Zane Seipler Reacts to Daily Herald’s Non-Endorsement for County Board

Posted on McHenry County Board candidate’s Facebook page is the following:

The Daily Herald did not endorse me.

Not very surprised.

The following quote is taken from the paper’s endorsement article:

District 5

A pair of inexperienced newcomers, Woodstock chiropractor Michael Rein and former sheriff’s deputy Zane Seipler, join longtime incumbent John Jung in the District 5 primary. Jung has a proven record as a board member highlighted by his leadership of the board’s Human Resources Committee and his work with the Youth Peer Jury system.

Seipler is passionate about public service and has reasoned stances on many issues, but we worry about his ability to serve amid an ongoing bitter legal fight with his former boss, Sheriff Keith Nygren and many in his administration. Rein, while by his own admission is in need of a “learning curve,” seems ready to look at the big picture. We endorse Jung and Rein.

Seipler head shot 2-14I am described as “passionate” with “reasoned stances”.

I take pride in fighting Keith Nygren and his administration.

Google Nygren, Corruption and McHenry County and see what you find.

The paper may endorse the “longtime incumbent” and the chiropractor who is “in need of a learning curve” but that isn’t what is important to me.

What is important to all of us is electing board members who are not longtime incumbents who have led our county and our country into economic strife.

What is important is electing county board members who don’t require a learning curve and have reasoned stances on the important issues.

This county and this country need passionate leaders.

The Daily Herald may not have endorsed me but they sure did a fine job describing what I can bring to the table.

Passion, Reason and the Will to Fight!!!!

New campaign slogan. You’ll see it on my next batch of literature


Zane Seipler Reacts to Daily Herald’s Non-Endorsement for County Board — 19 Comments

  1. Daily Herald may not have endorsed Seipler… But, they sure did a great job selling him!

    I live in district 5 and the Daily Herald is telling me that I have choice between a “Chiropracter who, himself, states that he is need of a learning curve” – or a “passionate Public Servant who takes reasoned stances on many issues and has a history of fighting corruption”?????

    Seems to me the choice is clear… at least between these two candidates.

    Thank you, Daily Herald for helping form my decision!

  2. It is tiring to see the media continually endorse Candidates because of their “experience”.

    The residents of McHenry County can no longer afford “experience” to represent their best interests on this Board.

    I prefer “passionate” and “reasoned stance” over “experience”!

    What matters is that Zane Seipler, Republican Primary Candidate for McHenry County Board – District 5, receive the “endorsement” by voters on March 18, 2014.

  3. ‘Boycott the Daily Herald”….

    That’s right Zane has taking a stance to fight corruption….

    He disclosed the truth about what is going on at the Sheriffs Department and they retaliated..

  4. The residents of District 5 are lucky to have a candidate as well informed as Zane Seipler, and who’ll stand up for what’s right.

    We have too many Board members who wait for their marching orders, instead of educating themselves before casting their votes.

    If we had a Zane Seipler in each of the 6 County Board Districts, we’d put the wimps to shame.

    District 5 voters; You have a chance to weed out some real deadwood by electing Zane Seipler.


  5. I would vote for Zane if only because he seems unhinged enough to make the county board meetings watchable.

  6. I personally will not support him or anyone around him.

    He has a vendetta against the courts, the sheriff and I personally think he is untrustworthy.

    Apparently the Judge in Rockford thinks he is a liar by awarding a civil penalty against him.

    Just my humble opinion.

    Your own mileage may vary.

  7. Gulf, maybe the corrupt liars are the sheriff, the judges, and the politicians.

    Zane is not the guy with three houses.

  8. Duncan once again shows us his “brilliance” when he says that Zane has “He disclosed the truth about what is going on at the Sheriffs Department and they retaliated..”

    Pray tell what has he disclosed that’s been acted on and determined to be truthful by ANY competent authority. He’s done nothing but make accusations that are, as yet, unproven.

    Since he’s already been caught in lies not once but twice, I’ll wait until somebody other than Zane says it’s “true.”

    If you have some of this corruption you keep harping about that has actually been proven, roll it out. Otherwise quit flapping your jaws and making Prim and his supporters look bad.

    You’ve already said that the courts locally are corrupt because Nygren hasn’t been burned at the stake (without being charged with any crimes) and now it seems the Federal courts are in cahoots with the machine here.

    What next?

    Will it be the the IL Attorney General (a Democrat) in on the coverups?

    Maybe the new US Attorney, a Democratic appointee. LOL!

  9. Regime Over?

    Perhaps Zane (no, make that probably) will never have three houses.

    Those that have them appear to have worked for them and earned them.

    But what does that have to do with anything.

    Three houses do not a corrupt liar make (necessarily) but a man who has admitted to lying once and found to be lying by a judge and punished for it does cast some shadow on his integrity doesn’t it?

  10. Some past cases:

    Operation Greylord in Chicago, 17 judges, 48 lawyers,18 cops indicted.

    IL governors Ryan and Blago go to prison.

    US Pres Clinton impeached.

    MCSO Sgt. Pyle pleads guilty to child molesting.(Zinke’s buddy)

    According to Milliman, one of the Rockford federal judges was involved with some illegal activity with the sheriff.

