708 Board Legal Bills Focus on Empty Building Space

Unfortuantely, I couldn’t copy and paste the legal bills for the McHenry County Mental Health Board so that they could be searched over the internet.

So, I captured the images and present them below.

It’s not the charges that I found of interest, although the “no charge” line items do earn brownie points for the firm.

It’s the number of consultations about the occupancy of the new building and the seeming impact of the empty rooms on the bonds that were issued.

Entrance to the 708 Mental Health Board building.

Entrance to the 708 Mental Health Board building.

Take a look and see if you thing the meeting next Tuesday, February 25th, 6 PM.  The agenda can be found here.

708 Bd  Zukosski bill 1-14 p 1708 Bd  Zukosski bill 1-14 p 2

The following words and phrases caught my attention:

1-6-14 “correspondence from D. Lahti re issues surrounding  use of vacant building space; interoffice conference re bond restrictions”

1-7-14 “additional interoffice correspondence re bond”

1-7-14 “review and analysis of bond issues relating to MHB building; interoffice conference re same”

1-7-14 “conference on rental of a portion of the building; impact on bonds re same”

1-7-14 “telephone conference and correspondence with D. Lahti re bond documents for facility usage determination; receipt and review of same”

1-8-14 “telephone conference re rental of a portion of the building, impact of bonds re same without violation of bond covenants”

1-10-14 “meeting with Acting President, Executive Director re building rental, vacancy procedures”

1-10-14 “receipt and review of change in use rule memo from bond counsel”

1-14-14 “correspondence with bond counsel re change in use”

1-16-14 “tlephone conference and correspondence with Executive Direction re change in use”

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