First Electric Newspaper Trying to Prove NWH Got Copy of Nygren’s Zinke DEA Tip-off Exoneration Report

The First Electric Newspaper was in Judge Thomas Meyer’s courtroom again Friday trying to pry the Andy Zinke exoneration report out of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s hands.

Quoting himself, Publisher Pet Gonigan says, “In November the paper editorialized that the Sheriff ought to release the report. Well, now they can make it happen.”

Having lived with the Freedom of Information request for more than a year, Gonigan summarizes the situation well:

“In October, 2012, now ex-Sheriff’s narcotics chief John Koziol charged Zinke had told campaign supporter Brian Goode that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was tracking more than two tons of marijuana headed for his Crystal Lake warehouse.

“Last January Sheriff Keith Nygren told a NWH reporter he’d investigated and decided Zinke hadn’t done anything wrong.

Zinke as Saint with Nygren

For those who are literal, please realize this is satire. I believe Zane Seipler first published this image of Andy Zinke and Keith Nyrgen.

“FEN filed a Freedom of Information Act request to see the investigation report but Nygren denied it.

“When the Illinois Attorney General said he had to turn it over he still withheld it.

“FEN’s been fighting in Circuit Court for the last eight months to obtain its release.”

Read the details of what happened here.


First Electric Newspaper Trying to Prove NWH Got Copy of Nygren’s Zinke DEA Tip-off Exoneration Report — 19 Comments

  1. Keep a watchful eye on those who support Zinke.

    imho they are one of the following: part of the problem with out of control government which is taking away your rights on a daily basis; or extremely naive; or they feel comfortable with their head in that ‘dark place’.

    A Sheriff needs to have the strong character required to stand up against the dictator administrations in D.C. and Springfield.

    The under Sheriff does not have that key quality and I for one do not trust him to work on my behalf.

  2. No surprise…..

    The Northwest Herald has been in bed with the Sheriffs Department for years.

    The fact that they alerted the Zinke camp that there was going to be an online poll Prim vs Zinke proves it..


    Put them out of business.

    The people of McHenry County should be taking a stand by voting for Bill Prim and BOYCOTTING THE NORTHWEST HERALD.

    We can change everything in McHenry County by putting the “Regime” and that thing they call a newspaper, out of business…

    Time to take back the County Government that belongs to the people for the people..

  3. Dunkin, the people of McHenry will take a stand by voting for Jim Harrison for Sheriff

  4. All of them are not acceptable.

    I thought conservatives don’t like big pensions.

    Doesn’t Prim already have one coming from his former job and now he wants another government job?

  5. “karma” What a ridiculous argument….

    That has nothing to do with the election and you know it…

    What, there is a new law that you made up, that says Prim can’t run as a new Sheriff because he already has a pension?

    What planet to you come from?

    Clearly, another one that supports the Regime….

  6. Legal or Illegal, why would/should people vote someone into a Sheriff’s position if he/she chose NOT to keep his/her mouth shut while ANY investigation was pending?

    The spouses, family, friends and political donors, etc. simply do not need to know.

    I mean really.

    Is this one of the reasons Illinois is such a wreck?

    Do we really need to have giant signs saying “Shhhhh!” posted all over police stations, sheriff’s offices, and security guard rooms in the state including flashing arrows?

    Wouldn’t this be “assumed” as part of the related position?

    Don’t the employees watch any of the really good police or detective shows?

    How about polite signs like “Dear Jewelry Store Robbers, we now have armed guards all over the place. Break in at your own risk.”

  7. Keith Nygren has a pension from being on the Crystal Lake Police force.

  8. Anynomous, it is awful hard to collect evidence or interview potential witness’s if you don’t ever talk to potential witness’s or attempt to collect evidence.

    Anyone that thinks Goode was anything but a possible witness or potential victim is either very naive or purposely driving a political grudge.

    It would be not asking the owner of a store for surveillance video of a shoplifter because you think that maybe their is a possibility the store owner was “in on it”.

    In the zeal to attack the Sheriff’s Dept. the anti-Sheriff dept crowd has gone silly on this one.

    The reality is Zinke brought in a witness and evidence and only told other law enforcement about it…

    Koziol threw a tantrum and went public with the name of the witness potentially endangering him.

    It was reckless, if he truly felt the investigation was damaged he could keep the name confidential and worked the complaint up through the DEA had they felt wronged.

    If the DEA really felt their investigation was leaked to a “target” they are more than capable of making the charge themselves.

    Sadly the case was more about the complainers in this county once again trying to use the courtroom and taxpayer dollars to compensate for losses at the ballot box.

  9. Oh and Cal… Are you really now stooping to using photo shopped pictures targeting those you oppose politically? I guess I honestly didn’t see that happening.

    It’s great that you stopped pretending to simply being a reporter of fact and are going more the opinion route…but photo shopped picture jabs, really?

  10. ButSeriously… Thanks for bringing a moment of sanity to this blog. .. now I’m sure insanity will prevail.

  11. ButSeriously and Anton, you two have shown the Early Bird Gets The Worm, good luck with that can of worms that have been opened, you are going to have a job ahead of you to clean up that open can.

    The Nygren/Zinke regime has to be cleaned up . . .

  12. I guess a person might think there’s a regime when they got booted out of the Sheriff’s Office.

    So there’s that.

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