Truax Wants to Debate Oberweis

Apress release from Doug Truax, who is running against Jim Oberweis for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator to take on Dick Durbin:

Truax challenges Oberweis to stop ducking debates

DOWNERS GROVE — Doug Truax challenged his opponent in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate to stop ducking media-covered debates and forums.

Jim Oberweis has dodged all joint appearances covered live by the news media. He has turned down or failed to answer invitations to appear with Truax on WGN AM 720, WLS AM 890 and WTTW-Chicago Tonight television.

Doug Truax

Doug Truax

Someone who wants to be U.S. Senator can’t be afraid to debate his opponent,” said Truax, a West Point and Army Ranger school grad, Army veteran and successful businessman. “Jim Oberweis is trying to win the nomination solely on his past, failed name identification. That shows a lack of respect for Republican voters.”

When Truax challenged Oberweis at a joint appearance before the Chicago Tribune editorial board Feb. 10, Oberweis denied he was ducking debates. However, since then he has made no attempt to confirm invitations and he remains uncommitted to any media appearances with Truax.

“Jim Oberweis says he’s learned from past campaign mistakes but it looks like he’s the same old Jim Oberweis — disdainful to voters and seeking to buy his legitimacy,” Truax added. “We need something better if we want to turn around Illinois and America.”

Truax has won 11 of 13 endorsements from GOP organizations where both candidates personally appeared before them, gave presentations and answered questions.


Truax Wants to Debate Oberweis — 5 Comments

  1. Pretty sure I read in todays nwh or dh that this debate will happen soon at the Sun City Civics Club.

  2. Sure wish Oberweis had stepped aside in stayed in Springfield!

    The libs will annihilate Oberweis if he wins the primary.

    At least Truax as an unknown had a chance.

    Ego can be handicap!!

  3. I don’ think it was mentioned before that Truax also spoke at the Republican Lincoln Dinner.

    He was very impressive and motivated.

  4. Hey Doug Truax, complaining about lack of head-to-head debates is a loser’s move, and you think you are a winner.

    Go out and earn yourself some name identification, or put some money into a statewide TV ad buy to introduce yourself to voters like Bruce Rauner did, if you want to merit consideration for a broadcast debate.

    Trib poll had Oberweis clobbering you 52% to 15%, so unless you do something yourself, this race is over.

  5. If Oberweis wins the nomination, Durbin coasts.

    No outside interest.

    Governor candidates avoiding any joint appearances – no matter who it is.

    And another case of the infamous circular firing squad costing Illinois Republicans another chance at moving forward.

    You’re 67, Mr. Oberweis.


    Enjoy your family.

    Support candidates that can win.

    And go away!

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