    Zane does not appear to be profiting from any illegal activities.

    Others seem to be living way beyond their paychecks.

    You go ahead and keep your head in the sand.

  11. Thank you RegimeOver, you have proven yourself to be rather foolish, make that idiotic.

    No one can doubt that Operation Greylord took place and netted a number of corrupt cops, lawyers and judges. How many from McHenry County?

    Ditto with Ryan, Blago, Walker, Kerner, as well as one or two that should have been but weren’t. How many were from McHenry County?

    Clinton? You really ARE an idiot.

    Pyle? A piece of slime that deserves more than he’ll ever get. Zinke’s buddy? Really? Proof please, not just mumbling accusations. Just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Milliman “claims” that one of the judges in Rockford is tied in to some unspecified conspiracy with the sheriff because he, a Hispanic, had the audacity to be seen in public with Mexican Nationals on a goodwill visit. Heavens to Betsy, let’s tie him to stake and set him on fire! This is the same Milliman talking about whacking a judge in Crystal Lake while wearing a “Cat in the Hat” hat? Please!

    Thanks for the laugh. I don’t have my head in the sand, but if I did it would be better than where you have yours stuck. Gotta match? Must be dark and smelly there.

  12. “Truthful” you are not being honest with yourself.

    I was made an offer to pay off a McHenry County Judge in exchange for custody of my child…

    Yes corruption exists, and there have been many players of those famous TV game shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right…

    Yes, there are many people living well beyond their means and they are part of the “Regime” Zane has told the truth about corruption in McHenry County..

    Further, you need a reality check…

    Take a look at the Whitey Bulger case, whereby FBI agents were accepting kickbacks and bribes.

    It wasn’t until honest hardworking agents started to realize that there were other dishonest agents in their midst, that they were able to address corruption within their own office….

    Some of those corrupt agents accepted a plea deal.

    They testified against Bulger and for the prosecution.

    So, let’s be honest, corruption can take place anywhere and every level of Government.

    Even amongst FBI agents…

    Everyone knows, that Illinois is one of the most corrupt States in the Country.

    In fact 50% of Illinois Governors have been convicted of corruption since 1970.…

    You go ahead and stay in your fantasy world.

    All you are trying to do is invalidate the information myself and others have disclosed on this blog…

  13. Since the 1970’s, Illinois has had 8 governors. Four of these governors have gone to prison on charges related to corruption.

    1. Otto Kerner
    Term: 1961-1968; followed by a term as a Judge on the US Court of Appeals-7th Circuit, nominated by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

    Party: Democrat

    The crime: Taking bribes from the manager, Marge Lindheimer Everett of Arlington Race Track. Arlington wanted two expressway exits. Kerner received stock in exchange for the exits. How did Kerner get caught? Everett deducted the bribe on his tax returns thinking that bribes were part and parsal of doing business in Illinois.

    The conviction: Bribery, tax evasion, conspiracy, perjury, and related charges

    2. Dan Walker
    Term: 1973-1977
    Party: Democrat

    The crime: Committed several improprieties involving the First American Savings and Loan Association of Oak Brook. It is speculated that Walker received over $1 million in fraudulent loans to for his other business and repairs to the Governor’s Lady, his yacht.

    The conviction

    3. George Ryan
    Term: 1999-2003
    Party: Republican

    The crime: “Mr. Ryan steered contracts worth millions of dollars to friends and took payments and vacations in return. When he was a sitting governor, he lied to the F.B.I. about this conduct and then he went out and did it again.” He charged that one of the most egregious aspects of the corruption was Ryan’s action after learning that bribes were being paid for licenses. Instead of ending the practice he tried to end the investigation that had uncovered it, Fitzgerald said, calling the moment “a low-water mark for public service.”

    The conviction: Corruption

    4. Rod Blagojevich
    Term: 2003-2009
    Party: Democrat

    Charges: Federal corruption charges (e.g. conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery).

    The Conviction: Found guilty on 17 of the charges. “He was found guilty on all charges pertaining to the senate seat, however he was acquitted on a charge pertaining to the tollway extortion. Each count holds a max of twenty years in prison, and sentencing should begin within the next few months.”

    Honorable Mention:
    William Stratton–who was indicted for tax evasion, but later acquitted. Stratton was the governor from 1953-1961

    What a pedigree

  14. How does this relate to Seipler not getting an endorsement.

    How does this relate locally.

    Let me see……..DesPlaines is in Cook county where there is more corruption than most of the United States yet your guy Prim is pure as the driven snow.

    If you have all this jingo on payoffs why are you not singing to the US Attorney?

    You are nuts….clearly making this’s stuff up.

  15. So I think I remember Zane owes like $245,000 for having a Federal Judge find he was lying under oath, right?

    So I suppose if he is elected we can at least doc his paycheck for those bills the county racked up defending from those attacks…but what would it cost us if he did the same thing under guise of an elected county board member?

  16. ButQueeriosly, what has Nygren cost the county in legal bills for all his big ego court battles.

    What was the cost of the Pavlin and O’Grady cases caused by his boys.

    What did it cost to put Nygren’s name on everything.

    Zane should just declare bankruptcy and make all his debts disappear.

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