion and your desire to see your candidate win but I might gently tell you to stop “helping”.

    With every comment you make you offer people the opportunity to think only idiots and foul mouthed children support Bill Prim and I know from observation this isn’t true.

    Make your points in a respectful decent manner or get out of the way of your candidate and shut up.

  7. The people reading this blog should know there are 2 people who have taken on the name “Priest”

    This one is from the “Regime”


  8. Duncan, when you get beyond puberty and you realize real people don’t ever relate to one another in real life the way you choose you try to relate to people in this blog my hope is you regret your emotional rants, illiterate ravings and completely moronic statements of “fact”.

    My guess is you will always lack the intelligence, emotional fortitude or maturity to ever regret anything so I encourage you, now, to continue to show the people who read this blog what type of person you are and who a person of your judgement supports.

  9. “Priest on” Whatsa matter those games in Grahams chambers weren’t any fun?

    You must have lost…Or, maybe there was no where for you to sit and they made you stand outside.

    Or, maybe they didn’t feel like sharing.

    Too bad, you are such a poor “LOSER”…..

    Go cry to Gordy or Keith Nygren or Andy Zinke they can relate to you.

    After all, they know how to sympathize with people like you.

    In fact, they are really good at it….

    Gosh, I hope you don’t plan to have any more temper tantrums just because I am on this blog…

    You know what your problem is?

    You can’t stand the fact that I have told the truth and exposed the facts about what has been going on in McHenry County for years..

    The people have the right to make educated and informed decisions based on the facts, before they vote… So get a “backbone” and quit your whining…

  10. What I hear from you Duncan is you know nothing about politics, the players in McHenry County, who is corrupt or who is not but you do know for a fact you want to share this ignorance with all the people who read and comment on this blog.

    You want everyone to know the depths of your imbecilic thoughts and the heights you are willing to go to showcase them.

    You want to hang with at the big people’s table but you aren’t invited and are showing everyone why you should never be invited.

    I also hear you think so little of Bill Prim you are willing to sabotage his credibility by tying your name with his.

    Keep doing Andy Zinke favors.

    I’m quite certain he loves it when you comment.

    Your lack of ability to take even the smallest of constructive criticism in asking you to stop harming Bill Prim with your endorsements is staggering in how it shows the mental black hole you must be.

    I feel only the deepest pity for anyone in your life.

    I’m sure you embarrass them terribly, just as you embarrass yourself each day in this blog.

    I’m going to wipe you off my shoe and keep on walking to enjoy the company of adults.

    I hope you grow up soon enough to realize you are harming more than helping your political aspirants and offer yourself, the people who read this blog and those you want to see in office a great deal more respect before you find yourself confused, alone and in a loser’s circle of your own making.

  11. Priest on, you sound more and more like AZsupporter and Fukoku.

    By the way, where is AZsupporter?

    It has been a long time since we heard from that poster!

  12. The “Priest” has spoken and is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  13. “Priest on” You claim to be a Priest?..


    Take that cloak of disguise off, you “BIG FAT COWARD”

    Hey, it is Andy that gave his finger at a public parade in front of families with children, his wife Kim Zinke dropped the f bomb at the same public parade.

    Funny, neither of them admitted what they did or accepted responsibility for their indiscretions.

    Then, Andy had Cal’s blog shut done because of false allegations.

    Oh yes, let’s not forget the Rita Corporation fiasco and Andy’s friend Brian Goode.

    By the way, Andy’s campaign headquarters is based at Rita Corporation.

    That says it all..

    Oh yes, and that infamous “Fukoku” who’s has done nothing but justify Andy’s actions during his own campaign.

    Let’s not forget to mention that “Fukoku”is being sued by Lou Bianchi for slandering him…

    The inside scoop, is that Lou Bianchi refused to play those famous games “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” and then he was railroaded….

    As for Scott Milliman and Zane Seipler they were fired as a way of retaliating against them.

    They told the truth about the “Regime” The people should know that both Scott and Zane have not only taken a stand on behalf of the truth, but also for people of McHenry County.

    We owe a debt of gratitude to them.

    So, if you can’t handle the truth “Priest on” you have a big problem.

  14. I don’t wish to change the subject, and everyone knows how much I like to battle, but here is (2) two facts that I would like to point out stated in this article.

    Bill Prim blasted the office for a 35 percent increase in its budget from 2008 to 2012, saying he pulled numbers for a previously released news release from the county’s website.

    The overall budget increase was 15.9 percent during that same time period, according to figures provided by McHenry County administration.

    I would also wish to take this opportunity to point out three statements made by Bill Prim in his video:

    “Too much time and money is being wasted at the Sheriff’s Office fighting with other office holders”.
    “County government is not supposed to be a playground for big egos.”
    “Taxpayer money wasted on settling personal scores is wrong.”

    These statements do NOT comply too Undersheriff Andrew Zinke as the video shows headlines in the newspapers of the feuding between State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi and Sheriff Keith Nygren, NOT Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.

    Therefore, my question is why is Bill Prim running for Sheriff?

    Many may believe that using your political position to seek personal vengeance is a form of political corruption.

    Now Fukoku has spoken.

  15. Just some more twisted, delusional thinking coming for “Fukoku” Your words “Fukoku” “Therefore, my question is why is Bill Prim running for Sheriff?

    Many may believe that using your political position to seek personal vengeance is a form of political corruption.

    Now Fukoku has spoken.”

    You really need to return to that Cuckoos Nest. And, please ask the Doctor for a double dose…

  16. Duncan McHenry tries to throw people off from his true identity.

    Duncan is so full of himself but I honestly hope he just keeps going because he makes the Prim supporters look like idiots.

    I laugh at the comments trying to make the Sheriff’s Dept out to be this corrupt bunch of persons daily violating rights of people.

    Where was Duncan when “someone” was writing tickets to passengers.

    Violating rights?

    Here’s a guy that has called everyone with a positive view of the MCSO demeaning nearly vulgar names.

    He attacks the wife of the candidate with nasty allegations.

    If I were Zinke I would be doing everything in my power to unmask this moron and sue him.

    I have never posted to this blog but as the election grows closer I think I may visit here more often.

    I have close friends that are in fact deputies that tell me that those supporting Prim are people that were not trusted by the rest if the deputies.

    What does that say about his supporters?

  17. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

    I didn’t know comments were moderated?

    Northwest Herald lets you comment in real time.

    Well maybe I won’t be commenting.

  18. Right here, sitting back and watching Priest slam the TV show guy

  19. AZsupporter and Fukoku, you and the Nygren/Zinke regime are on the hamster wheel . . . keep running. It is really time for a change in McHenry County,

  20. Fukoku. Zinke is up to his eyeballs in the feud with Bianchi.

    He personally made sure he was the one that handcuffed Bianchi and walked him to the jail when he was indicted.

    Any Deputy could have done that but Zinke wanted the “fun” of embarrassing Lou himself.

    Same Zinke that refused to shake his hand and called him a criminal and bragged about it.

    A real shame the public at large will never hear these things before voting.

    Maybe some will come out during the debate

  21. “Bill Nealson’

    Having Bianchi arrested was fun for them..

    There was no merit behind the charges, except to embarrass him…

    The “Regime” that is responsible for doing this has no guilt about their actions.

    Believe me, if they can do this to a well respected and honest prosecutor such as Lou Bianchi, they can do this to anyone….

    These people have no guilt or no responsibility in regards to their actions…

    “AZsupporter” That is your only goal to slam me as you know I am right about what is going on in McHenry County…

    Bet, you never thought people would gather to fight the “Regime” did you you now?

    The fact is, you are afraid because no one has ever taken a stand to against the “Regime”

    But now, there are many people taking a stand to bring them all down and put them out of business.

    We can put an end to their shenanigans and those famous TV games shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” by voting for Bill Prim March 18, 2014.

    “AZ” can’t wait to disclose that famous video of you breaking into my home without a warrant and then running out the door when you were informed that you were being video taped.

    Surely, that video would receive a lot of hits on social media.

    That is a day you will regret for the rest of your life.

  22. Hey, a little bird told me “Priest on” is Andy Zinke…LOL….

    I told you there would be more circus antics coming from that clown Andy Zinke…

  23. “AZ” when that video is released. I know several people who are going to be real embarrassed, including Nygren, Zinke, “Fukoku” and “AZ”

    You are going to have to swallow that ego of yours…lol…

  24. Duncan, you idiot.

    I’ve been here long before you.

    I’ll be here long after you.

    You’ve been very vocal about your thoughts on Andy’s education and intelligence.

    I’m absolutely certain you have to go to a dictionary and call a friend to understand anything I have to say.

    You cannot call someone uneducated and then say someone who writes eight grade levels past your understanding is the same person.

    I have never once come out for Andy or against Bill.

    I am mystified by your venomous attacks against those who do disagree with you though.

    You have zero credibility but you love to fling poo like a little monkey.

    I do have to say I enjoy running you down for the moment but, like any useless toy you’ll bore me soon.

  25. “Priest on” Clearly, you are a “Regime” follower.

    Now really, you should be attending those famous game shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Whats the matter “Priest on” the Regime is too selfish to share?… Unless your just too darn full.

    That is full from those games and full of yourself….

    Your words are meaningless….

  26. You can’t even read!

    “Priest” is the name.

    “Priest on” is part of the whole tag stating a date and time!


    What a maroon!

  27. “Priest on”

    You are such a coward you can’t even post your real name….

    You learned from the best..the Regime.

    Go ahead and try to discredit me. Your efforts are meaningless and childish….

    Surely, the Regime will make you feel better….

    At least, I know how to tell the truth about what is going on in McHenry County…..

    You can’t even do that..

    Though, the “Truth” is a foreign word to you… by Andy…

  28. A prepubescent like you wouldn’t know this but Bugs Bunny used to call morons maroons.

    I was trying to dumb it down to cartoons for you pumpkin and you STILL don’t get it.

    As for the hypocrisy of begging me for my name while you use a pseudonym(that means fake name) for yours I’m once again gobsmacked(that means amazed or incredulous) at your strident(look it up) stupidity.

  29. “Priest”

    Yah right… Same old “Regime” you have a justification and excuse for everything you do.

    Now you really sound ridiculous…That display of overbearing self-worth or self importance of yours is shining brightly today.

    You are doing the Zinke camp no favors, when you have already done so much damage.

    That hole of Andy’s gets deeper every time you speak..

    You apparently are not worried, because all you have to do is call your buddies at the local 150…

    It s time for the people of McHenry County to hold you accountable and vote Andy Zinke out of office…..

    Then everyone will see justice happen….

  30. I could care less about Zinke.

    I am glad you noticed I think more of an amoeba(really tiny insignificant organism) than I think of you.

    As for unions or regime conspiracy thoughts I’m actually way more into watching you dance little monkey.

    Now dance for me!

  31. Tadaaaaaa!

    Thank you.

    Now go away.

    You bore me and I have big people things to do today.

  32. “Priest on” not only is your arrogance shining brightly today, so is your abusive and controlling nature…

    “Now dance for me!”


    You sound like Hitler or Saddam Hussein.

    You choose.

    They also, had an exaggerated sense of there own importance, credibility, or ability as people.

    And, they were controlling “Master Manipulators” Just saying.

    They didn’t know how insignificant they were either.

    News flash, your wish is not my command.

    Further, I don’t dance, just because you say dance…

  33. HA! You keep on dancing!!

    And you admit I’m controlling you!

    Gosh…. This exchange just couldn’t have been more pleasing to me.

    The bullying you attempt to visit on others has been totally destroyed this morning through your own revelations.

    I hope and pray you keep dancing for me.

    Now dance little monkey.

    (Whispered): Dance more and deny my utter control over you again.

  34. “Priest” you are having those delusions and illusions again, because I am not dancing.

    You think you have power over me that does not exist.

    Go take a pill… you clearly need it…

  35. HA! Tadaaaa! Folks!

    Do I give you a show or what?

    My little monkey dances and repeats words over and over!

    Watch now as I turn away from him and he STILL will dance!

  36. Priest, you tired yet?

    I got tired of argueing with Dum Dum a long time ago.

    Your turn now.

  37. Starting to think that priest and duncan are the same people.

    Which makes this all the more irrelevant and entertaining

  38. Not at all AZ.

    I’m invigorated!

    That was hardly a fight but I was crying from laughing so hard!

    I totally get how Anton could think we were the same person because the setups and takedowns were just perfect!


    Duncan is just some bully idiot I’d had enough of and wanted to see the depths of his idiocy and depravity.

    I still don’t think we’ve reached the bottom but I just can’t justify continuing the string.

    He is SO stupid he just can’t comprehend how badly mauled he got this morning. God bless him though.

    When you get through the foul mouthed conspiracy theorist you find a really stupid monkey who wants attention.

    I’m done with him.

    He has no more tricks and the people who care see him for the pathetic mess he truly is in this world.

    I pity him and won’t be feeding his need to dance for me any more.

  39. OMG! The Regime is out in force……

    They think there is power in numbers, when in reality they have no power to cover up the truth and what has been going on in McHenry County for years. Keep talking…..

    This is a great opportunity for everyone to see more of what you are really all about… The shenanigans of the Regime continues.

    The Nygren and Zinke Circus continues…..

    You Go!……

    That is until Bill Prim wins the election march 18, 2014.

    By the way there are no conspiracy theories here, only the truth…

    Remember, “Truth” is an alien word for people that belong to the “Regime”

    “Priest” you keep saying you are done with me and you just keep returning with meaningless words.

    Your verbiage only shows what kind of person you really are. Boy, have to feel sorry for anyone that has anything to do with you…

    You go ahead and keep protecting the “Regime”

    The only thing you have achieved is the realization that you need to go and that you do not serve the best interests of our community.

    “Go Regime Go!”

    “Go Regime Go!”

  40. Now that the smoke has cleared, “Priest” has been declared the overwhelming winner in this debate.

    Good job “Priest” and its good to hear from you AZ.

  41. “Anton” Did you also tell everyone that Zinke had a running start, because the Northwest Herald told Zinke’s camp that there would be a poll?

    Shenanigans, Shenanigans from the Regime..

    Actions speak louder than words.

    If it is true and the Regime went along with it, only demonstrates a lack of complete integrity.

  42. I’m sure it came as much of a shock to Camp Andy as it was to Camp Bill that the Northwest Herald would conduct an online poll on one of the hottest races on the ballot.

  43. Gee, a poll that shows what we already know is going to happen, very helpful.

    The poll is skewed: First the newspaper likes to run a lot of articles that quote Zinke, so it would be likely that he would do well in a poll made by them.

    Either way this race was never going to be anything but a Zinke 55, Primm 45 race.

  44. The only poll results that count are from the poll conducted on the 18th of March in the voting booth.

    All this other stuff is just so much “blah, blah, blah, blah”

    Zinke “wins” the NWH poll so naturally, it was “rigged.”

    That’s what you read here and elsewhere in the Prim camp.

    Had Prim won it, the same naysayers would be declaring it an overwhelming victory for Prim.

    Too bad, so sad, Andy!

    Then we have the totally scientific, accurate to within a tenth of a percentage point with no margin of error, Facebook “likes.”

    I’m sure the Zinke camp places a great deal of faith in that “poll”


    Hah, I doubt that even the real folks in the Prim camp place all that much stock in it.

    Nice to see that they are attracting some notice however.

    The really interesting thing to watch here is the lunacy that runs rampant.

    I mean, people cannot really be as ignorant and stupid as Fukokonuts and Duncan Mchenry[sic] can they?

    Were I a betting man – and I’m not – I would wager that Fuko and Duncan were actually working in the camp of the candidate opposite to the one they claim to support.

    They are both such idiots that by aligning himself with Prim, Duncan makes the casual reader think that Prim has surrounded himself with nutjobs and vice versa in the case of Fukokonuts.

    If one believes he/she is in Zinke’s camp, abandon all hope

    Four more weeks of silliness… just four.

    Enjoy the comedy while you can!

  45. A newspaper quoting the person in charge…gasp.

    Do you think they will or should call Prim for his slant or counterpoint?

    Get over it “watching. ”

    It’s not called the bully pulpit for nothing.

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